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So, that was 2017…

It seemed like my blog from 2016 basically became and endless obituary column. Of course, this year has had its share of famous and influential musicians shuffle away, as well. I ended up making less posts this year simply because I didn’t want to keep things on a low note (as it were).

So, I’ll now just wrap up the year acknowledging many faces that have disappeared from the music scene in the past twelve months.

At the start of the year, the drummers from two of my favourite bands passed away – Can’s Jaki Liebezeit and the Allman Brothers’ Butch Trucks. But, later in the year, we lost Can’s Holger Czukay (pictured above) as well as the Allman Brothers’ Gregg Allman.

AC/DC took a hit with the passing of Malcom Young and Soundgarden lost Chris Cornell. The death of Tom Petty also seemed to come out of the blue. One of the musicians who I saw several times back in the late ’70 and early ’80s also passed – guitarist J. Geils.

A couple of the original rock and rollers also left us – Chuck Berry and Fats Domino. The world of jazz also lost a trio of fabulous guitarists – John Abercrombie, Larry Coryell and Allan Holdsworth.

Here is a list of just some of the musicians and composers who we lost this past year…

John Abercrombie

Gregg Allman

David Axelrod

Walter Becker

Chuck Berry

Charles Bradley

Paul Buckmaster

Glen Campbell

Ralph Carney

David Cassidy

Chris Cornell

Larry Coryell

James Cotton

Holger Czukay

Fats Domino

Gord Downie

J. Geils

Johnny Hallyday

Grant Hart

Pierre Henry

Allan Holdsworth

Al Jarreau

Aloys Kontarsky

Jaki Liebezeit

Phil Miller

Sunny Murray

Maggie Roche

Roswell Rudd

Keely Smith

Mel Tillis

Butch Trucks

Peter “Overend” Watts

John Wetton

Of course, this list just scratches the surface. For a much more detailed (and depressing) list, check out:

Musicians Who Died in 2017