Chris Meloche (solo)
“Impossible Shapes: A Brief Retrospective 1982-2002” (English Electric, UK, 2005)
“Urban Myth 2” (Etherworld Recordings, San Francisco, CA) (1996)
“Distant Rituals” (Silent Records, San Francisco, CA) (1996)
“Wireless” (FAX label, Frankfurt, Germany) (1995)
“Document ’90” (Staalplaat / Korm Plastics, Amsterdam, Holland) (1996)
“Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth” (FAX label, Frankfurt, Germany) (1994)
“Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth” (1994) [Limited edition of 100 signed, numbered copies]
“LINK”: A Radio Music Performance Without Borders (Rough Cut) (1990) (Broadcast promo)
“Live at the Forest City Gallery, 1986” (Rough Cut) (1987)
“0.0” (as Polite Warfare) (Rough Cut) (1981)

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble (Chris Meloche & Richard Moule)
“Chromium” (Transmorphous Editions, Can., 2014)
“Outsidering” (Transmorphous Editions, Can., 2013)
“Evaporations” (Transmorphous Editions, Can., 2012)
“Limelight” (Transmorphous Editions, Can., 2011)
“… already in progress…” (Transmorphous Editions, Can., 2010)

Outward Sound Ensemble (Chris Meloche & Herb Bayley)
“Icarus Ascending” (OSE Discs, limited edition series, Can., 2006)
“Purple Gravity” (OSE Discs, limited edition series, Can., 2006)
“Swept Away” (OSE Discs, limited edition series, Can., 2006)
“Gamelan Vortex Raga Blue” (OSE Discs, limited edition series, Can., 2006)
“Windblown” (OSE Discs, limited edition series, Can., 2006)
“Thunder in a Clear Sky” (Discus Recordings, UK, 2006)
“Cloudburst” (Discus Recordings, UK, 2004)
“Resonance Radio Arts Series I” (4 CD broadcast only set)

M104 (Chris Meloche & Werner Albert)
“Shadowplay” (M104 Live in Concert)(1983)
“Science in Action”(1982)
“Inverse Entropy” (Rough Cut) (1982)

bill bissett & Chris Meloche
“rainbow musik” (Red Deer College Press, 2000)
“london life” (Nightwood Editions) (1991)
“shining spirit” (Rough Cut)(1989)

Chris Meloche & Penn Kemp
“Xtra Text/ure”: a sound opera (Pendas, 2014)
“The Electric Folklore Machine” (DVD) (Pendas, 2014)
“The Space Between: A Transmorphous Journey” (DVD) (Pendas, 2014)
“Darkness Visible” (Pendas, 2006)

Guest Apppearances/Sessions
Martin Archer – “Randomworld 3” (Discus Recordings, UK)
Martin Archer – “Randomworld” (Discus Recordings, UK, 2007)
Martin Archer – “Heritage and Ringtones” (Discus Recordings, UK, 2005)
ASK (Martin Archer, John Jasnoch) – “The Formulary of Curses” (Discus Recordings, UK, 2004)
Martin Archer – “English Commonflowers” (Discus Recordings, UK, 2003)
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk – “Angel High Wires” (inc. Meloche, Julie Tippetts, Chris Cutler a.o.) (Voiceprint, UK, 2002)
Philip Perkins – “The Remotes #1” (U.S.A.) (1990) Featuring Meloche: synths, samplers
Luddites – LP (1989) Meloche: computer generated sounds on “Fireworks”