Playlists – 2001

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2001

#401 & 402 (8-30 – midnight) 1.1.01

I Dreamed It Was 2001

Tipsy: Hard Petting / XXXmas, Ralph: Wet Cigarette / John Coltrane New York City, Alex Blake Quintet feat. Pharoah Sanders: The Chief / Now is the Time / Mystery of Love, Christian Marclay & Otomo Yashide: Derailment / Deep Down Under / Suburbia, Jef Chippewa: Duo, Ian Chuprun: Reading Allowed, Valentine Six: Rain / Sayonara Jupiter / Up Escalator, Louis Dufort: Zenith, Styve Tromasy Quintet: Sahne / Kind of Blues (11), Stefano Saccon: Peyote I / Double Coeur , Laurent Wyler Trio: La Balle au Bond / Ri-Rab Hotel, Podjama & Les Gnawa de Marrakech: Perdu Mon Ame / Bow, Peyer/Weber/Stoffner: Fais Comme Si / For the Lonely Ones / Caruso,Tom Varner: Quasimodo / Circuits / Think of One, Maya Beiser & Steven Schick Project: Gada Yina Africa / Caught By the Sky with Wire, James Johnson: Riding the Fog Line

#403 1.8.01

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

David Bowie: Amsterdam / God Knows I’m Good / The Width of a Circle / Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed / Cygnet Committee / Memory of a Free Festival (BBC “The Sunday Show” w/John Peel, Feb. 1970), Deep Purple: Painted Horse / First Day Jam / Owed to “G” / Last of the Long Jams, Ian Gillan and the Moonshiners: Living for the City / Trouble / Lucille, Bernie Marsden: Brief Encounter / Head the Ball / Shakey Ground (live) / Behind Your Dark Eyes / Byblos Shack, British Lions: Come On / My Life’s In Your Hands / Wild One (live @ JB’s Club, Dudley, England)

#404 1.15.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Peter Brotzmann Chicago Octet: Other Brothers, Smoker, Magnuson, Filiano, Grassi: Coast West / Up in Evan’s Room, Evan Parker & Keith Rowe: Dark Rags #2, Denman Maroney & Hans Tammen: Bog / Bilge, New York Eye and Ear Control: A Y

#405 1.22.01

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: I Held a Jewl in My Fingers / Mine by the Right / A Word is Dead / Nobody / I’ve Seen a Dying Eye (Patricia Stiles, mezzosopran / Graham Cox, piano), Annette Degenhardt: No Midges Today / Come On / Vielleicht gelingt es ja diesmal / Der Sommer ist vorbei, The Robin Cox Ensemble: If Dogs Only Knew / Echo / Aria, David Felder: Coleccion Nocturna / A Pressure Triggering Dream, Peter Eotvos: Steine, Reiko Kimura: Midaro / Rhapsody


#406 1.29.01

Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978

Anthony Braxton: Language Improvisations / No. 55 / No. 45 / No. 59 / No. 51 / No. 58

Wired for Sound moves to Tuesday nights 10PM – midnight

#407 2.6.01

Approaching the Edge… and Back Again

Bernard Falaise: La Vie Sur Mars / Entonnoir / Acte II / Redo, Rene Lussier & Martin Tetreault: Boursonflure / Aventure / Creature, Arthur Bull & Daniel Heikalo: Migration Transatlantique d/insectes Luisants / En Attendant la Vendeuse de Toupies Chantantes / Whatever That Chord Was… (It Had to be the Final Chord), Hugh Ragin Trumpet Ensemble: Emergency Exit, Paul Bley: Lucky / Early Alben, Bayley, Kiklis & Stach: Set One / Set Three

#408 2.13.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Herb Bayley, David Kiklis & Eric Stach: Set Two, Bernard Falaise: Talon ‘Achille / Colon / Comme Une Tache Bleau / Cruelle Reptation, Evan Parker & Keith Rowe: Dark Rag I, Sun Ra: Next Stop Mars / Sunrise in the Western Sky

#409 2.20.01

Classical & Beyond

Marcel Lepage: Du Front, Paul Barker: The Thief of Songs III (Paul Barker: piano, Sarah Leonard: soprano), David Gordon: The Alchemist and the Cat-Flap (Adam Summerhayes & Ensemble), Sadie Harrison: Arcosolia (Adam Summerhayes & Ensemble) , Rory Boyle: Lament (Adam Summerhayes & Ensemble), Nick Williams: Mambo Mambo (Adam Summerhayes & Ensemble), Dennis Kam: String Quartet No. 3 (Bergonzi String Quartet), Charles Norman Mason: Anthem of Despair and Hope (SATB Choir), Mary Jeanne von Appledorn: Incantations (Amy Brisco Anderson: oboe, William Westney: piano)

 #410 2.27.01

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

George Harrison: Let It Down (demo) / Out of the Blue, Blind Faith: Acoustic Jam / Very Long & Good Jam / Slow Jam #1 / Change of Address / Slow Jam #2, The Alchemysts & Simeon: Hi Fi for You to Go / Hydrophobia / Magellanic / Morning Comes


#411 3.6.01

Painting in a Cloudless Sky

Bernard Falaise, Normand Guilbeault, Robert Marcel Lepage: Vol de Nuit / Arlequinade / Musique de Nuit, All Time Present: One / Three / Four, Jin Hi Kim: Silk to Metal / EK for JC, Michel Wintsch: Gentian’s Edginess / Edelweiss Edema, Harrison Smith Quartet: All Sixes and Sevens, Marilyn Crispell: Archaic Visions Pt. 1 / Rhythms Hung in Undrawn Sky, Sauter, Joss & Bitterlin’s Toy: Out Goes the Rat / Blue Demon, Parker / Guy / Lytton & Schlippenbach Trio: 2 x 3 = 5

 #412 3.13.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Sauter, Joss & Bitterlin’s Toy: Worn Out / Little Blue One, Carlo Actis Dato: Bad Rap 1 / Cocodi / Iga / Bad Rap 2 / Latin Lover, Philip Gibbs & Paul Dunmall: Dweller on the Threshold / Vril / So I Must Sharpen My Sword-Spike and Then Be Off, Nephew, Robert Jarvis: What Say You Did? / Global Village I, Richard Leigh Harris & George Haslam: Woongarra / Moliant, Bernard Falaise: La Vie Sur Mars / Entonnoir, Herb Bayley, David Kiklis & Eric Stach: Set One

 #413 3.20.01

Classical and Beyond

Sadie Harrison: Taking Flight (Kreutzer Quartet) / Traceries (Peter Sheppard Skaerved: violin, Aaron Shorr: piano), John Cage: Three 2 (Glenn Freeman: perc) / Twenty Three (Christina Fong: violin/viola, Karen Krummel: cellos) / Six (Glenn Freeman: perc) / Twenty Six (Christina Fong: violins) / Four4 (Glenn Freeman, perc)

#414 3.27.01

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Caravan: Nine Feet Underground / If I Could Do It All Over Again… / Hello Hello / For Richard / Memory Lain, Hugh / C’thlu Thlu, Traffic: Feelin’ Good / Blind Man, Gary Numan: Rip / Metal / Pure / Prayer for the Unborn, French TV: Kokonino Stomp / Odessa Steps Sequence / Tiger Tea

 #415 4.3.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Adrian Frey Trio: Duc / Out of Nowhere, Derek Bailey & Eddie Prevost: Gallium / Lithium, Detention: Glades / Esquimalt, Marilyn Crispell: Minstrels / After the Rain, Ganelin Trio: Play One / Play Two, Herb Bayley, David Kiklis & Eric Stach: Venice 3/5/01 – Set One


#416 4.10.01

Classical and Beyond

John Cage: Tossed As It Is Untroubled / Mysterious Adventure / Music for Marcel Duchamp / Daughters of Lonesome Island (Boris Berman), Sadie Harrison: Time for Flying (Colin Lawson & Victoria Soames: clarinet),Christopher Fox: More Light (Ian Pace, piano), Roberto Gerhard: String Quartet No. 1 (Kreutzer Quartet), Michael Finnissy: String Quartet (Kreutzer Quartet)

 #417 4.17.01

Unearhed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Clear Blue Sky: Mirror of the Stars / Lucidra, City of Light, Colin Masson: Isle of Eight, Tantalus: Better Promise / When You Turn, Caravan: Waterloo Lily / Aristocracy / Love in Your Eye / Mirror for the Day, French TV: Black Day, White Light / The Souls of the Damned Live in Failed Works / Pioneers Over ‘C’

 #418 4.24.01

In Search of Sound

Sarah Peebles: Nocturnal Premonitions / The Curse of Border Vacuums Pt. 1, Denis Smalley: Base Metals / Empty Vessels , Adrian Moore: Dreamarena / Study in Ink, Jonty Harrison: Sorties / Surface Tension, Matt Weston: Vacuums III, Perry Botkin: Mr. Jenkins’ Morning Ritual

 #419 5.1.01

Classical and Beyond

Sadie Harrison: Impress Amorosa (Aaron Short: piano), Jacques Demierre: Avec Pt. 2-5, Philip Corner: Short Piano Piece IV, IX, XIII, George Nicholson: Nodus (Philip Edwards, clarinet / George Nicholson, piano), Michael Finnissy: Folklore II (Michael Finnissy, piano), Roberto Gerhard: Piano Trio (cantamen), John Cage: One (Pt. 4) (Christina Fong: violin)

 #420 5.8.01

Jazz, Improv and More…

Tipsy: Hard Petting / Neon Tetra, Kali Fasteau: Orange / Turquoise / Chartreuse, Metalwood: Steeplejack / Mr. Mike, Thomas Silvestri Quintet: La Chance du Onze, Ken Nordine: As of Now / You Know the Story, Bluiett, Jackson & El’Zabar: Black Danube / Odd Pocket, David Murray: Mo’ Bass, Craig Bailey: The Crux of the Matter / Bailey’s Bounce, Evan Parker & Richard Nunns: Pukea Rakau Kauri / Koauau Rakau Maire / Panguru Whakatangi Tanguru, Herb Robertson and the Double Infinitives: The Status Quo / Tickle Me Crazy


 #421 5.15.01 (9PM – midnight)

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

The Necks: Fife and Drum / Unheard, Jade Warrior: A Prenormal Day at Brighton / Masai Morning / Dragonfly Day / A Winter’s Tale / Snake / Dark River / Three Horned Dragon / Eyes On You / Water Curtain Cave, Colin Masson: Return to the Northern Wasteland, Jah Wobble & Evan Parker: Passage to Hades

 #422 5.22.01 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Bill Dixon, Matthias Bauer, Klaus Koch & Tony Oxley: Berlin Abbozzi, Tony Wilson Sextet: #20 / The Gong Song, George Lewis and the NOW Orchestra: Hello Goodbye / Shadowgraph 2, The Necks: He Led Them Into the World / The Sleep of Champions, Yves Cerf: Cossyphe / Sirli / Corbeau a Poitrine Tachetee, Enrico Rava & Ran Blake: Nature Boy, Metalwood: Pressure, Craig Bailey: Home Made Blues, Trummerflora: From the Waste Up

#423 5.29.01 (9PM – midnight)

Hot to the Touch

The Necks: Aether, Eric Lyon: Psychedelic Relapse / 1979, Geoffrey Poole: The Impersonal Touch (Joanna Porter & Geoffrey Poole, piano), Sarah Peebles: Drillbit Skiploop / Higurashi in Yamanashi, David Rosenboom: On Being Invisible Pt. 1, If, Bwana: Clara Nostra

#424 6.5.01 (9PM – midnight)

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

Neu!: Hallogallo / Negativland / Fur Immer, Paice, Ashton, Lord: Ghost Story / Sneaky Private Lee / Malice in Wonderland / Moonburn, Spooky Tooth: Sunshine Help Me / Too Much of Nothing / Feelin’ Bad / The Weight / I Can’t Quit Her / Blues Town, Luther Grosvenor: Nonsky Prospect / Floodgates, Jade Warrior: Telephone Girl / Sundial Song / Obedience / May Queen / Borne on the Solar Wind / Barazinbar, Love: Alone Again Or / Andmoreagain / You Set the Scene, The Morrigan: Masque / Moonghost / Merrily Kissed the Quaker’s Wife / Dribbles of Brandy, Cyrille Verdeaux: Shambala / Rainbow Bubbles

 #425 6.12.01 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Jah Wobble & Evan Parker: Passage to Hades / Giving Up the Ghost, Derek Bailey & Eddie Prevost: Ruthenium / Copper, Detention: Big Thighs / The Joy of It All, Herb Robertson and the Double Infinitives: Beehive Secrets, Lantner, Maneri & Morris: What You’re Saying / Hangin’ in the Garden, Carolyn Hume & Paul May:Decompose / Involvement, Tony Wilson Sextet: Untitled #1 / For Freddie Stone / Can’t Take a Joke, Herb Bayley, David Kiklis & Eric Stach:Eckert 3/7/01 – Sets 1, Trummerflora: The Break Invasion

 #426 6.19.01

Touched / Untouched

Crispell/Peacock/Motian: Voice from the Past / Amaryllis / Voices, Rene Lussier: Coq-girouette / Petit Cirque / Orbite, Federico Ughi & Daniel Carter: Clear / Looking Forward, Misere et Cordes: Tet Ruz / Eg Sumo, John Butcher, Xavier Charles & Axel Dorner: Pamplemousse, Jean Derome & Pierre Tanguay: Plinc! Plonc!, Dominic Duval: Shadow 1 – 3, Hubbub: UB

 #427 6.26.01 (9PM – midnight)

All Ears, No Fears

The Necks: Unheard, Michael Mantler: Hide and Seek, Jonty Harrison: Splintering, Miquel Roger: Quartet No. 2 (Kreutzer Quartet), Cinnamon Sphere: Littoral Zone, Leo Kupper: Electro-Acoutic Santur / Guitarra Cubana, If, Bwana: Tripping India

 #428 7.3.01 (9PM – midnight)

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Caravan: The Dabsong Cinshirtoe / For Richard / Nine Feet Underground, Cyrille Verdeaux: Journey to the Center of the Head / Moraga Hall, The Morrigan: Night Comes Closer / The Well Below the Valley / Busketts Folly / Corpus Christi, Robert Lepage: Rock de Bar Rose / We’ll Catch That Flight / Fullrave / Bar Road / Rose Paradise, Tom Heasley: Ground Zero / Western Sky, Paul Vnuk Jr.: Silence Speaks in Shadow

#429 7.10.01 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Bill Frisell: Blue Dream / Ron Carter, Ralph Towner: The Lutemaker / Ratfish / The Prowler / Goodbye, Pork-Pie Hat, George Lewis and the NOW Orchestra: Shadowgraph 3 / Smashing Clusters, Rene Lussier: En Solitaire / Degel / Pas Reposant, Crispell/Peacock/Motian: December Greenwings / M.E. / Avatar, John Butcher, Xavier Charles & Axel Dorner: Quetsch, Federico Ughi & Daniel Carter: S Payne / Outlaw, Hubbub: ABU

 #430 7.31.01 (9PM – midnight)

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Roy Harper: The Green Man / The Apology / Glasto / New England / All in All, Itsfromat: Fat / Toytown / It’s, Matching Mole: March Ides I / Smoke Rings / Nan True’s Hole, Anja Garbarek: Her Room / The Gown / Spin the Context, Cosmic Rough Riders: Brothers Gather Round / The Gun Isn’t Loaded / Glastonbury Revisited / Baby, You’re So Free, Neotropic: Sunflower Girl / Train to Katoomba / Still, Jeff Buckley: Dream Brother / Grace (Olympia, Paris), Faust: The Lurcher / Kraut Rock / Do So (BBC 1973), Ashton, Gardner & Dyke: Ressurection Shuffle / Rolling Home, Cyrille Verdeaux: Meditation Lyricon / Orgue a Vent

 #431 8.5.01 (9PM – midnight)

Time Suspended… Once Again

Keith Rowe: Quite, Pauline Oliveros: Bog Road, Vidna Obmana: Soundtrack for the Aquarium, Peter Warren & Matt Samolis: Bowed Metal Music

 #432 8.14.01 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Franck Tortiller: Fabio / Les Sept Chemins, Christine Wodraska & Ramon Lopez: Aux Portes du Matin / Elle se Demande si…, Evan Parker & Patrick Scheyder: Dancing with Dr. Dee / Polyphonics, Joane Hetu: Perdu Nord,Jean Derome & Pierre Tanguay: Djuni / Zuripari, Barry Guy New Orchestra: Inscape – Tableaux Pt. IV – V, Howard Riley: Air Play / Circular / Prophets, Now Music Ensemble 1969: Silver Pyramid, AMM: Tunes Without Measure or End

#433 8.21.01

Classical and Beyond

Cornelius Cardew: The Croppy Boy / Father Murphy / Four Principles on Ireland / Charge / Song and Dance / Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman, Bradshaw Pack: Ellipses (w/Standing Wave), Bradshaw Pack: Bella Tenebrosita (w/David Maggs), Vinko Globokar: Oblak Semen / Zlom, Aki Takase: Inside Tales 1 – 3, Mel Graves: Global Village, Elaine Radigue: Kyema, Paul Panhuysen: Partita for 16 Long Strings Proportionally Tuned

 #434 8.28.01

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Serge Gainsbourg: Mambo Miam Miam / Cargo Culte, Itsfromat: Flight / Patiently Waiting for More / That Doors, Neu!: Sonderangebot / Weissensee / Spitzenqualitat / Lila Engel / Neuschnee / Cassetto / Seeland / Leb Wohl / E-Musik, Cosmic Rough Riders: Value of Life / Revolution (in the Summertime) / Have You Heard the News Today, Anja Garbarek: Big Mouth / The Diver (w/Robert Wyatt) / That’s All, Neotropic: The Man Who Catches Clouds / Closer to the Sun, The Morrigan: Cold Haily Windy Night / Executioners Song / Silent Seasons / The Great Sun

#435 9.4.01 (9PM – midnight)

What’s All This Shouting? We’ll Have No Trouble Here!

Keith Rowe: Very / Extremely, Brett Larner: Jim O’Rourke duet / John Shiurba duet / Anthony Braxton duet, Transient v Resident (Martin Archer & Chris Bywater: Claviform / Squamosa, Marshall Allen with Lou Grassi’s PoBand: (Midnight) Blues / LouRa, John Butcher, Xavier Charles & Axel Dorner: Logonberry / Kumquat, AMM: Music Without Measure or End

#436 9.11.01

Just Behind This Curtain…

Pauline Oliveros: No Mo / Something Else, Scott Fields Ensemble: This Is This / This Isn’t This, Marcelo Radulovich: (Case of the Missing) Thumb Pt. 3 & 5, Eric Glick Rieman: Whimbrel and White Linen / Coiled Plumbbob,Misere et Cordes: Analog / Thinging

#437 9.18.01

Miles Davis – Live at the Fillmore East (March 7, 1970)

Miles Davis: Directions / Spanish Key / Masqualero / It’s About That Time – The Theme / Directions / Miles Runs the Voodoo Down / Bitches Brew / Spanish Key / It’s About That Time – Willie Nelson, plus Miles Davis: He Loved Him Madly (from “Get Up With It”)

 #438 9.25.01

Diggin’ Deep

Deep Purple: Wring That Neck / Mandrake Root [Aachen, Germany 7/11/70], Burn / Lady Luck / Wild Dogs / Lazy / This Time Around / Owed to G / Stormbringer / Highway Star [Tokyo, Japan, 12/75]

 #439 10.2.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Charles Lloyd: Bharati / Hyperion with Higgins / Darkness on the Delta Suite, Pandelis Karayorgis Trio: Coming Out of Nothing / One Up, One Down, Han Bennink & Eugene Chadbourne: Train Kept a Rollin’ / Imagination,Brett Larner: Loren Mazzacane Connors duet / Gino Robair duet, Meltdown: Variations – from Bop to Blues / Concerto for Congas

 #440 10.9.01

Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz

Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky & Vladimir Volkov: In Search of a Standard / Lullaby for Coltrane / Poet / Sarabanda / Advance to the Past, Sergey Kuryokhin: Meditation at the Piano / Second Siberian Concert, Valentina Ponomareva: Invocation of Spirit / Sheptalki / Wind Blows into the Ears of a Stone Stallion, Anatoly Vapirov: Lines of Destiny (short) / Lines of Destiny (full) / Delusion


#441 10.16.01

Viewed from the Outside

John Morton: Outlier / White Tara / A Delicate Road, Scott Fields Ensemble: This Isn’t That / That Isn’t This, Eric Glick Rieman: Planarian Egress, Frank Garvey & DeusMachina: Nightwounds / Deaf on Hollow Winds / Hunky Dory, Richard Lainhart: Two Mirrors Face One Another

#442 10.23.01

Beyond This Sound

Gilles Gobeil: Derriere la Porte la plus eloignee… / Point de Passage, Yves Daoust: Bruits, Robert Normandeau: Malina / Erinyes, Richard Lainhart: Bronze Cloud Disc

 #443 10.30.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Dave Holland Quintet: Global Citizen / Lost and Found, Charlie Haden & Egberto Gismonti: Salvador / Maracatu, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette: From the Body, Herido: Blues for Lester Bowie / Herido, Evan Parker & Peter A. Schmid: Lichen / Flies & Mosquitos, Anliker, Parker, Schmid, Senn & Solothurnmann: Winds / Insects Pt. 1, Keith Rowe & Burkhard Beins: Grain 1

#444 11.6.01

One More Moment

Seofon: Collecting the Spirits / Science of Success, eM: Parsecs / Suspensions, Dean Santomieri: The Boy Beneath the Sea Pt. 1, Mollusk: The Sea / Evolution of the Snail’s Brain Pt. 1, Robert Scott Thompson: Resonant Landscape / Stolen Moment, Steve Roach: This Life, Makyo: Clarify, Gilles Gobeil: Nuit Cendre, Yves Daoust: Impromptu

#445 11.13.01

Jazz & Improvisation

Bruce Freedman Trio: Enormous Moments 1 / Lena Leaps, Art Ensemble of Chicago: Tutankhamun / A Jackson in Your House, Paul Flaherty & Chris Corsano: Hat City Fire Truck, Evan Parker & Peter A. Schmid: Mushrooms / Bugs, Gillicit: Z, Kiln: Wasserturm 4 / Wasserturm 6, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette: 341 Free Fade

#446 11.20.01

Michael Karoli 1948 – 2001

Can: Jynx / Dizzy Dizzy / Vernal Equinox / Fizz / Yoo Doo Right / Cascade Waltz / Colchester Finale / Kata Kong / Spoon

 #447 12.4.01

Music of Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 169 + (186 + 206 + 214) (feat. Slovenia Radio Orchestra)

 #448 12.11.01

Outside In… Over and Out…

Acid Mothers Temple: La Novia, Michael Askill: Invisible Forces, David Parsons: Maitreya, Sundial: Red Sky / Fly Into the Sun (live), Hawkwind: You Shouldn’t Do That / You Know You’re Only Dreaming, eM: Others,Mollusk: Evolution of the Snail’s Brain Pt. 2 / Hadal

#449 12.18.01

The Real World… In Abstract

MIMEO: Electric – Chair, Cornelius Cardew: Treatise (Formanex), If, Bwana: Satind Farms Far Piano / Quad or Knee?