Transmorphous Sound

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble

Chris Meloche and Richard Moule

The Transmorphous Sound Ensemble (aka Transmorphous SE) was formed in February 2009 by Chris Meloche and Richard Moule. In Meloche’s case, it was the next logical step after his work with the Outward Sound Ensemble (2002 – 2007). For Moule, it meant the ability to express his own sonic ideas in a special context which would suit their diffusion.

As with the OSE, the Transmorphous SE is a forum for sonic creation in which the two participants create an atmosphere in which sounds can organically grow and morph into ever-changing soundscapes. To achieve this goal, the duo utilize traditional musical instruments in a non-traditional manner.

Meloche plays a table-top guitar which is processed through several digital processing devices while Moule uses as similar approach on the violin. Both performers also make use of prepared recordings (environmental, media etc…) which are also manipulated beyond recognition. It is this gradual and deliberate melding of complimentary and contrasting elements which succeeds in the creation of an organic, immersive soundscape environment.

The works created by the Transmorphous SE are completely spontaneous and “in the moment” but with a definite feeling that the sounds have been arranged in a very deliberate manner. The duo communicate within the confines of a sonic palette which slowly and progressively twists and turns in a pattern which resembles a living organism. The listener is enveloped by the sound and drawn into an alien soundscape which is somehow rooted in a cloak of familiarity. Sounds slowly appear and disappear while the passage of time suddenly becomes an irrelevant concept.

The Transmorphous SE is an immersive experience.

The Transmorphous SE is a creative outlet for pure sound construction.

The Transmorphous SE is the sound of the moment.