Playlists – 2002

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2002

#450 1.8.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Simon Nabatov Quintet: The Last Days / Margarita, Jeff Johnston: Routes / Hubtown, Paul Flaherty & Chris Corsano: In Walked Lowell / Closing the Tea Party, Dave Holland Quintet: What Goes Around / Cosmosis, Lou Grassi & Gunter Heinz: Danger on the Stairs / One of These Kinds, Big Black: China Lake / Afro-Cuban Lullaby

 #451 1.15.02

Hindsight Once Again

Blackmore’s Orchestra: Getaway / Little Brown Jug, Episode Six: Have You Ever Been There / Love Hate Revenge / I Am a Cloud / I Am the Boss, Santa Barbara Machine Head: Porcupine Juice / Albert / Rubber Monkey, The Maze: Cateri Cateri / Easy Street, Boz: I Shall Be Released / Down in the Flood, French TV: That Thing on the Wall / Knife Edge, Bernie Torme & Electric Gypsies: All I Want / Ball & Chain / Pretty Vacant, The Shape of the Rain: Broken Man / I Don’t Need Nobody / Hallelujah / I Doubt If I Ever Will, The Ashqelon Qult: One By One / Introduction to the Event / The Event / The Well, Acid Mothers Temple: Psycho Buddha

 #452 1.22.02

Jazz & Improvisation

John Coltrane: Ogunde / My Favorite Things [“The Olatunji Concert”, 4/67], Keith Jarrett: (If the) Misfits (Wear It) / Fort Yawuh, Mikhail Chekalin: Probability Symphony in the Style of Jazz in Five Parts for Four Players

 #453 1.29.02

Classical and Beyond

Elliott Carter: Enchanted Preludes / Triple Duo / Gra ((Nouvel Ensemble Moderne), Malcolm Arnold: Guitar Concerto Op. 67 (Craig Ogden, Northern Sinfonia), W.A. Mozart: Horn Quintet in E flat major (Gaudier Ensemble) ,Hovhaness: Oror “Lullaby” Op. 1a / Varak Op. 47a / Chahagir Op. 56a (Christina Fong / Arved Ashby), Sir William Walton: Five Bagatelles for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra (Craig Ogden, Northern Sinfonia), Kiln: Wasserturm 8

 #454 2.5.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Lou Grassi & Gunter Heinz: Wet Night / By Itself, Orkestrion: Suite for Zakanalka, Jazz Group Arkhangelsk: 30th Anniversary, MIMEO: Electric – Table

 #455 2.12.02

Toward the End of Sound

Yves Beaupre: La Laurendeau / La Pelots Point / La DDB, Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux: Moustieres / Zones, Alvin Curran: Spare Ribs and Short Circuits, Pauline Oliveros: Continuing Variations, Jean Derome: La Magasin de Tissu #2 & 5, Diane Labrosse & Martin Tetreault: The Flesh-Eater / Lamp Ray / Sponger, Ma Ja Le / James Johnson: Methane Sea / Outside In

 #456 2.19.02

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Anan: Medina / Standing Still, Sundragon: I Want to be a Rock and Roll Star / Peacock Dress / Five White Horses / Love Minus Zero, The Government: Does Anybody Know (I’m Here) / The Letter / Bang Bang / It’s All Over Now, French TV: That Thing on the Wall / Viable Tissue Matter, The Shape of the Rain: Advertising Man / Everyone the Fool / It’s My Life , Badawi: Voices from the Sky / Dance of the Centipedes / I Will Follow the Storm,Diane Labrosse & Martin Tetreault: Bad Amoeba / Flying Fungus, Acid Mothers Temple: Bon Voyage au LSD, Ma Ja Le / James Johnson: Seed

#457 2.26.02

Do Not Stare Directly at the Sun

Pandelis Karayorgis & Mat Maneri: Case in Point / Three Plus Three, Rick Cox: Maria Falling Away / Long Distance, Chas Smith: Nikko Wolverine – The Presence of Another / Tons Tons Macoutes, Masashi Harada Electric Trio: Sonic Freeze / Libido of Forest, Jim Fox: Last Things, Brennan / Patumi: Subsculpture / Ron d’eau / The Peacock

#458 3.5.02

Wordplay Deluxe

Meri von Kleinsmid: Chi-Tape, Dan Lander: Talking to a Loudspeaker, Paul Lansky: Idle Chatter / just_more_idle_chatter / Notjustmoreidlechatter

#459 3.12.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Maritime Jazz Orchestra (w/Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor & Norma Winstone): Sweet Ruby Suite, L’hotel du Bout de la Terre: Les Pieds a Plat / La Maladie de L’ame, Peter Brotzmann’s Die Like a Dog Quartet: Aoyama Crows Pt. 3, Parker/Haslam/Edwards: Trio for Two Saxophones and Bass, Format a Trois: L’en M Un Autre / Batik, Pandelis Karayorgis & Mat Maneri: Disambiguation, Root 70: Enter the Jade Palace / Faces of the Blues

#460 3.19.02 (9 PM to midnight)

(i) Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Caravan: Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss / Virgin on the Ridiculous / Be Alright / Chance of a Lifetime / :’Auberge du Sanglier / A Hunting We Shall Go / Pengola / Backwards / The Dog, The Dog, He’s At It Again (Live at Fairfield Halls, 1974)

(ii) Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 22

Morton Feldman: Violin and String Quartet (Christina Fong with Rangzen Quartet – Karen Krummel, Heather Storeng, Christopher Martin, Sieu Mahn Phong)


 #461 3.26.02

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Cabaret Voltaire: Runsaway / Keep On / Sex, Money, Freaks / Sensoria / Thank You America / Positive ID / Whole World / Easy Life / Ride Baby Ride (Acid) / Searching / Hypnotised (Live in Edinburgh, June 1990), Rouge Ciel: Les Fardeaux d’hiver / Out et Serein, Interference Sardines: Deboucage / Mare Crisium / Onyx / Fruite

#462 4.9.02

Shadow, Light & Wind

Town and Country: Going to Kamakura / I Am So Very Cold / Bookmobile, Andre Duschesne: Ca va, Ca Va! / Poloroide I / Lac Kenogami 2040, Scott Smallwood: Desert Winds, Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux: Constellation I, John Luther Adams:Dark Wind, Federico Ughi: Vicolo Del Cinque and Ponte Sisto

#463 4.16.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Michel F. Cote: Bruire Pts. 5, 7 & 14, John Surman & Jack DeJohnette: Mysterium / Rising Tide, John Abercrombie: A Nice Idea / String Thing, Randy Weston: Roots of the Nile / Bambara / Ballad for T., David Murray & the Gwo-Ka Masters: La Pli-La / Moman Colombo, Nick Robinson: Live 1998

#464 4.23.03

Classical and Beyond

Gavin Bryars: String Quartet No. 1 (Lyric Quartet), Igor Stravinsky: Jocasta’s Aria from Oedipus Rex (Ewa Podles), Aulis Sallinen: The Nocturnal Dances of Don Juanquixote (I Musici de Montreal, Yuli Turovsky), Eugene Bowen & Harold Budd: Wonder’s Edge, James Tenney: Spectral CANON for CONLON Nancarrow, Nexus: Nocturnal, Nino Rota: Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (I Virtuosi Italiani, Marzio Conti), Maurice Ravel: Menuet Antique / Pavane Pour une Infante Defunte (Angela Hewitt)

 #465 4.30.02 (9PM – midnight)

(i) From Here to Your Ears

Magali Babin: Triturations / Petit Jardin, Francis Dhomont: Objets Retrouves, John Young: Inner, Christopher DeLaurenti: N30 #2 / N30 #3

(ii) Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 23

Morton Feldman: Piano and String Quartet (Ives Ensemble) / Palais de Mari (Daniel N. Seel) / The Straits of Magellan / Two Pieces for Six Instruments (Turfan Ensemble)

 #466 5.7.02 (9PM – midnight)

Sounds and Prisms

David Parsons: Abhisekha / Mani, Nick Robinson: Room of Bight Carvings / Come & Go / Secret Garden, Lee Pui Ming: Steps / Torso, Jean Derome: Vagues / Signes 1 / Partie de Cartes, Roger Reynolds: Traces, The Remote Viewers: Once, Sakis Papadimitriou: The Voyage / Horror and Nightmares / The Death Ship, Fonda / Stevens Group: The Search / Fat, Unart 4.0: Suite 2, Erika Radermacher & Katharina Weber: Im Innern das Zitat / 4 Mails in Erwiderung, Nexus: Lullaby fir Esme, Jean Derome & Joane Hetu: Elle a des Bou / Avoir le Motton, Magali Babin: La Corde / Jogging dans la Maison Hantee

 #467 5.14.02

Classical and Beyond

Kevin Volans: String Quartet No. 2 (Duke Quartet), Stephen Hough: Valse Enigmatique No. 1 / Valse Enigmatique No. 2 (Stephen Hough), Granville Bantock: Song to the Seals (Stephen Hough), Francis Dhomont: Novars,J.S. Bach: Harpsichord Concerto in A major / Harpsichord Concerto in F minor (Richard Egarr, Academy of Ancient Music, Andrew Manze), Antonio Vivaldi: La Senna Festeggiante – Secona Parte (Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini), Roger Reynolds: The Serpent Snapping Eye

#468 5.21.02 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

The Necks: Black, John Abercrombie: Soundtrack / On the Loose John Surman & Jack DeJohnette:Fair Trade, By-Spiel Project: By-Spiel Etude No. 4 / Tu-Me-Tot, Zingaro / Leandre / Tramontana: Broken Strings and Falling Hair / Unique, Clarinet Trio: Translucent Tones / Collective No. 7 / Dreierlei, Joscha Oetz: Nurdim / Bajoife, Peter Brotzmann’ Die Like a Dog Quartet: Aoyama Crows Pt. 1, Fonda / Stevens Group: The Healing

 #469 5.28.02 (9PM – midnight)

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: String Quartet No. 5 (Kreutzer Quartet), Gavin Bryars: String Quartet No. 2 (Lyric Quartet), Kevin Volans: String Quartet No. 6 (Duke Quartet), Roger Reynolds: From Behind the Unreasoning Mask, Giuseppe Sammartini: Concerto en fa majeur… / Sonate en trio Op. 2 (Ensemble Caprice), Michael Jon Fink: Thread of Summer, Jim Fox: Between the Wheels, Michael Byron: Marimbas in the Dorian Mode, Rick Cox: Necessity, If, Bwana: Fantastic Literature 3 / Goo Pond, John Young: Liquid Sky, Francis Dhomont: Phonurgie

 #470 6.4.02

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Magic Carpet: The Magic Carpet / The Phoenix / Alan’s Christmas Card / Father Time / Thanks Be / Let It Go, Alisha Sufit: Give Me Back My Smile / Outside-In / St. Tropez / Rubber, Clem Alford: Mirror Image, Gryphon: Renaissance Dance Medley / Midnight Mushrumps / Ethelion [BBC Radio 1 In Concert May 1974], David Parsons: Tirtha / Maitreya

#471 6.11.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Spaceways Inc: Back of the Cab / Reasonable Hour, Philippe Mall Quartet: Suite for John Coltrane, Travis Baker & Sara Schoenbeck: Cards #2 / Blip / When One, Peggy Lee Band: Rock Paper Scissors, Dempa Band: Newtons Triple Hop / Schwarze Tasten / Nine Fragments, Peter Brotzmann Trio: For Adolphe Sax, Schmilz: Rampid Rabbit / Babasco, Joscha Oetz: Toqua / Zweins

 #472 6.18.02 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

The Necks: White, Anthony Braxton: No. 207, Peter Brotzmann Trio: Sanity / Morning Glory, Evan Parker, Phil Wacshmann & Teppo Hauta-Aho: The Needles

 #473 6.25.02

Music for a Hot Summer Night

Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciousness / Battle at Armageddon / Oh, Allah, Clem Alford: Apocalypse / Raga Khamaj, Gloria Coates: String Quartet No. 6 (Kreutzer Quartet), Wolfgang Rihm: Jagden und Formen (Ensemble Modern, Dominique My)

 #474 7.2.02 (9PM – midnight)

Classical and Beyond

Pierre Boulez: Pli Selon Pli (Ensemble Intercontemporain, Christine Schafer), Roger Reynolds:Ping, Witold Lutoslawski: Dance Preludes (English Chamber Orchestra, Andrew Litton), Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in G major RV 436 / Concerto in D major RV 429 (Academia Montis Regalis, Barthold Kuijken), Marty Walker: Among the Simple Shadows / Elegant Detours, Nicloas Basque: Polyedres, Robin Davies: Weather or Not, Andrea Holtslander: Steam, Billow, Ian Stewart: Petroglyph, John Dowland: Seaven Teares (excerpts) (The King’s Noyse w/Paul O’Dette)

 #475 7.9.02

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Malik: Shaft, Lassigue Bendthaus: Ashes to Ashes, Magic Carpet: Peace Song / Take Away Kesh / The Dream / Understand / See the Moon / Once Moor, The Residents: Hello Skinny / Constantinople / God Song / Smelly Tongues, Be My Guest: Highway to Hell, Senor Coconut: Radioactivity, Twilight: Day and Night, Curly Curve: Bunch of People, Kalacakra: Nearby Shiras, Xhol Caravan: Raise Up High, Oophoi: An Ever-Changing Horizon / n Wings of Light

 #476 7.16.02

Jazz and Improvisation

Tim Berne: Repulsion / Quicksand, Marc Copland – Dave Liebman Quartet: Lunar / All That’s Left, Herve Provini: Comme Une Vague D’Amour / Pluie D’Amour, Canet, Dragonetti, Maret: Espagnolade / Coffee in the Kalahari / Le Griot, Berthet, Vonlanther, Papillon: Nyoko L’Affame / Effet Papillon / Australian Mood, Evan Parker, Phil Wacshmann & Teppo Hauta-Aho: Swans Apiece

 #477 7.23.02 (9PM – midnight)

Classical and Beyond

Sofia Gubaidulina: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (Orch. Of the Marlinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev), Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor RV 440 / Concerto in C major RV 533 (Academia Montis Regalis, Barthold Kuijken),Duke Ellington: Caravan (12 Cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker), Henry Mancini: Pink Panther (12 Cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker), Thelonius Monk & Cootie Williams: ‘Round Midnight (12 Cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker), Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 6 First Movement (SF Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas), Olivier Messiaen: Visions de l’Amen (Marten Bon Reinbert de Leeuw), W.A. Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 9 in E flat major K271 (Alfred Brendel, Scottish Chamber Orch., Sir Charles Mackerras)

#478 7.30.02 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

The Necks: Unheard, Alice Coltrane: Hare Krishna / Sita Ram / The Ankha of Amen-Ra, Andy Laster’s Lessness: Jellyfish / In Teum / The Rooascend / Mito, Nicolas Masson: Phoenix / I Don’t Remember, K-Space: With the Help of the Usual Instruments / Stoat with Plaid, Laszlo Spiro: Another Possibility / Random Access, Francois Raulin Trio: Ressords / Les Graines / Zappels / Legere Houle Dempa Band: Where Europe Begins

 #479 8.6.02 (9PM – midnight)

Classical and Beyond

Giya Kancheli: Styx (St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, Orch. Of the Marlinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev), Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata No. 1 in C major RV 3 / Sonata No. 2 in D minor RV 12 (Romanesca), Alban Berg: Three Orchestral Pieces Op. 6 (Bayerischer Rundfunk SO, Colin Davies) / Piano Sonata Op. 1 (Alfred Brendel), Francois Couperin: Les Nations (Purcell Quartet), Sir Lennox Berkeley: Symphony No. 1 (BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Richard Hickox), R. Murray Schafer: Minnelieder (Pentaedre)

 #480 8.13.02 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: No. 208, Laszlo Spiro: Delta Variance / Noel / Kali, Herve Provini: Abime de la Passion, Berthet, Vonlanther, Papillon: La Longue Marche / Kyobo L’Intrepide, Andy Laster’s Lessness: Norseman / Trit and Ina, Tim Berne: Tongue Farmer / Sequel Ex, Marc Copland – Dave Liebman Quartet: Brother Ernesto / Naima, Coral Egan & Alex Cattaneo: Le Poinconneur des Lilas / Insensatez, Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins & Jim Black: Four Chords / Plastiche / Modular / Kicks

 #481 8.20.02

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Tom Heasley: Prelude, Voice Sphere: Where All the Frozen Things Went / Sphere I / Ice Breaks, Vir Unis & Saul Stokes: Replicants in Orbit / Thermal Transfer, Magic Carpet: Raga, Jean Derome: Pour Parler a Leurs Amis / Signes 2 / Tourbillons-phases, King Crimson: Formantera Lady / Sailor’s Tale (Detroit, 12/71), Nick Robinson: At Peace / Bells / Strobe / Pureland

 #482 8.27.02

Classical and Beyond

Harrison Birtwistle: The Woman and the Hare (Nash Ensemble), John Hebden: Concerto No. 1 / Concerto No. 2 (Cantilena, Adrian Shepard), Olivier Messiaen: La Transfiguration de Notre-Seigneur Mvts. 1-3 (Radio France Orch & Choir, Myung-Whun Chung), Ralph Vaughan Williams: String Quartet No. 2 in A minor (Nash Ensemble), Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 7 – Langsam (Berliner Philharmoniker, Claudio Abbado), W.A. Mozart: Concerto for Horn and Orchestra No. 2, K 417 (Orpheus Chamber Orchestra)

 #483 9.3.02 (9PM – midnight)

Classical and Beyond

Karl Weigl: Symphony No. 5 (Rundfunk SO, Thomas Sanderling), Pascal Dusapin: Fist / Hop (Ars Nova), W.A. Mozart: Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra, K 314 (Orpheus Chamber Orchestra), Bruno Maderna: Cadenza from Amanda / Widmung (Arditti String Quartet), Jan Zelenka: Sinfonia a 8 Concertanti in A minor (Camerata Bern), J.S. Bach: Suite Pour la Luth, BWV 995 / Fuga, BWV 1000 (Hopkinson Smith), Igor Stavinsky: Symphony of Psalms (Monteverdi Choir, London SO/John Gardiner)

 #484 9.10.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Spaceways Inc: Rothko Sideways / Force at a Distance, Peter Brotzmann Trio: Everything, Outside Out (Stach, Bayley, Rieck, Fraser): 23 April 02 – I & II, Al di Meola: Zona Desperata / Innamorata, Nadelohr: Dirdy Birdy / Fur Vision, Carolyn Hume & Paul May: Backward Prophet / Lummox / Pot Meth

#485 9.17.02

Classical and Beyond

Henri Dutilleux: Cello Concerto (Orchestre de Paris, Baudo), J.S. Bach: Tritt auf die Glaubensbahn, BWV 152 (Theatre of Early Music), Per Norgard: Symphony No. 6 (Danish NSO, Thomas Dausgaard), Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto RV 97 in F major (L’Astree, Laura Polverelli), W.A. Mozart: String Quintet No. 1, K174 (Grumiaux Trio w/Arpad Gerecz, Max Lesueur)

 #486 9.24.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Dominic Duval String & Brass Ensemble: Amazing Grace (dedicated to Katherine Duval) / ‘Round Midnight, Paul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne Froc, Richard Downs: Across the Distance, Pago Libre: Rochade / Tupti-Kulai,Steve Tibbetts: Lupra / Red Temple, Tibor Szemzo: Furcap / Ceskolovensko, George Haslam & Paul Hession: Corbels / Noggings, Outside Out (Stach, Bayley, Fraser, Reick): 23 April 02 – III, All Time Present: Fringe 2

 #487 10.1.02

Classical and Beyond

Sir John Blackwood McEwen: Quartet No. 16 (Chilingirian Quartet), Richard Wagner: Tannhauser – Overture (Philharmonia Orch., Otto Klemperer), J.S. Bach: Toccata in C minor, BWV 911 / Toccata in G major, BWV 916 (Angela Hewitt), Cecil Coles: Behind the Lines (BBC Scottish SO, Martyn Brabbins), Antonio Vivaldi: Sinfonia in G major, RV 149 (Academy of Ancient Music, Andrew Manze), Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber: Passacaglia (Elizabeth Wallfisch), Marcelo Radulovich: Ziplock Tub / Extract Hell Our of O, David Dunn: Wildflowers

#488 10.8.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Eric Stach & Peter Kowald: Improv, FL 2000 (private CDr), Jim Ryan’s Forward Energy: Etheric Cleanse / Hollow Moon, Bertrand Lajudie: Scrambled, Tomas Sauter: High Grass / Lemons, Jean Routhier: Impromptu Dechaine, Clifford Brown & Max Roach: What is This Thing Called Love? / I’ll Remember April, Marcos Fernandes: Science Boy / Bullets from Ballots, Pago Libre: Suite I-IV, John Wolf Brennan: sy / eg

#489 10.15.02

Classical and Beyond

Witold Lutoslawski: Cello Concerto (Orchestre de Paris, Lutoslawski), Arvo Part: Pilgrim’s Song / Orient & Occident (Swedish Radio SO, Tonu Kaljuste), Phil Niblock: Didgeridoos and Don’ts (Ulrich Kreiger), J.S. Bach: Cello Suite No. 1in G major BWV 1007 (Jaap ter Linden), Roger Reynolds: The Ivanov Suite

#490 10.22.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Dominic Duval String & Brass Ensemble: Tuti’s Coda / Low and Down, Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelley, Chris Corsano: Blood Whisper / Secret Stair, Spaceways Inc: Journeymen / Clocked, Theo Jorgensmann Quartet: Mr. Vertigo / Greatings to Ornette, Dave Brubeck with the LSO: Blue Rondo a la Turk / Take Five, Tibor Szemzo: Zombient / Counter-Light, Joani Taylor & Bob Murphy: ‘Round Midnight, The Guayaveras: Palm Trees Emb. On Sleeve and Poket

#491 10.29.02

Classical and Beyond

Cornelius Cardew: The Great Learning – Paragraphs 2 & 7 (Scratch Orchestra), Lionel Marchetti: Train de Nuit, Walter Boudreau: Golgot(h)a (SMCQ), Phil Niblock: Unmentionable Piece for Trombone and Sousaphone (George Lewis)

#492 11.12.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Walther, Gubler, Jenny: Orange Heart, Metamorphosis: Paserak / Knecht / Sudler’s Nightmare, Vladimir Chekasin Big Band: Pathological Music, Lori Freedman: Foot wear for a Fish / Mouche a Peu, Moore, Lee, van der Schyff: Floating 3, Ganelin Trio: In Nickelsdorf, The Draperies: F

#493 11.19.02

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Symphony No. 8 – Indian Sounds (Musica-viva-ensemble Dresden, Jurgen Wirrmann), Steve Reich: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ (Reich & Musicians), Heiner Goebbels: Anmut Sparet Nicht Noch Muhe (Ensemble Modern), Alvin Lucier: Vespers (16), Stephane Roy: La Basilique Fantome (Arturo Parra, guitar), Robert Normandeau: L’envers du Temps (Arturo Parra, guitar), Natasha Barrett: Viva la Selva!

 #494 11.26.02

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Deep Purple: Highway Star / Space Truckin’ (Denmark ’72) / Hey Joe (Inglewood, CA ’68), Pink Fairies: Do It / The Snake / Right On, Fight On, Matching Mole: Instant Pussy / Smoke Signals (Europe ’72), Love: August / Always See Your Face, King Crimson: Starless (“USA” bonus track) / Groon (“Earthbound”)

 #495 12.3.02

Classical and Beyond

Francis Poulenc: Suite Francaise (London Wind Orchestra), Helmut Lachenmann: Mouvement (Ensemble Modern, Peter Eotvos), Gloria Coates: Cette Blanche Agonie (Musica-viva-ensemble Dresden, Jurgen Wirrmann),Toronto Consort: Mariners and Milkmaids (highlights), Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto No. 1 in D major / Concerto No. 2 in F major (Cantilena, Adrian Shepherd), Earle Brown: Music for Cello and Piano (Siegfried Palm, Aloys Kontarsky), Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 11 – Adagio (London SO, Rostropovich)

#496 12.10.02

Jazz & Improvisation

Sainkho Namchylak + Tri-O: Moscow 1990 / Moscow 1989, Andrew Solovyev: Process (for four trumpets), Normand Guilbeault: “Riel” (excerpts), Lori Freedman: 2B2, Francois Theberge 5 with Lee Konitz: Chick Came Around / Thingin’, Homo Liber: Opus No. 40, Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelley, Chris Corsano: Patience of Fate

#497 12.17.02

Classical and Beyond

MEV: Spacecraft, Meredith Monk: Braid 1 / Shaking / Liquid Air, Bela Bartok: String Quartet No. 6 (The Lindsays), Isang Yun: Gasa (Thomas Demenga), Alvin Lucier: Chambers , Steve Reich: Six Pianos (Reich & Musicians),Mauricio Kagel: “1898” – 1st Mvt.