Playlists – 2006

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2006


#644 1.3.06

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Kevin Ayers: Stop This Train / Why Are We Sleeping / Lady Rachel / Shooting at the Moon, Jimi Hendrix: Red House / Drivin’ South, Throbbing Gristle: Hamburger Lady / His Arm Was Her Leg


#645 1.10.06


Al Margolis/If, Bwana: Oy Vey, Angie / Cicada #5, Louis Ouellet & Jocelyn Robert: 24 Variations pour Piano Mecanique – 1-5, SoukSouk (Eric Gagnon & Jocelyn Robert): 6 Drawers 4 Spoons


#646 1.17.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Haiku: Leaves / Chief Crazy Horse, Szilard Mezei International Ensemble: In Step, Pago Libre: Komm Ins Off’ne / Let It Find U, Baggerboot: Cascade I


#647 1.24.06

Classical and Beyond

Steve Reich: Piano Phase (Maki Namekawa, Dennis Russell Davies), Schumann: Papillons (Marc-Andre Hamelin), Georg Philipp Telemann: Quator No. 4 (Florilegium)


#648 1.31.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton with the Creative Jazz Orchestra: No. 175, Sun Ra and His Space Arkestra: Untitled Improvisation / Astro Black / Discipline, Baggerboot: Cascade III


#649 2.7.06

Classical and Beyond

Philip Glass: Symphony No. 6 (Bruckner Orch.), Jocelyn Robert & Laetitia Sonami: Les Secphandres 3, Al Margolis/If, Bwana: Quaderni, Alvin Lucier: Wind Shadows


#650 2.14.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Elton Dean’s Ninesense: Three Forty, Francois Carrier: Happening (two), Leroy Jenkins: To Live, Ivo Perelman: Extended Consciousness, Phil Minton & Roger Turner: Cut Face / Urgent


#651 2.21.06

Classical and Beyond

Philip Glass: Les Enfants Terribles (Maki Namekawa, Dennis Russell Davies), F

 #652 2.28.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Sun Ra: Space is the Place / Enlightenment, Leroy Jenkins: To Run / To Believe, Ivo Perelman: Karmic Forces, Anthony Braxton: No. 126

 #653 3.7.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Kaspar Ewalds: Ankunft des Reptils, Iro Haarla: Time for Recollection / On A Creast of A Wave, Ivo Perelman: Spiritual Destiny, Anthony Braxton: No. 23L

 #654 3.14.06

No Borders Here

Daniel Lentz: Wolf is Dead / Requiem, Chas Smith: Descent, Robert Rich: Shadowline / Poppy Fields, Robert Rich & Ian Boddy: Stone / Metamorphic

 #655 3.21.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Syntopia Quartet: Goodbye Earth / Chryse Planitia, Iro Haarla: Veil of Mist / Light in the Sadness, Joseph Holbrooke Trio: Condensation / Crookesmoor / Campo

 #656 3.28.06


Chas Smith: Endless Mardi Gras, Daniel Lentz: Is It Love? / Lascaux, Syntopia Quartet: Olympus Mons, Danielle Palardy Roger: Bruiducoeur va Mourir

 #657 4.4.06

Music of Phill Niblock

Phill Niblock: A Trombone Piece (James Fulkerson), Early Winter (Susan Stenger, Eberhard Blum, Soldier String Quartet)

 #658 4.11.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Carnival Skin: Journey to Strange / Monster / Iono, The Choir Boys: Needlework Alice / Impromptu Lateral Drop / Tobacconist from Rimini

 #659 4.18.06

Classical and Beyond

Donald Crockett: To Be Sung on the Water (Michelle Makarski, Ronald Copes), Gyorgy Kurtag: Kafka-Fragments – Teil I (Juliane Banse, Andras Keller), Glenn Kotche: Clapping Music Variations / Mobile Parts 1 – 3 ,Constantinople: Carrefour de la Mediterranee (excerpts)

 #660 4.25.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Joelle Leandre: Meeting Three (w/William Parker), Actis Band: Mock Democracy / Zorro, Frank Gratowski: Renaming a Boat, P.O.W.E.R.: Territory

 #661 5.2.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Mick Beck, Paul Hession & Dave Tucker: Opera, Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht: Fragments, Carr/Nord/Hofmann/Maddox: Biosphere, Gebhard Ullmann: CUTITOUT Part 2

 #662 5.9.06

Classical and Beyond

Warren Burt: The Animation of Lists Pt. 1 & 2, Louis Andriessen: Writing to Vermeer (excerpts) (De Nederlanse Opera), Antonio Vivaldi: Montezuma (excerpts) (Il Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis)

#663 5.16.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Mick Beck, Paul Hession & Dave Tucker: Archie Shepp / Ballroom Dancing / Washing, Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht: Lapis Blues, Windsleepers: Le Fiancee du Pirate, Joelle Leandre:Just Now Three (w/India Cooke) / Just Now Four (w/Mark Nauseef & Marcus Stockhausen)

 # 664 5.23.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Joelle Leandre: Meeting Four / Meeting Five (w/William Parker), Pierre-Yves Martel: Cages / Seems… Too Far… Familiar / Benibraun / Corresondances Domestiques, Bass Tone Trap: Safe in the Inner Core / Stay There, Ivo Perelman: Faith, Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht: Emergence

 #665 5.30.06

Classical and Beyond

Witold Lutoslawski: Concerto for Orchestra (Cincinnati SO, Paavo Jarvi), Glenn Kotche:Projections of (What) Might… / Monkey Chant, Jeff Vidov: The Improvised Piano Path

 #666 6.6.06

Troubadors and Storytellers

Moro: Velvet Van / Mr. Applesauce / The Wizard, Penn Kemp, Jeff Culbert & Outward Sound Ensemble: Bone Poem, Penn Kemp, Anjela Hryniuk: Sarasvati Scapes (Pt. 23 – 33), bill bissett: hermit island / quiet releef uv bones

 #667 6.13.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Berthiaume, Donato, Tanguay: Mr. Suozzi / Le Dauphin / Le Dentiste, Lauzier, Perkin, Kuster: Illegalite / Broken Glass, John Butcher, Xavier Charles, Axel Dorner: Karfiol / Les Cornichons

 #668 6.20.06

Classical and Beyond

Warren Burt: And the Archytan of Transpositions Pt. 3 & 4, David Russell: “Renaissance Favorites for Guitar” (highlights), Jeff Vidov: The Brahms Path / Exit This Path…

 #669 6.27.06

It Came From Canada

DB Boyko, Christine Duncan, Jean Martin: Bap, Berthiaume, Donato, Tanguay: Mooies / Ellen’s Bar / Magnolia , Lauzier, Perkin, Kuster: Histoire du Mendiant / Porte des Lilas / Petite Colline, Burns, Caldia, Heward: Presence

 #670 7.4.06

Jazz & Improvisation

John Butcher, Xavier Charles, Axel Dorner: Les Oignons / Garden Cress, Bass Tone Trap: The Complex Aesthetic of John Jasnoch / Sleep Lights, Windsleepers: Dance on a Cloud / Winter Walk

 #671 7.11.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Beck, Drenching, Pleasure: For Sue / Case Study No. 1 / Segeee?? (A Gross Figure), Emergency: Emergency Theme, ASK: Untitled Improvisation 1 & 2

 #672 7.20.06

Classical and Beyond

Alvin Lucier: Bar Lazy J / Fideliotrio (Barton Workshop), Steve Reich: Cello Counterpart (Maya Beiser), Brian Agro: Poem No. 7 / Etude II a / Zainta / Waltz for Conlon and South / Poem No. 1 / Papaya Jazz, Guido Santorsola: Three Airs of the Court, Bela Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra (Cincinnati SO, Paavo Jarvi), Arthur Digby Kurtz: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra

 #673 7.25.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Wintsch, Weber, Wolfarth: American Fondue / The Latter Half of the Century / Jimmy Buzzard, Mark O’Leary, Steve Swallow, Pierre Favre: Kymer / Melting / MTF, Matthew Mitchell & Duncan Haynes: Arcane the Mongoose / Terminal 5 / Arterium / Sinus, ASK: Untitled Improvisation 4 & 5, Beck, Drenching, Pleasure: Case Study No. 2 / Segeee?? (A Net Figure) / Case Study No. 3, AMM: Generative Theme V

#674 8.1.06

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Symphony No. 1 (Siegerland Orch., Jorge Rotter), Bang on a Can & Don Byron: Eugene, Anla Courtis: Asma de Tia Alga / Jarabe de Llanura, Steve Heimbecker: Sunday MSM, Louis Dufort: Materio, Chantal Dumas: s/t w/t, Judith Shatin: View from Mt. Nebo (De Capo Chamber Players), Matt Rogalsky: Resonate (tones)

 #675 8.8.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Roy Nathanson: London Story / Shake, Pierre-Yves Martel: Felt Clips / Cages / Fromage et Crottes / Seems… too Far… Familiar… / Benibraun, Simon Nabatov & Tom Rainey: Agrinte / Crackle ‘n Pop / Four Fofo, Nauseef, Mori, Courvoisier, Quintus: Albert’s Alchemy / Nothing Is Obvious / Mystery of the Matter, AMM: Norwich Pt. 1-3 (30), ASK: Untitled Improvisation 3

 #676 8.15.06

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Symphony No. 7 (Bavarian Radio SO, Olaf Henzold), Bang on a Can & Don Byron: The Red-Tailed Angels, Dan Joseph: Percussion and Strings

 #677 8.22.06

Jazz & Improvisation

John Wolf Brennan: Picasso Triptych / Klee Pentagram,Neil Carver & Martin Archer: First Artefact: Brodger / Forgotten Things, AMM: The Inexhautible Document Page 9:1

 #678 8.29.06

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Symphony No. 14 (Munich Chamber orch., Christoph Poppen), Matt Rogalsky: Kash (radios), Anla Courtis: Reducido a Hemorragia de Merluzas

 # 679 9/5/06

Jazz & Improvisation

Joelle Leandre: Just Now Eight / Just Now Nine (w/Paul Lovens, Sebi Tramontana, Carlos Zingaro), The Navigators: Vivgu / Theviud, Neil Carver & Martin

#680 9.12.06


Neil Carver & Martin Archer:The Hau of the Forest, Penn Kemp: Familiars Prelude / Familiars, Matt Rogalsky: Kash (violin) (Jane Henry)

#681 9.19.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: No. 301, Sun Ra Arkestra: The Shadow World / Yeah Man!

#682 9.25.06


John Butcher & Christof Kurzmann: Aume / Bee Space / Klafter, Matt Davignon: Organelles / Lying in Grass… / A Mistake, Luigi Archetti: Februar Pt. 5 – 8, Frank Rothkamm: Astronaut of Inner Space / Triumph of the Analogue Age

 #683 10.3.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Mats-Up: The Hut on Fowls Legs / The Great Gate of Kiev, Studer – Frey: Gang und Glaab / Stop and Go / Hit and Run, Damian Nisenson, Jean Felix Mailloux, Pierre Tanguay: Hanne / Druse Dubke / Supper’s Ready, Duo Arthur Bull – Daniel Heikalo: Le Solution de Enigme / Cobra Skin Necktie / Lonnie Johnson

 #684 10.10.06

Classical and Beyond

Staffan Odenhall: The Fugitive – Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Les Boreades: He’s So Heavy, John Butcher & Christof Kurzmann: Seer / Shilling / Therblig

 #685 10.31.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Studer – Frey: Hurst und Hot / Drunter und Druber / Fix und Fertig Gianni Lencoci: Sestante / Rothko Variations, Jerry Rojas & Peter A. Schmid: Penguins / Southern Cross, Trio Jean Felix Mailloux: Densite 23.7 / Au Bord Du Nil

 #686 11.7.06

Classical and Beyond

Low Dynamic Orchestra: Improvisation 5 / Treatise / Bass Solio + Refrain / Improvisation 6 / Choral, Nino Rota: La Strada Orch. Metropolitain du Grand Montreal, Yannick Nezet-Seguin), Marin Marais: Semele (Montreal Baroque, Wieland Kuijken)

 #687 11.13.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Joe McPhee & Paul Hession: Tipping Point, Cross Border Trio: Hell in Hat Yai / No More Net, Peter A. Schmid, Ned Rothenberg & Matthias Ziegler: SchRotZ #1 / SchRotZ #2, Kali Herve Perez & Martin Archer: The Inclusion Principle 2

 #688 11.21.06

Classical and Beyond

Pauline Oliveros: Lion’s Eye for Gamelan (Berkeley Gamelan Ensemble), Henry Purcell: Airs (Karina Gauvin, Les Boreades, Francis Colpron)

 #689 11.28.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Francois Houle: Liege / Pour Sidney / Broken Promises, Carsick: Hall Rats / Rise to Downpour, Hornweb: Lower Globe / Azim / Clip / I Never Thought About You / Terra Firma, Curtis Glatter & Nathan Hubbard: Meikyu

 #690 12.5.06

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Jade Warrior: Clouds / Mountain of Fruit and Flowers / Waterfall / Red Lotus / Clouds, Paice, Ashton, Lord: Ghost Story / Sneaky Private Lee / Resurrection Shuffle, Azeruz: Azeruz / Eyes Across Skin

 #691 12.12.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Albrecht Maurer & Norbert Rodenkirchen: Fadenspiel / Melancholia, Hornweb: David and Victoria / La Salle Street Strut / Hirajoshi / Drag / Tenser, Francois Houle, Jean Martin, Jesse Zubot: Errol the Chinless Blither / Short & Sad, Peter A. Schmid, Ned Rothenberg & Matthias Ziegler: SchRotZ #3

 #692 12.19.06

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Jade Warrior: Waves Part I, Tudor Lodge: Crazy / October Sun, Gentle Giant: Free Hand / Just the Same, Rainbow: Man on the Silver Mountain

 #693 12.26.06

Jazz & Improvisation

Nathan Hubbard: Departing Landscapes / In the Year of the Lion, Carsick: Old Yellow / Oh Chime / Fringe Bananas, Herve Perez & Martin Archer: The Inclusion Principle 1, Kali Z. Fasteau: Levees, Lies & Lives / Rising Winds