Playlists – 2005

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2005


#596 1.4.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton, Gyorgy Szabados, Vladimir Tarasov: Trioton, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra: Is That You (Earl)? / Sleeping Against Other Warnings, The Clarinet Trio: Seven 9 – 8 / Collective No. 8 / Almost Twenty-Eight / Variations on a Theme by Claude Debussy, Collective 4tet: Moving Along / si en si

 #597 1.18.05

Classical and Beyond

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh: Oasis (Kronos Quartet) / Apsheron Quintet (Kronos, Ali Zadeh), Moro: Mosquito’s Dream / Undecided Samba / Trebeck Street Waltz / Bougainvillaea / Featherfoot, Leos Janacek: Sonata IX (Hakon Austbo),Sainte-Colombe: Le Long / Le Pensif / Le Villageois (Les Voix Humaines), Michael Nyman: Taking a Line for a Second Walk, Benjamin Britten: Peter Grimes (highlights) (LSO. Davis)

#598 1.25.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Eric Stach Free Music Unit: 1/14/05 Set 1, Pandelis Karayorgis: Ugly Beauty / Criss Cross / Baby / Background Music / Blood Ballad / Disambiguation / Home, Frank Gratkowski Project: And the Mystery Sang Alive, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra: A Murder of Crows

#599 2.1.05

un/familar sound/ings

Akumu: Quietly Disruptive / Eyeless / Landscape VIII, Meri von KleinSmid: Sphere of Interest / Five-Word Farrago / Des Vetters Eckfenster / What Happens to the Deep-Sea Divers, Horvitz/Samworth/Lee/Clark/van der Schyff: Merge a la Gauche / Elk Crossing / Pavement Ends / Intersection Poems, Vance Galloway: SST 2, Alex Keller: SST 4, Ben Larson and Eric Ostrowski: SST 6, inBOIL: SST 9


 #600 2.8.05

It Came from Canada

Eric Stach Free Music Unit: 1/14/05 Set 2, Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Pithecanthropus Erectus / All the Things You Could Be By Now… / Conversation, Horvitz/Samworth/Lee/Clark/van der Schyff: Children at Play / Begin Two Way / … When Amber Flashing, Paul Dutton: Two Out of Three / Kit Talk, Ensemble en Pieces: Overture / Nils & Kim / Plaines / Alborada I / Short Story

 #601 2.15.04

Classical and Beyond

Claude Vivier: Pulau Dewata (Quatuor Bozzinni), Jean Lesage: Quatuor a Cordes II (Quatuor Bozzinni), Evan Ziporyn: Melody Competition (So Percussion) (22), W.A. Mozart: Zaide (Academy of Ancient Music, Paul Goodwin),Manuel de Falla: La Vida Breve (Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Josep Pons)

 #602 2.22.05

Painting with Sound

Can: Aumgh / Peking O / Bring Me Coffee or Tea, Six Organs of Admittance: Eighth Cognition – All You’re Left / Saint Cloud / School of the Flower, Chris Brown: Talking Drum, Eric Stach Free Music Unit: 1/14/05 Set 5 / 1/14/05 Set 6

 #603 3.1.05

Classical and Beyond

Russell Hartenberger: The Invisible Proverb (Nexus), Billband: Blurred / Drive, John Buckley: Guitar Sonata No. 2, Jean Lesage: Vanitas (Nouvel Ensemble Moderne), Johann Wilhelm Wilms: Symphony No. 7 (Concerto Koln, Werner Ehrhardt), David Crumb: Harmonia Mundi

 #604 3.8.05

Framing the Soundscape

David Parsons: Pahla Loka / Dusra Loka / Tisra Loka, Akumu: Titled / Tapeten / Evolve Pt. 2 / Mnmisms / Isolate, Robert Rich: Vertigo / Supplication, Ben Cox: Merganser / Gannet, Darshan Ambient: Azure Day

 #605 3.15.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Steve Lacy & Joelle Leandre: One More Time 1, O’Leary/Maneri/Peterson: No Code / Concerned / Purple People, Enrico Fazio 7tet: When Enrico Met The Pink Floyd (at perpigan Station) / Ciao Jack! / Walkabout, Led Bib: Clatter / Work Prospects / Joyous Hangover, Horvitz/Samworth/Lee/Clark/van der Schyff: Merge a la Gauche / Elk Crossing / Pavement Ends / Intersection Poems

 #606 3.22.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton Ninetet: No. 211, Aardvark Jazz Orchestra: Flexology / Voices Like Trumpets, Eric Stach Free Music Unit: 1/14/05 Set 5 / 1/14/05 Set 6

 #607 3.29.05

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

David Parsons: Chuatha Loka / Panchwan Loka / Chhatha Loka, Harry Manx: Sittin’ On Top of the World / That Knowing Look of Fate / Stir a Little Breeze / Tough et Tender, Tuckey Buzzard: Gold Medallions, Silverhead: Rolling with May Baby, Clive Muldoon: Clouds in My Hair, Buddy Bohn: Vermouth Rondo, Caravan: Nine Feet Underground, Tangerine Dream: Ottawa ‘86

 #608 4.5.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Steve Lacy & Joelle Leandre: One More Time 2 & 3, O’Leary/Maneri/Shipp: Rest / I Am Not the Only One / Voice Crack, Rob Clutton: Taken Over by the Hounds of Reason / How Big Are the Dots / Formal Garden / Mr. Taciturn / Half Smile, Eric Stach Free Music Unit: 1/14/05 Set 2

 #609 4.12.05

Classical and Beyond

Michael Oesterle: Daydream Mechanics V (Quatuor Bozzinni), Malcolm Goldstein: A New Song of Many Faces from in These Times (Quatuor Bozzinni), Bernardo Pasquini: Sonate per Gravicebalo (Roberto Loreggian), Neil Rolnick: Shadow Quartet (Ethel), Matthew Smith: Symphony 8 in Four Movements

 #610 4.19.05

Open Ears in the Dark

Rick Cox: Fade, Kyle Gann: Long Night, Jim Fox: Descansos, Past, Tim Brady: Frame 1 – Resonance, Zanana: Gasholder Duet / Doorjam

 #611 4.26.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Sound on Survival (Ellis, Eniedini, Valsamis): Amherst 1 & 2, George Haslam’s Freetime: Hunky Dunky / First Bass / Muffs, Thollem/Rivera: Twelve Tongues / Phasing Out, Sliding Down / Inbetween Inbetween / Tritones and Howls, Kate Westbrook & Mike Westbrook: Exile / Oil Paint on Canvas / Art Wolf Scavenges, Newton/Scheyder/Tarasov: Artesian Spirits, Rob Clutton: Air / Cloak / Musicians and Animals / Pond

 #612 5.3.05

Classical and Beyond

Chris Brown: Cloudstreams Bellwethers / Alternating Currents, Neil Rolnick: Body Work (La Barbara, Rolnick), Matthew Smith:Symphony 4 in Five Movements, David Behrman: QSRL / Viewfinder, Morceaux de Machines: Foncage de Pieux / Selavy, Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshide: Nijmegen / Geneve No. 6

 #613 5.10.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Sound on Survival (Ellis, Eniedini, Valsamis): Philadelphia, Vladimir Miller & Steve Plews: Triply Diptych / Quetzal / Your Armour, Anthony Braxton Ninetet: No. 212

 #614 5.17.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Derek Bailey, Mick Beck, Paul Hession: After the Red Dear, Wadada Leo Smith a.o.: Kawami Wama / Speeds per Coil / Neither Liquid Nor Gaseous, Evan Parker and September Winds: “Short Stories”, Anthony Braxton: Green Dolphin Street / Blues for Alice, Fredrik Soegaard & Hasse Poulsen: ,,, and We Also Caught a Fish

 #615 5.24.05

“Deep Wireless 2”

Katherine Norman: Losing It, Hideo Kawamoto: Night Ascends from teh Ear Like a Butterfly, Marjorie Chan: Pants on Fire – Liar Liar, Joan Schuman: Walking in Bad Circles, Andrea-jane Cornell: J’apprivoisie La Rue Saint Andre, Linda Okeefe: Tuning In, Eldad Tsabury: Soul of the City, Emmanuel Madan: Freedom Highway, Milena Droumeva: Soundbite Society, Debashis Sinha: Redo – Speaking Song, Alexis Perepelcya: Esquiziophrenia,Lisa Gasior: Loud is Paramount, Richard Windeyer: In Silent Times, Pamela Z: Pop Titles “You”

 #616 5.31.05

Jazz & Improvisation – Music of Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: Waltz for Debbie / Freedom Jazz dance, Anthony Braxton & Walter Frank: Improvisation 1, Anthony Braxton: Lonnie’s Lament / Blue Rondo a la Turk, Anthony Braxton & Walter Frank: Improvisation 3

 #617 6.7.05

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Deep Purple: Wring That Neck / Mandrake Root (Stockholm 1970), Pete York Percussion Band: Extension 345 / Gimme Some Lovin’, Prime Time Sublime Community Orchestra: I Want You / Rainbow Seeds of Mass Destruction, Art Rock Circus: Song for a Fifth Season / The Ripper

 #618 6.14.05

Hot as the Day, Dark as the Night

Robert Rich: Summer Thunder / Hollow Rings Longer, Ellen Band & David Lee Myers: Valen Lagoon, SirJacq, Berthhiaume, Teale: Staring at a Western Time / Leaves and Snows / Contemplating Innuendo, Masayo Asahara (Martin Archer): Saint Catherine Torment, Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshide: Geneve No 1, PSI: We Broke the Sun

 #619 6.21.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Henry Grimes Trio: Eighty Degrees, Anthony Braxton: Tune Up / Take Five, Derek Bailey, Mick Beck, Paul Hession: Raining / Buckets, Bergman, Coxhill, Hession: Act of Love 106 – 110, Yves Massey, Olivier Magnenat, Christophe Timberghien: Chacun son TRUC / Seven for Evans / L’Ane Crie

 #620 7.12.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Elio Martusciello, Grazio Lella, Roberto Fega: Ad Esempio / Dipinto ful Nulla, Sound on Survival (Ellis, Eniedini, Valsamis): Amherst 3, Carlo Actis Dato & Baldo Martinez: Sospeita / Ashanti / Compay Segundo, Don Ellis Orchestra: Indian Lady / Alone / Turkish Bath, Eric Stach Free Music Unit: Jan. 14/05 Set 5 / Set 6

 #621 7.19.05

Classical and Beyond

Ellen Band & David Lee Myers: Cape Vieven, David Behrman: A New Team Takes Over / Touch Tones, Chris Brown: Retroscan / Flies, Ursel Schlicht & Bruce Arnold: Event Horizon / String Suite, Bruce Arnold & Tom Hamilton: Disklaimer / Heaven on Eleven / Serial Filler

 #622 7.26.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Pithecanthropus Erectus / All the Things You Could Be by Now If Sigmond Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother / Conversation, Carlo Actis Dato & Baldo Martinez: Luna Park / Vejo Elmer, George Marsh & W.A. Mathieu: Improvisations 1-4 (11), Ramon Lopez, Sophia Domancich, Joelle Leandre: Bouton D’or / Pissenlit / Japanish Flower, TrIO & Sainkho: Pretenders / Singing from teh Open Window, Derek Bailey, Mick Beck & Paul Hession: After the Red Deer

 #623 8.2.05

Classical and Beyond

Rick Cox: Fade, Jim Fox: The City the Wind Swept Away, Andre Ristic: Vers, John Adams: Phrigian Gates, Constantinople: Pishrow Mahur / La Princessa y el Caballero /Esta Noche / Farah / Ven Querida

 #624 8.9.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Bill Frisell: I Heard It Through the Grapevine / Blues for Los Angeles / A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman: Song X / Mob Job / Endangered Species / Video Games, Anthony Braxton: No. 23L / You Go to My Head Pt. 1&2, Falaise, Samworth, Tanguay, Van der Schyff: Corned Oliphant / Pink Crimson

#625 8.16.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Allen Won Quartet: Earth / Water / Fire, Enuma Elish: Leviatan / Demon Mask / Nampa, Carlo Actis Dato & Baldo Martinez: Fiesta / Mandingo, Derek Bailey, Mick Beck & Paul Hession: Buckets, Josh Thorpe: Woodlouse Pt. 1, Drumheller: Quartet Theme / Sketch #3 / Am I Lovely?

 #626 8.23.05

Classical and Beyond

Alarm Will Sound: Cock – Ver 10 /Logon Rock Switch / Metalphace 6 / Blue Calx / Fingerbib, Matt Davignon: Pad / Flam Ratio / 96 Clocks / Do Vrb K / Bwoo, Henri-Joseph Rigel: Quartetto I / Quartetto II (Quator Franz Joseph), Sainte-Colombe: “Concerts a Deux Violes Esgales” (Les Voix Humaines)

#627 8.30.05

Unearthed Treasures & odd Ditties

Daniel Lanois: Rockets / Devil’s Bed / The Maker, Combat Astronomy: Time Stamp / Collapsing Runways / Orion, Gentle Giant: The Runaway / So Sincere, Mountain: Stormy Monday / Baby I’m Down, Bill Bruford: Q.E.D. / Land’s End, Sky Saw: The Garden of Forking Paths / Misshapen Masses

#628 9.6.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Masashi Harada & Mat Maneri: Quiet Wanders Laughing / My Memory Had Magnified, Drumheller: Again / Beach House, Marco Kaeppeli, Fredi Luescher, Daniel Studer: About Omris Birthday / News, Philip Clemo: Texture / Temperature


 #629 9.13.05

Classical and Beyond

Hans Otte: Orient : Occident, Mike Swinchoski: Transmission / Freeze Dried Canon, Alarm Will Sound: Meltphace 6 / Blue Calx, Henri-Joseph Rigel: Quartetto III (Quator Franz Joseph)

 #630 9.20.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Earl Howard: Saxophone Solos 3 & 4, Mark O’Leary, Tomasz Stanko, Billy Hart: Giya / Astrakhan / Amnesiak, John Wolf Brennan: Scream / Boat Rising / Give It Back to Me, Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver: Act / Frog Floating

 #631 9.27.05

Classical and Beyond

Judith Shatin: Secret Ground (Da Capo Chamber Players),Henri-Joseph Rigel: Quartetto IV (Quator Franz Joseph), Andre Jolivet: Chant de Linos (Susan Hoeppner, Judy Loman), George Zelenz: Thermohaline, Stefan Tomic: Ringtone Canon, Tom Hamilton: London Fix

#632 10.4.05

Classical and Beyond

Steve Reich: You Are (Variations) (Los Angeles Master Chorale, Grant Gershon), Thomas Buckner: ILEX (w/Earl Howard, Gustavo Aguilar, Wu Man)

 #633 10.11.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Cosmologic: X Marks the Spot / Shadows at Night , Bob & Danny Weller: The Laws of Wellertia / Yesterdays, Philip Clemo: Place / Scale, Fieldwork: Gaudi / Transitions / Peril, Josh Thorpe: Woodlouse Pt. 2

 #634 10.18.05

Classical and Beyond

Martin Bresnick: Fantasia on a Theme by Willie Dixon, Alvin Lucier: 40 Rooms, Tigran Mansurian: String Quartet No. 1 (Rosamunde Quartet), Paul Dolden: The Gravity of Silence

 #635 10.25.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Cosmologic: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing / Blacon, NOMA (Tom Walsh): Diversion, Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay: La Baignade, Pierre Cartier: Samowar, Alex von Schlippenbach: Salamander

 #636 11.1.05

Classical and Beyond

Steve Reich: Different Trains (Quator Bozzini), Alvin Lucier:Q, Martin Bresnick: Grace

 #637 11.8.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Grew Trio: It’s Morning / Good Form and a Bit of Ankst, Baggerboot: Cascade II, Masashi Harada & Mat Maneri: Mirror Resembling Dream / The Soul With Longing for Dim Hills and Faint Horizons, Drumheller: Again / Beach House

 #638 11.15.05

Classical & Beyond

Steve Reich: Cello Counterpart (Maya Beiser), Paul Dolden: The Heart Tears Itself Apart with the Power of its Own Muscle, Tigran Mansurian: String Quartet No. 2 (Rosamunde Quartet), Alvin Lucier: Letters

 #639 11.22.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: No. 343, Grew Trio: For Stalactites / Midnight Revels, Pago Libre: W 9th Street / Heptoo, Simon Nabatov Octet: On Equilibrium / An Encounter

 #640 11.29.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Szilard Mezei International Ensemble: Breezy Draught, Mark O’Leary, Uri Caine, Ben Perowsky: Prepared / Closure, Grew Trio: Let’s Go / To the Woods / Getting Hungry, Trio Derome Guikbeault Tanguay: The Feeling of Jazz / Sonny’s Crib

 #641 12.06.05

Un/earthly Soundings

Al Margolis/If, Bwana: Natraj / Frog Field, Alvin Lucier: Bar Lazy / Fideliotrio, Jocelyn Robert: Slow Sparks from the Split-Voiced Buddha

 #642 12.20.05

Jazz & Improvisation

Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay: A Bit Nervous / It’s You or No One, Robert Marcel Lepage: Tutti Pee Wee / Pee Wee a des Papillons…, Lauren Newton & Joelle Leandre: Face It, Szilard Mezei International Ensemble: Female Boxing

 #643 12.27.05

Derek Bailey (1930 – 2005)

Derek Bailey & Joelle Leandre: No Waiting 1, Derek Bailey & Anthony Braxton: First Set – Area 1 & 2, Derek Bailey, Mick Beck & Paul Hession: After the Red Deer