Playlists – 1996

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 1996

#118 1.1.96

Classical and Beyond

David Stock: The Particle Zoo, Luigi Dallapiccola: Canti di Prigionia, Ragnar Grippe: Chamber Music (“Contemporary Swedish Music”), Max Reger: Piano Concerto in F minor – Allegretto con spirito, Jan W. Morthenson: Unisono (“Aspects on Harpsichord”), Ken Steen: Shadows and Light (Jeffrey Kreiger) , Galina Ustvolskaya: Sonata No. 2, Michael Daugherty: Elvis Everywhere (Kronos Quartet), Raymond Scott: Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals (Kronos Quartet), Uuno Klami: Cobblers of the Heath Overture, Erkki Melartin: Symphony No. 2 – Largo, John Palmer: Beyond the Bridge

#119 1.1.96 (9 – 11 PM)

(i) Around the Globe / All Over the Map

Iconoclast: Caught in the Dark / The Raven is Waiting / The Slenk, MX-80 Sound: Batman / Hey Art, Lee Ranaldo: Shift, Phill Niblock: Index Circa Seventy, Laurie Speigel: #54 (“Just Another Asshole”), Teenage Jesus and the Jerks:Red Alert / Orphans, Cul de Sac: Death Kit Train / Nico’s Dream / Lauren’s Blues, Tulku: Agua Sante / Orca Song, Lambarena: “Bach to Africa”, Hedningarna: Min Skog / Gorrlas/ Polsk Efter Olof Tillman / Haxopolskan, Norrlatar: Ust Awam / Mikaels Polska, Samla Mammas Manna: Five Single Combats / The Fate (ex) / The Funktrap

(ii) Music of Steve Roach & David Parsons

Steve Roach: Arrival / Merge (“Empetus”), A Few More Moments / See Things, (“Quiet Music”), Quiet Friend / Reflections in Suspension (“Structures from Silence”), Thunder Brother / Your Own Eyes (“Artifacts”), Undershadow / To the Threshold of Silence (ex) / Thunderground, (“World’s Edge”), Connected Underground / The Face in the Fire (“Origins”)

David Parsons: Himalaya / Akbar (“Himalaya”), Tantra / Dorje Ling (“Dorje Ling”), Tibetan Plateau / Devaloka (“Tibetan Plateau/Sounds of the Mothership”), Bengal Village / Earth Mother Maha Puja (“Yatra”)

#120 1.8.96

(i) Music of Peter Michael Hamel

Peter Michael Hamel: Cycle of Time / Dorian Dervishes / Mandala / Apotheosis / Organum Pt. 2

(ii) Music of Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy: Brilliant Corners / Monk’s Mood (“School Days”), We See / Shuffle Boil (“We See”), Epistrophy (“Morning Joy”), Stamps (“The Way”), The New Moon (“Clangs”)

#121 1.15.96

Classical and Beyond

Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint (Rascher Saxophone Quartet) (“Music for Saxophones”), John Tavener: Innocence, Giacinto Scelsi: Quartetto No. 4 (Arditti Quartet, Aarre Merikanto: Cello Concerto No. 2 – Vivace (Gustafsson, Finnish RSO), Sofia Gubaidulina: Sounds of the Forest (Newman, Hurton) (“Beyond the Iron Curtain”), Earle Brown: Event: Energy II, John Palmer: Theorum (cs), Pete Stollery: Short Stuff (DAT), Eric Lyon: 1979 (cs), Sylvano Bussotti: Quartetto Gramsci (Arditti Quartet), Steve Reich: Piano Phase (lute version)

#122 1.22.96

(i) Jazz & Improvisation

Ornette Coleman: Badal / Tone Dialing / Sound is Everywhere, Bheki Mseleku: Thula Mtwana / Ballad for the Saints, Johan Petri: Once on Earth / Van Gough Could See, Lokomotiv Konkret: Blow / Fatigued, Paul Pignon & Raymond Strid: Back / Timglas, Vienna Art Orchestra: Say Good Evening to Everyone / Interlude / I Burn the Silence

(ii) Music of Steve Reich

Steve Reich: The Cave – Act 1

#123 1.29.96

The Big Mix

Pete Namlook & Jonah Sharp: 10 KW / 100 KW, Crawling With Tarts: Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 3 (Indian Ocean Ship), Genesis P-Orridge & White Stains: Arachnaic Resurgence / Hydros Amrita / TOPI Mass, Kevin Keller: Largo / Intermezzo, Faust: Rien Pt. 5 / Pt. 3, Steve Roach: Void Memory One / Void Memory Three / The Magnificent Void, Al Gomer Khan & Kai Taschner: Bahadur Shah’s Last Poem / Boot and Paisley, Wolverton Brothers: West Texas Highway, Elliott Sharp & Carbon: Onyx / Slag, Bush Tetras: Things That Go Boom in the Night / Snakes Crawl / Too Many Creeps, Aksak Maboul: A Modern Lesson / Inoculating Rabies / Bosses de Crosses, Gato Negro: Precious Dub / Guidance / Vital Force Dub, Markus Stockhausen: Possible Worlds, Victory of the Better Man: wegen Brot / Layer, E Pericoloso Sporgersi: Inuit, Philosophies & Chansons / Lodi Street,Forest Fang: The Dragon King’s Advice / Receiving the Approaching Spirit

#124 2.4.96 (9 – 11 AM)

Music of Morton Feldman

Morton Feldman: Clarinet and String Quartet / Piano, Violin, Viola & Cello

#125 2.5.96

Classical and Beyond

Einjuhani Rautavaara: Canto II, Ernst Krenek: Symphony No. 2 – Allegro, Aaron Rabushka: Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra – Allegro, Bruno Maderna: Quartetto per Archi (Arditti Quartet), Scholz, Persson & Sandell: Between, Mats Persson: Schattenlieder VI (Kristine Scholz, piano), Sten Sandell: Procession No. 2 II / Gods and Men II, Mark Winges: Aural Colors, Markus Stockhausen: Possible Worlds (ex), No Quartet: Sequence IV / Blue Rondo a la Turc, Elinor Armer & Ursula K. Le Guin: The Great Instruments of the Greggerts

#126 2.12.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Billy Harper: Somalia, Marilyn Crispell & Tim Berne: Inference, Crispell, Brotzmann & Drake: Hyperion II, Ulrich Lask: Indean Poa / Geometry 1003, Aldo Romano: T’Ho Voluto Bene, Joe Lovano Wind Ensemble: Worlds,Donal Fox & David Murray: Golden Ladders / Hope Scope (live), “The Colossal Saxophone Sessions”: Promptus / Quasi Eni, Ian Carr: The Prince of Darkness is a Gentleman / Such Sweet Sorrow, Daniel Binelli: Metropolis / Preludio y Candombe, Hank Jones & Cheick-Tidane Seck: Sarala


(i) Antonio Carlos Jobim: “The Man from Ipanema”

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Aguas de Marco / Wave / Agua de Beber / Tide / The Girl from Ipanema / So Danco Samba / Dindi / Desafinado / O Morro Noa Tem Vez / Insensatez / Chega de Sudade / The Girl from Ipanema

(ii) Classical and Beyond

Hermann Keller: Wahlverwandtschaften – Duos, Steffen Schleiermacher: Gesang des Apsyrtos, Phill Niblock: Early Winter, David Behrman: View Finder, Daniel Goode: Reed Squeek & After Images / Slendro Drum , Mary Jane Leach: Bruckstuck , Tom Johnson: Marsenne Numbers

#128 2.26.96

The Big Mix: A Stream of Consciousness Aural Adventure

Frontier: Feedback, Martin Rev: Mari Go Round / Ten Two, David Borden & Mother Mallard: The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part Four / Anatidae 1, Harold Budd & Hector Zazou: You and Me Against the Sky / And Then She Stepped Aside, E Pericoloso Sporgersi: Lawrence d’Arabie / Improploton III, Rene Lusier: Associations Libres, David Toop: Reverse World, Tim Brady: SOMA Pharmaceutical, Globo: Wah-Wah Pedal, Bill Frisell: Bloods of Dust , Cluster: Umleitung, Moebius & Plank: Rastakraut Pasta, Sub Dub: Ambient Syndrome / Elastic Dub, Mandible Chatter: Piper in the Woods / Beyond the Valley of Blue Rosebuds, Drain: Marrakesh – 3AM, Spacetime Continuum: Iform / Out Here, Skylab: These are the Blues, PGR: Microbes / Colorless, Deeper Than Space: Space Between, Heavenly Music Corporation: Octal, Phauss vs PGR: Lightyears from Divinity, Burning Sea: Embryonic Particle Evocation, Robert Rich: Animus / Whisper of Eden, Suspended Memories: The Sky Opens / Melting World, Kenneth Newby: Equinox / Odalan, Keiji Haino: What Stalking Fate! / My Only Friend,Fushitsusha: Pt. 1 (DSA), Art. Indust.: La Santa / Middle East of Nothing, Erez Jinno: I Claudius, Woob: Later, International Peoples Gang: Aeroplane, Qubism: Ghost of Catalonia / Under the Gun, David Toop: Bodies of Water, Carl Stone: Sudi Mampir

#129 3.4.96

(i) Pierre Boulez Conducts…

Olivier Messiaen: Couleurs de la Cite Celeste, Edgar Varese: Hyperprism, Pierre Boulez: Livre Pour Cordes, Alban Berg: Three Orchestral Pieces Op. 6

(ii) Around the World / All Over the Map

Bamboo Orchestra de Marseille: Visages D’Afrique / L’Eau, Ali Akbar Khan: Kheyal / Dhrupad, Bush Chemists: Watchful Dub / Roots, Rock, Reggae / Show Them the Way, Niney the Observer: Acoustic Dub / Fashion Dub / Live Dub, Hannibal: Libation Griot

#130 3.11.96

Jazz & Improvisation

David S. Ware Quartet: Interdao / Tao Above Sky, David Rosenboom / Anthony Braxton: Lineage, Pharoah Sanders Quartet: I Want to Talk About You, Freddie Hubbard: Caravan / Blues for Miles, Roy Haynes Quartet: Moon Ray, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: Circus, Dizzy Gillespie: Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac, Jon Corbett & Steve Done: The Acrobat / Square Midnight , British Saxophone Quartet: Early October (ex), Francois Houle & Marilyn Crispell: A Patch Sets / Every Time / Oblique / Provided I Could, Francois Houle Trio: Barscheit

#131 3.18.96

(i) Unearthed Treasures: Audience

Audience: Banquet / Waverly Stage Coach / Heaven Was an Island / Pleasant Convalescence / Leave it Unsaid / Man on Box (“Audience”) / Nothing You Do / It Brings a Tear / Raid (“Friend’s Friend’s Friend”) / House on the Hill / Nancy (“House on the Hill”) / In Accord / Thunder and Lightnin’ (“Lunch”)

(ii) The Big Mix

Foundland: Still / A Great Day / A Few More Survivors / Strange Event, Flaskkvartetten: Innocent / Don’t Surrender, Samla Mammas Manna: Fjarde Satsen, Bobby Previte: Turn the Corner / Gushing Sound, Thomas Almqvist: Traces of Pangea (4) / No Sense (4) / Conscious Dreams / Shadow of a Black Crow (8), Chris Meloche: Distant Rituals, Richard Bone: Zone / The Millenium Pages, Pete Namlook & Charles Uzzell-Edwards: Environmental San Francisco I / OM, Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell: Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn

#132 3.25.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Pharoah Sanders: Nozipho / Kumba, Carl Allen & Manhattan Projects:The Dark Side of Dewey, Cyrus Chestnut Trio: Duke Medley, Great Jazz Trio: Lover Man, Grand Central: Akili, Francois Houle Trio: Strange Attractors / Prayer / Cantor Dust, Talking Pictures: It Makes You Empty / Rat Race / Boing Boing / Continuity / In Motion, Charlie Haden Quartet West: Blue Pearl / Palo Alto, Jarek Smietana: As Good As Always / Blessing, Lee Konitz, Don Friedman & Attila Zoller: Joy for Joy

#133 4.1.96

Classical and Beyond

Earle Brown: Three Pieces / 25 Pages (David Arden), Luis de Pablo: Condicionado (Eberhard Blum), Tona Scherchen: “In” (Eberhard Blum), Meredith Monk: What Does it Mean? / Change, Arvo Part: Pari Intervallo for Organ,Lepo Sumera: Piece from the Year 1981, Erkki-Sven Tuur: Piano Sonata, Iannis Xenakis: Pleiades – Meteaux, Jon Leifs: Fine I, Witold Lutoslawski: Mi-parti, Sir Michael Tippett: String Quartet No. 3 – Third & Fourth Movement, Dmitri Shostakovich: Five Preludes (Franz & Debora Halasz) , Hildegard von Bingen: Honey and Milk Beneath Her Tongue / Ursula’s Virgins / The Devil’s Suggestion (Sinfonye)

#134 4.3.96 (1-3PM)

Jazz & Improvisation

John McLaughlin: Django / Thelonius Melodius, Crispell, Hauser, Kleeb, Leimgruber, Plenar: D, Rothenberg, Boone, Velez: On the Cliffs of the Heart, Benny Golson: Four, Bradfield, Centazzo, Chadbourne, Cora, Kondo, Zorn: First Environment for Sextet (ex) / Improvviso III, Clarence Gatemouth Brown: The Blues Walk, Francois Houle & Marilyn Crispell: Song for Jeanne Lee / Oblique / Provided I Could / Every Time, Francois Houle Trio: Prayer / For Clayoquot, Michael Shrieve: Crocodile / Stellar Rays, Trilok Gurtu: Watapa, Tim Berne’s Bloodcount: Bloodcount, Paul Motian Trio: Abacus, Double Jeu Trio: Crotales / Funny Jokes, Scholl, Erismann, Niggli & Frith, Koch Kowald: Give the Cat a Fish / Poppy Cock, Daniel Binelli: Preludio y Candombe

# 135 4.8.96

(i) The Big Mix

Subtropic: Marauding Mo / No Pain No Gain / The M.H.T. / Sauce, Sounds from the Ground: Loaf / Triangle / Over There, Higher Intelligence Agency: Skank, Another Fine Day: In 7, Spacetime Continuum: Oracle, Insanity Sect: Solar Prophet (“Three A.D.”), Andy Summers: Umbrellas Over Java, Bernard Fort: Fractals, Lucid Dreams: False Awakenings / Dream Control & Erotic Possibilities / Health Warning, Pete Namlook & Robert Gorl: Perfect Body, Pete Namlook & Burhan Ocal: Yenilik / Gel Gor…

(ii) Around the Globe / All Over the Map

The Disciples: Dub Revolution, Testament: Genesis Dub, Scarab: Mountain of Hadith (“Dub Revolution”), Digital K: Piano Dub / Madd Slow Dub, Mikey Dread: Cover Dub / Womanizer Dubstract, Rafael Jimenez: Viejando,Askill, Cleworth, Lagos & Piper: Moon Over Water, Rothenberg, Boone, Velez: Tales of the Big Drum / Prelude to the Dance of the Dervish

#136 4.15.96

Classical and Beyond

Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 13 – Career, Witold Lutoslawski: Symphony No. 3 – Vivo & Poco Lento, Alban Berg: Wozzeck – Act 4 Scene 5 (Met Orch/Levine), Jon Gibson: Thirties (ex), Charlemagne Palestine: Strumming Music (ex), Takashi Yoshimatsu: Threnody to Toki, Op. 12, Shulamit Ran: Inscriptions – Second Movement, Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 9 (Curtis Macomber) / Synchronisms No. 6 (Aleck Karis), James Primosch: Secret Geometry – Nocturne, Milton Babbitt: Reflections (ex), David Sanford: Chamber Concerto No. 3 – Third Movement, Eric Moe: Kicking and Screaming – Third Movement Wilfried Kratzschmar: 2. Sinfonie “Explosionen und Cantus”

#137 4.22.96

Unearthed Treasures

Syndicats: Leave My Kitten Alone, The In Crowd: Stop Wait a Minute / You’re on Your Own, Steve Howe: So Bad, Keith West: Excerpt from a Teenage Opera / The Visit / She, Tomorrow: My White Bicycle / Real Life Permanent Dream / Revolution / Blow Up / Three Jolly Little Dwarfs / Strawberry Fields Forever, Bodast: Nether Street, Druid: Voices / Theme / Painters Clouds / FM 145, Toe Fat: Bad Side of the Moon / Just Like all the Rest / Indian Summer / A New Way, Mungo Jerry: You Don’t Have to be in the Army/ Pigeon Stew / Give Me Love / Open Up / She’s Gone / My Girl and Me / Lady Rose

#138 4.29.96

Music of Cluster

Cluster: Umleitung / Zum Wohl (“Sowiesoso”) / Avanti / Breitengrad 20 (“Grosses Wasser”), Cluster & Eno: Ho Renimo / Di Bunge (“Cluster & Eno) / The Belldog / Tzima N’Arki (“After the Heat”), Moebius & Plank: News / Feedback 66 / Nordostliches Gefuhl (“Rastakraut Pasta” / “Material”), Moebius, Plank & Neumeier: Pitch Control (“Zero Set”), Moebius: Contramio / Nervos (“Tonspuren”), Moebius & Beerbohm: Minimotion / Doppelschnitt (ex)(“Double Cut”), Roedelius: Regenmacher (“Durch Die Wuste”) / Wenn der Sudwind Weht / Auf Leisen Sohlen (“Wenn der Sudwind Weht”) / Lustwandel / Betrachtung (“Lustwandel”)

#139 5.6.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Di Castri, Fresu, Balke, Favre: Mandarin Rap #1 / Monday, Joe Maneri Quartet: The New Clock / Slip / The Middle, Newton, Horstmann, Rothbrust + Muetter: Cross-eyed / Bushy-taled / Human Beings, Sainkho Namchylak & Ned Rothenberg: First Dance / Low & Away, Ivano Torre: Scirocco, Lacy, Aebi & Rzewski: Do Not Judge Me Lightly #2, Joe Fonda/Michael Jefry Stevens Group: Soon to Know / Song for Rich, Jimmy McGriff & Hank Crawford Quartet: The Sermon / Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Jeff Palmer: Loop Hole / Five Fingers (Island Universe), Matthew Shipp: Harmonic Oscillator / Temperate Zone / Self Regulated Motion, Michael Horstein: Lucy, the Cat / Greenhorn, Larry Ochs: The Secret Magritte Pt. 3, Anthony Braxton: No. 144 & 145 (ex)

#140 5.13.96

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Titus Groan: Hall of Bright Carvings / Liverpool / I Can’t Change, Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy: Everythings Nothing / Tunion / Bars / Optimism / Touch Downer, CMU: Voodoo Man / Slow and Lonesome Blues / Clown / Open Spaces, Leafhound: With a Minute to Go / Growers of Mushroom / Sad Road to the Sea, Hardin & York: Tomorrow Today / Candlelight / If I Could Join Them / Little Miss Blue / Find Myself Again, Tomorrow: Claremont Lake,Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: Faultline / Chariots of Fire, Curlew: Moonlake / Barking

#141/142 5.20.96 (7 – 11 PM)

(i) 14th Annual Swedish Music Day

Groupa: Vals Par Sne, Anders Bergcrantz Quartet: In This Together, Anders Jormin: Sofala, Joakim Milder: Remains, Krister Andersson Quartet: Forever Now, Whenever, Fredrik Noren Band: Helenas Song, Borje Fredriksson: Mahatma, Gunnar Bergsten: Lover Man, Georg Riedel Ensemble: Nar Jag Var en Bondedrang, Jan Johansson Quintet: I Fjol sa Gick… (“Adventures in Jazz and Folklore”), Jorgen Pettersson: Trio Sol, Trio Con X & Friends: Dagen D, Ole Lutzow-Holm: Blind Evidence, Karin Rehnqvist: Davids Nimm, Lars Sandberg: Om-Fattning, Ingvar Lidholm: Rites – Epilogue, Eva Dahlgren & Anders Hillborg: Kvall, Kent Olofsson: The Line of Confusion

(ii) The Big Mix

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings: Yamantaka / Solar Winds (“Yamantaka”) / Blue Sheep / Through the Ice (“The Bells of Sh’ang Sh’ung”) / Shadows & Distances / Astral Plane (“Tibetan Bells II”) / Spacelights / Starfires (“Tibetan Bells III”), Autechre: Vletrmx21 / Gnit / Overand / Rsdio, Underworld: Pearl’s Girl / Bluski, The Hearing Trumpet: Abduction Enigma, Thierry Lancino: Alondi – Oh, Si Dormire, Tamas Ungvary: Gipsy Children’s Giant Dance (Computer Music Currents 13), John Russell, Glen Capra etc...: Pastoral (“Network Vol. 2”), Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark: Palace of Dreams, Zeus Faber: Below, Phew: Doze / Circuit, Ulan Bator: Haupstadt, Hans-Joachim Roedelius: Klangbild #1 (“Sinfonia Contempora No. 1”) / Nackt / Wie Gewonen (“Tace!”) / Dran Bleiben / Wer Sucht… (“Fruhling”), Sapho’s Fist: Bird Ladders / Disturbance Pulse, DJ Spooky: Hologrammic Dub / Anansi Abstrakt,Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell: African Virus

(iii) Around the Globe / Al Over the Map

“Fong Naam – Ancient Contemporary Music from Thailand”, “Music of Cambodia”, “Music of Vietnam”, Mychael & Jeff Danna: “A Celtic Tale”, Barenboim, Mederos, Console: “Mi Buenos Aires Querido”, Wajahat Khan & Sukhvinder Singh: Rag Yaman Kalyan

(iv)Mad Mix

Michael Rose: Selassie Divinity / Hair Trigger / African Safety, Lydia Lunch: Universal Infiltrator (ex), MX-80 Sound: White Night / Frankie I’m Sorry, Dream Syndicate: Lucky / When You Smile , Glen Branca: You Got Me,Scissor Girls: A Dedication to Cronies and Goats, Wharton Tiers: Lasmo / Spring Training, John Myers: Flifire / Perception

#143 5.27.96

Classical and Beyond

Stephen Scott: Vikings of the Sunrise (ex), Werner Heider: Gong Game (Cabaza Percussion Quartet), Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 7 (Taneyev Quartet), Paul Hindemith: Streichquartet Nr. 3 Op. 16 – Finale, Igor Stravinsky: Three Pieces for String Quartet (Tokyo String Quartet), Eric Satie: Quatre Petites Melodies (1920) (3) / Le Veuf (1), Robert Simpson: Michael Tippett, His Mystery (Raymond Clarke), John Dowland: My Lady Hunnsdons Puffe / Suzanna Galliard / Mounsieur’s Almaine, Gyorgy Ligeti: Chromatische Phantasie, Alfred Schnittke: Symphony No. 7 – Allegro, Darius Milhaud: Saudades do Brasil, Hildegard von Bingen: Red River Falling (Sinfonye), Rajmil Fischman: Sin Los Cuatro, John Adams: Shaker Loops (III & IV), Erwin Schulhoff: Ogelala (ex), Edgar Varese: Octandre (Ensemble das neue werk Hamburg)(“Music of the Twenties”) (7), George Crumb: La Luna esta Muerta… (Dawn Upshaw) (3),

#144 6.3.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Franklin Kiermyer: Kairos, Anthony Braxton: Black Nile / Countdown (Solo Piano (Standards) 1995), Anthony Braxton: Scene 2(B) (Composition No. 173), Tiziana Ghiglioni: Mingus Memory / Virtuale… (Sings Gaslini), World Saxophone Quartet: Sangara (Four Flow), Pascal Comelade: El Cabaret Galactic (ex), Tim Berne’s Bloodcount: Eye Contact (ex), Ghost-in-the-Machine (w/Evan Parker): Hipawl / Radio Djibouti, Collective 4tet: Breakthrough / Toy Dance, AMA Jazz: Castles in the Air / PPP, Moscow Composers Orchestra: March of the Animals (ex), James Bond & His Sextet: James Bond Theme, Jack (Bongo) Burger: Mambo Burger, Christian McBride: Whirling Dervish / Divergence (9), Richie Beirach Trio: Trust / Rectilinear, John Cage: Imaginary Landscape No. 5 (feat. Anthony Braxton), Howard Riley: Straight, No Chaser (w/Jaki Byard) / Feathers, The Lazonby Group: War All the Time (Pt. 2) / Mass (Pt. 2), Bill Frisell Quartet: Tales from the Far Side

#145 6.10.96

The Big Mix

Kluster: Zwei-Osterei Pt. 2, Carl Stone: Nyala Pt. 4, Waveform Transmission: V1.4 / V 1.5, E.C.M.: Kopfschussdynamik, Illusion of Safety: Cracks Appear, Hands To: Remembering, Beequeen: Atem (“Guru Means Slayer of Darkness”), Lucky People Center: To the Space / Sundance / It’s Good for You / Dream Machine, Naid: Blastjarnan / Somewhere Down Below / Modir, Obconic: No Zero Crossings / Thitoon Spud/ EscaLIFT, B12: VOID-Comm / Gimp / DB5, Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue: Stranded on Riegel 3 / Innouecent and Sirius, Pete Namlook & Atom Heart: Calm Box, VeloCette: Incendiary Twinkling in an Eye / Baal / Madras / Voda I (EP), John Cage: Imaginary Landscape No. 4, Krishna Das: Hara Hara Mahaadeva, Boud Deun: Sleeping Again (5) / Calvin’s Lost His Head Again (3), Mind Gallery: Vertigo / The Last Drop / Thru the Cracks, Trance Mission: Monkfish / In Frog Pyjamas / The Sun Cries, Paul Schutze: Seribu Aso, Voice of Eye: Siddharta, Robert Rich: Starmaker, Ancient Future: Mezgoof / Sunda Straits

#146 6.17.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Franklin Kiermyer: John’s Mode, Talib Kibwe: Joy Spring, Chris Tarry Group: Trinity, Dennis Mitcheltree: The Dorian Menace / Turn the Corner, Guillermo Gregorio: Caution, Christian Wolfarth: 11 / 14 / 16, William Parker: Holiday for Hypocrites / Goggles, Dave Holland Quartet: The Winding Way / Dream of the Elders, Italian Instabile Orchestra: Skies of Europe (ex) / Il Maestro Muratore (ex), Pierre Favre: Snow / En Passant, Ralph Towner: Trill Ride / Flying Cows, Joshua Breakstone: Grantstand / Green’s Greenery

#147 6.24.96

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Guru Guru: Girl Call / Next Time, Nico: Saeta / We’ve Got the Gold, Third Ear Band: Earth (ex) / Water (ex) / Overture / Court Dance / Wicca Way, Groundhogs: Split – Part 2 / Cherry Red, Deep Purple the Orchestra of the Light Music Society: Gemini Suite – Third Movement, Mandalaband: Dawn of a New Day / Elsethia / Funeral of the King / Coronation of Damien, Trettioariga Kriget: Andra Sidan / Krigssang / Natten Som Alltid, Folk & Rackare: Vanner och Franner / Inga Litimor / Harpans Kraft, Elliott Sharp: Carbon / Loisaida / Irreversibility, Mars: 3-E / 11,000 Volts

#148/149 7.1.96

(i) Classical and Beyond

Gerhard Muller-Hornbach: Trio, Galina Ustvolskaya: Concerto for Piano, String Orchestra and Timpani, Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Sonata No. 1 (Colin Stone), Violeta Dinescu: When Joyful Tears Flow , Charles Mason: I Feel the Fell of the Dark, Tim Brady: Three or Four Days After the Death of Kurt Cobain, Henri Posseur: Impromptu et Variations II (David Tudor), Christian Wolff: Duo for Pianists (David Tudor), Ernstalbrecht Stiebler: Sequenz II, Minstrelsy: “Songs and Dances of the Renaissance & Baroque” (excerpts), Henry Purcell: King Arthur – Overture & Air, New York Ensemble for Early Music: Istanpitta, Alvin Curran: For Cornelius (Yvar Mikhashoff)

(ii)Big Mix

Tetsu Inoue: Inter Link / Elevator Drops / Inevitable Colour, Higher Intelligence Agency: Elapse / Hubble, Lux Nova (Bobby DeVito): My Time / In Memory…, Holger Czukay: Longing for Daydreams / Floatspace, Hans-Joachim Roedelius: The Bambuswind / Beyond Crimson Bridge, Petros Theodorou: Little Philip’s Dreaming / Pink Dots / Ritual, S.E.T.I.: Cobalt / Pryaer, Silk Saw:Broadcast Trouble / Calling NY , Chris Watson: River Mara at Night / A Passing View / Sunsets / The Forest Path, Scanner: Safety, Deadstock: Octarine (“Textures”), Joi: Everybody Say Yeah, Shamen: MK2A (“Technology Alert!”), Single Cell Orchestra: Kudowbuz / Transmit Liberation, Pete Namlook: Secret Heritage: Inauguration (“Air III”), Unitone HiFi: Rubbadub, Digidub: Ichi (incoming! promo), John Loose: The Wind on My Back, Kenneth Newby: For a Pavillion of Wind… (“Event Horizon”), Ryoji Ikeda: What’s Wrong / Test No. 1, Dumb Type: Passport Control / Trans-Limit (“Atomic Weight”), Towering Inferno: Prayer / Memory / Not Me, De La Guarda: Papel / Globos / Tablones / La Lona, Hector Zazou: I’ll Stangle You (instrumental),Strange Attractor: Golden Gate / Luxor,

#150 7.8.96

(i) Unearthed Treasures

Mark Wirtz: “A Teenage Opera” (complete) featuring Keith West, Tomorrow, Kippington Lodge a.o.

(ii) Music of Morton Feldman

(ii) Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 13

Morton Feldman: Only / Voice, Violin and Piano / Vertical Thoughts 5 / For Franz Kline / Voices and Cello / Piano and Voices (Joan La Barbara, Ralph Grierson, Erica Duke Kirkpatrick, San Francisco Music Players/Stephen Mosco)

#151 7.15.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Charlie Haden: Song for Che, Max Roach: Lonesome Lover (feat. Abbey Lincoln), Katia Labeque: We Will Meet Again (w/Chic Corea), Bobo Stenson Trio: The Enlightener, Peter Madsen: Hodge Podge, Phil Woods Quintet: Azure, Elmo Hope: A Night in Tunisia / Roll On, Hans Dulfer/Herbert Noord 4-tet: The Troubleshooter, Tomasz Stanko: Mintuu Maria, Ranee Lee: Angel Eyes / Nice and Easy, Klaus Konig: Mission to the Stars / Harry Laughs Still, Hans Kennel: Un Poco Troppo / Numinous / La Nuit, Peter Scharli: Madonna, Philippe Micol: Language at Work, Michel Wintsch: Gob & Del, Jonas Hellborg/Sharwn Lane/Apt. Q-258: Temporal Analogues of Paradise (Mvt. 1)

#152 7.22.96

Brit-Folk: Music of Steeleye Span

Steeleye Span: The Blacksmith / Fisherman’s Wife / Twa Corbies / One Night As I Lay on My Bed (“Hark the Village Wait”) / Cold, Haily, Windy Night / Jigs: Bryan O’Lynn & Hag with the Money / False Night on the Road (“Please to See the King”) / Jigs: Paddy Clancey’s Jig & Willie Clancey’s Fancy / Captain Coulston / Wee Weaver (“Ten Man Mop”) / Spotted Cow / Jigs: The Bride’s Favorite & Tansey’s Fancy / Saucy Sailor (“Below the Salt”) / One Misty Moisty Morning / Alison Gross / Robbery with Violins / Cam Ye O’er Frae France (“Parcel of Rogues”) / Thomas the Rhymer / Seven Hundred Elves / Edwin (“Now We Are Six”) / Black Jack Davy / All Around My Hat / The Wife of Ushers Well / Sum Waves (“All Around My Hat”) / Blackleg Miner / (“Back in Line”) Tam Lin (“Tonight’s the Night – Live”) / The Prickly Bush / The Old Maid in the Garrett / Corbies (“Time”)

#153 7.29.96

The Big Mix

Lucky People Center: Ubuuntu / Get Up / It’s Still Cloudy in Saudi Arabia, Kong: Earthing, Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble & DJ Spooky: Black Djinn Trance (“War Smash Hits”), Dark Matter: Garden of Earthly Delights / Past Zero Time, Kluster: Klopfzeichen Pt. 2 / #3, Future Sound of London: Papua New Guinea (Hamish McDonald mix) / It’s Not My Problem / Central Industrial, Eliane Radigue: Biogenesis, Ralf Wehowsky: Nameless Victims, Daniel Biro: Beba in White / Soho Square Pt. II, Pops Mohamed: Communal Well / Mbira Jive, Ray Russell: Outland, Infinity Project: When Sound Becomes Colour / Flute Line, Bill Laswell’s Sacred System: Dread Iternal / Galactic Zone , Llwybr Llaethog: Ai Bod Dub / Rhyfel, Robert Rich: Calling By Stormlight / Buoyant on Motionless Deluge, Michael Stearns: Elysian E / Morning, Hearing Trumpet: “Collected Stories” (cs), Robin Rimbaud: Dimension / Through Seven Doors / Brittle, Bisk: Wiggler / Bit 2 / Gloomy, Shea, Rimbaud, Hampson: Untitled 1 / Untitled 2, CM Von Hausswolff: Conductor / Life & Death of PBOC / Will of Tupi-Tupi / Royal Music #1 , David Cunningham: Canta (“Century XXI UK”), Jocelyn Pook: Oppenheimer (“Century XXI UK”), John Stanley: Spire (“Century XXI UK”), Glenn Branca: Lesson No. 1, Omar Faruk Tekbilek: Magic of the Evening / Mystical Garden, Matthew Doyle: Rock Engraving / In the Forest / Cave Drawings, Rabih Abou-Khalil: Arabian Waltz / No Visa, Vladimir Ivanoff & L’Orient Imaginaire: “Labyrinth” / “Yehudi”

#154 8.5.96

Classical and Beyond

Jeremy Peyton Jones: Wardance II / Purcell Manoeuvres No. 4, Alfred Schnittke: Symphony No. 1 – Lento (Russian State SO/Rozhdestvensky), Luciano Berio: Corale (Irvine Arditti), John Tavener: Eis Thanaton – Pt. 3 (City of London Sinfonia/Hickox), Scott Johnson: Cold War Suite (Kronos Quartet, “Howl USA”), Emilio Pujol: Guajira (David Parsons, guitar), Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 6 – Allegretto (Sibelius Academy Quartet),Shulamit Ran: Sonatina (Mary Stolper, flute), Olivier Messiaen: La Nativite du Seigeur – VIII Les Mages / La Banquet Celeste / Le Corpes Glorieux – Subtilite des Corps Glorieux (Rudolph Innig, organ), Erik Satie: Parade (Merlet, Armengaud, pianos)), Jos Kunst: Exterieur / Expulsion

#155 8.12.96

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Kevin Ayers: May I / Rheinhardt & Geraldine / Colores Para Dolores / Shooting at the Moon, The Move: Message from the Country / It Wasn’t My Idea to Dance / The Minister, Mungo Jerry: Baby Jump / My Friend / She Rowed,Ritchie Blackmore: Bike Beat Pt. 2 (Rally Rounders) / Go On Then (Gunilla Thorne) / Getaway (RB Orchestra) / Shake With Me (Outlaws), Tommy Bolin: Shake the Devil (live) / Wild Dogs (acoustic) / San Francisco (live),Spencer Davis Group: Catch You On the Rebop / Gimme Some Lovin’ / Living in a Back Street / After Tea / Time Seller / Letters from Edith, National Health: Lethargy Shuffle Pt. 2 / Croquette for Electronic Beating Group / The Towplane & the Glider, Incredible String Band: When the Music Starts to Play / Way Back in the 1960’s / The Half Remarkable Question

#156 8.19.96

Jazz & Improvisation (and some Blues, too)

Steve Kuhn: The Rain Forest / Bittersweet Passages, Peter Erskine: Episode / Woodcocks, Glenn Ferris Trio: Face Lift / Lord Hanuman, Odean Pope Trio: Gone Now / Trilogy, Di Castri, Fresu, Balke, Favre: Suenos, George Lewis & Douglas Ewart: The Imaginary Suite – Charon, Eric Felten: Paul’s Interlude, James Jabbo Ware: A Chant for Ya Ya, Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Black Saint and Sinner Lady (Pt4) / Hommage a Mingus, Roy Ayers Ubiquity: In a Silent Way, Elliott Sharp: All Your Love / That Collins Thing, Dave Soldier: Clouds in my Heart / Sugar Momma, Philippe Micol: Responsing Without Question / After the Dead Lapse of Time, Michel Wintsch: Duvida / Bosions & Fermions, Peter Scharli: Ndinderere / Mondtage B, Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 173 – Closing Music

#157 8.26.96

Classical and Beyond

Peter Scott Lewis: Sun Music – Open Air, Louis Andriessen: Elegie (Altena, vn Henegouwen), Thomas Tallis: Antiphon: Gloria tibi Trinitas/ Hymn: Iste Confessor… , Krzysztof Penderecki: The Dream of Jacob (“A Polish Requiem”) , Arnold Schoenberg: Quintet Op. 26 – Rondo (Houston Symphony Chamber Players), Paul Bowles: 6 Preludes (Gustavo Romero), Harald Sæverud: Kjempevise-slatten (Stavanger SO, Dmitriev), Lena Jacobson: “Lute Book” works (“Court and Dance Music”) , Steve Martland: Re-Mix (“Century XXI UK”), Michael Nyman: Waltz (“Century XXI UK”), Nicholas Wilson: Darwin (“Century XXI UK”), Alfred Schnittke: Septet – Chorale, Augusta Read Thomas: Meditation for Trombone and Orchestra (Christian Lindberg)(“American Trombone Concertos Vol. 2”), Giacinto Scelsi: Sonate No. 4 – 3rd Mvt (4) / Suite No. 11 – Mvt 11 & 12 (7) (Johan Bossers, piano), Minstrelsy: “Veni O Cara” (selections), New York Ensemble for Early Music: “Istanpitta II” (selections)

#158/159 9.2.96 (7-11PM)

Pt. I: Big Mix / Pardon My Dub

Futique: He Can Get There / One Up / Dimitra’s Bedroom, Pete Namlook & Rob Gordon: The Hunt, Pete Namlook & Dandy Jack: Strahl / Tale of the Experi-Men, David Moufang: Cymbelin / HD 800, Sympletic: Ace Space / In Your Mind, John Cage: Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegan’s Wake, Pierre Henry: La Ville, Die Stadt, David Torn: Spell Breaks with the Weather / Each Prince, to His Kingdom, Must Labor to Go / … til You Are Free,Spiral Realms: Cysyrgy / 1000 Years Under Solar Sails, James Bong: Mr. Kiss Kiss Bong Bong (“Frosty”), Robert Ashley: Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon / She Was A Vistor, Paul Dresher: Liquid and Stellar Music / Water Dreams, Red Snapper: 3 Strikes and You’re Out / Get Some Sleep Tiger / The Last One, Azukx: Earth Chakra, Astralasia: Tantric Afterglow, Freak-Quency Generator: Plexus Energy Flow (“The Chakra Journey”), Teknicolour: Take 5, Datacide: Flashback Signal / Deep Chair, A Produce: The Golden Needle / Choir of Industry / Empty Pause, Alpha & Omega: Rastafari / Warrior / Conscious Black Woman, The Scarab: Dub Life, Kraftwelt: Presence,Mental Generation: Cafe Del Mar (“Ambient Way to Dub”), Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers: Painstaker, Voice of Authority: Technical Miracle, Playgroup: Deep and Mintyful (“In Dub Daze”), Mute Beat: Dub No. 5 (Take 5) / Break a Road / Landscape, Glen Brown: Molasses / Sweet Sweet / Clesiness Dub, King Tubby & Professor: Lets Live in Love / Sound Boy Fights for Dub

Pt. II: Jazz & Improvisation

Ornette Coleman: Sound Museum / Biosphere / Home Grown, Don Byron Quintet: WRU / Tuskegee Strutter’s Ball, Joe Morris Ensemble: Plexus / Mind’s Eye, Jan Garbarek: Red Wind / The Arrow / The Scythe, Mandy Fox & Hara: Missing / Zoodat, Cyrus Chestnut Trio: Blues for Nita / Amazing Grace / Jazzmine’s Island, Mal Waldron: Footprints / Jean Pierre, Carla Bley: Wrong Key Donkey / Chicken

#160 9.9.96

(beginning of 10PM time slot)

Classical and Beyond

Anthony Rooley: “The Scyence of Lutynge”, Eric Satie: Vieux Sequins… / Peccadilles Importunes (Claude Pieplu, Pierre Armengaud), Daniel Bortz: Parodos (Royal Stockholm PO/Rozhdestvensky), Benjamin Britten: String Quartet No. 3 – Rectative & Passacaglia (Sorrel Quartet), Michael Tippett: Piano Sonata No. 3 – Allegro Energico (Nicholas Unwin), Einojuhani Rautavaara: Angel of Light – Tranquillo (Ondine), Sommernatten (Danish National Radio Choir)(“Nordic Light”), William Byrd: Mass for Five Voices Kyrie / Offertory, Robert Johnson: Benedicam Deo, Pierre de la Rue: Missa de Sancta Anna – Lectio I / Lectio III, Bela Bartok: Violin Concerto No. 1 – Allegro Giocoso (Czech PO, Pesek), Giya Kancheli: Abii ne Viderem, “Music of Armenia Vol. 3: Duduk”

#161 9.16.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Graham Connah’s Sour Note Six: Faustina / Noodle Call, Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble: D.C. / Adam’s Garden Sketch / Kablooey, John Surman: Off-shore Piper / Double Tripper / Promising Horizons, Terje Rypdal: Foran Peissen / Genie, Don Cherry: Fort Cherry / Race Face, Carl Allen & Manhattan Projects: Be-Bop / Lotus Blossom, Contemporary Piano Ensemble: Fond Times With Junior / Newborn Spirit, Anthony Wonsey: Inception), Steve Lacy & Mal Waldron: Snake Out / Round Midnight

#162 9.23.96

The Big Mix / Pardon My Dub

SETI: Fragment.04 / Fragment.06 / First Fragment, James Plotkin & Mick Harris: Collision / Drench / Dissolve, Legion of Green Men: Ashes Rolling Over / The Philospher’s Stone (pt. 2) / External Opuscule #55, Speedy J: G Spot / Ping Pong / Fill 25, Aphex Twin: Girl/Boy Song / Milkman / Beatles Under My Carpet, Mike Ink: Paroles, Killing Joke: Democracy, Keiichi Suzuki: Satellite Serenade, Yello: You Gotta Say Yes…, Ready Made: Ambient State (“Auntie Aubrey… The Orb Remix Project”), Unitone HiFi: Boxing (L.D.P.) / F-Roti / Wickidness Increased / Lonely + Sad / Unitone Theme (Unidromed mix) / Guiding Star (Manasseh dub mix), Nonplace Urban Field: Chilled #6 / L is an Accident / Nuf Luf / Whimp / Nike Air, Digidub: Midnight Dub / Bankman, Cosa: This Thing of Ours / Digging Malokite, Cee-Mix: Sex-or-Bit / Shifter, Bass Odyssey: The Power of Dub, Asian Dub Foundation: Tu Meri (“Serenity Dub 1.1”), Rapoon: Bol Baya, Scanner: Shift + Draw, Cosa Nostra: This Thing of Ours (“Serenity Dub 2.1”), Transcend: 2006, Drome: H-Fanatic (“Serenity Dub 3.1”), Eolovox: Sine’s Dub, North Pacific Drift: Tel Aviv Deepdub, Pro-Seed: Dommatosk (“Serenity Dub 4.1”), “Sacred Ceremonies Vol. 3”, Cozmic Corridors: The Summit / Mountainside / Daruber, Galactic Explorers: Lunarscape / Venus Rising

#163 9.30.96

Classical and Beyond

Milton Babbitt: None But the Lonely Flute / Beaten Paths (Group for Contemporary Music) / On Having Been and Still Being an American Composer (Babbitt reading), Leif Segerstam: Flowerbouquette No. 43E (Danish National RSO), Bela Bartok: Violin Sonata No. 2 (Ensemble Villa Musica), Othmar Schoeck: Movement for String Quartet (Minguet Quartett), Muaricio Kagel: … nach einer Lekture von Orwell (ex) , Friedrich Schenker: Commedia per Musica – Finale, Andre Volonsky: Serenade pour un Insecte / Musica Stricta – 4th Mvt., Jos Kunst: Insecten (cassette), Alfred Schnittke: Piano Quintet – Moderato Pastorale (Penderecki Quartet, Notochenny) , Astor Piazzolla: Concerto Pour Bandoneon, Sofia Gubaidulina: Silenzio – Mvt 5 (Kremer / Kremerata), Alberto Ginestera: String Quartet No. 3 – Mvt. 4 & 5, Charles Ives: Choral (Quartet Tone Piece for Two Pianos) (Lubimov, Aimard)

#164 10.7.96

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Edgar Broughton Band: Why Can’t Somebody Love Me / Death of an Electric Citizen / Neptune , Kissing Spell: Los Parajos / Yellow Moon / Cerraron Sus Ojos / Tears of a Chord, Ray Dorset: Got to Be Free / Time is Now / Help Your Friends / Nightime, Sundial: Red Sky / Fly Into the Sun, Golem: Orion Awakes / Stellar Lunch, Julie Grant: Lonely Sixteen / Up on the Roof / Every Day I Have to Cry / Giving Up / Stop , Twinkle: Terry / Golden Lights / A Lonely Singing Doll / Unhappy Boy, Timi Yuro: Hurt / Count Everything / What’s A Matter Baby / I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More / Something Bad on My Mind, Duo Sonare: Tubular Bells (ex)

#165/166 10.14.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Graham Connah Group: More of the Same… / Hasty Crawl, Jack Walrath & Hard Corps: Butt, Miroslav Vitous & Jan Garbarek: Forthcoming / Atmos, Ornette Coleman: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman / Soap Suds, Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri: Three Men Walking / To Anne’s Eyes / Arc and Point, Matthew Shipp Duo (w/Roscoe Mitchell): 2-Z-2 / 2-Z-4 / 2-Z-5 / 2-Z-9, Secret Passion Orchestra: Wait Until Dark – Teil 2 (ex) / Teil 4,Debris: Behind a Rolling Ball Comes a Running Child / Rear Window Defogger / Desk, Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra: Giant Steps, Jayne Cortez & the Firespitters: Bumblebee, You Saw Big Mama / Blues Bop for Diz / Nobody Knows a Thing

Tying Up Loose Ends

Hoven Droven: Grovhalling / Tjangel / LP-Schottis, Peter Blegvad: That’ll Be Him Now / Just Woke Up / White / Bared Bard, Far End Din: Transom Entries / Shaman’s Lament / But You Were There, FleshQuartet: Evil, Scala: Naked / Torn, John Cale: Crazy Egypt / Circus / Gatorville & Points East, Frank Zappa: Lather / Filthy Habits, Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle: Let Your Banjo Ring / Man Gone Down, The Albion Band: Ragged Heroes / Lay Me Down, John Kirkpatrick Band: The Gas Almost Works / The Swirling Serpent, Michael Askill: Omphalo Centric Lecture / Marimba Dances, Outernational Meltdown: Amagoduka / Marimba Song / Bongani’s Theme

#167 10.21.96

Big Mix / Pardon My Dub

David Tudor: Pulsers / Phonemes, David Behrman: On the Other Ocean / Figure in a Clearing, Joseph Celli & Jin Hi Kim: Baccalau Trio, David First: Contact / Gallop, Badawi: Suspicious Dub / Lack of Dub to the Brain / Chamber of Dub, Dietrich Schoenemann: Who’s a Patient, Omicron: Nightfall, Selway: When the Sky Opens Out for You, Terre Thaemlitz: A Random Tractor, Escape Tank: Room 9 (“Ambient Systems II”), Steve Roach, Stephen Kent & Kenneth Newby: Halcyon Days / Rainfrog Dreaming, Michael Whalen: Passages, Martin Archer: Field System / Cold Dark Deep Forever / Telecottage, Holy Language: Fireplace, General Magic: Thaw Fridge,Deep Space Network: Snow Bunker (“Berlin Unwrapped”), Legion of Green Men: Synsptic Reversed, “Music of Armenia Vol. 4 – Kanon”, The Brain: Precambrian Shuffle / Web / Dimensions Unmeasurable, Surface 10: Moment / 137 Lost / Shapeless Friend, Roger Eno: In Water (5) / Little Things Let Behind (3) / Aryis (3), Harold Budd: Mandan / Djinn / Poryphry / How Dark the Response…, Bob Ostertag: Periwinkle, Material with Graham Haynes: Turn the Screw, Material with Byard Lancaster: Active Code (“Tetragramaton – Submerge”) , Geno White: Army of the Gone / Skin Risk, Bon (Lozaga): Undertow / Still a Dreamer / Of Sound Mind, Stellamara: Zephyrus, Stephan Micus: To the Evening Child, Ali Akbar Khan: Guru Bandana (“Trance Planet Volume 3”), Steve Roach & Sarah Hopkins: Atmosphere for Dreaming / Darktime, Steve Roach: The Breathing Stone / Slow Turning, Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny & Michael Stearns: Flatlands / Desert Solitaire, David Hudson: Aircave / Bali Doo / New Beginning

#168 10.28.96

Classical and Beyond

Philip Glass: Music in Twelve Parts (mega-mix), Alexander Mosolov: Deux Nocturnes Op. 15, Henri Dutilleux: There Was Nothing But Torn Trunks / Metaboles (National Orch. of France, Rostropovich), Erkki-Sven Tuur: Architectonics I, Harry Partch:17 Lyrics of Li Po (ex), John Dowland: “Complete Lute Works Vol. 3” (ex), Andreas Scholl & Andreas Martin: “English Folksongs and Lute Songs” (ex), Toyohiko Satoh: “Style Brisé” (ex),Germaine Tailleferre: Romance (Marcelo Bratke), Francis Poulenc: Mouvements Perpetuels (Marcelo Bratke) , Alfred Schnittke: Voices of Nature (Danish Nat. Radio Choir, Gert Sorensen), Peter Lewy: Sunrise / Twilight Encounter / Sunset for 4 Cellos, Mark Winges: Freed From Words (DAT), Matthew H. Fields: Summer Mischief (Libor Dudas, harpsichord) (cs)

#169 11.4.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Sun Ra: “The Singles” (excerpts), Return to Forever: After the Cosmic Rain / Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy / Where Have I Known You Before, Christoph Baumann: Metorit / An Extended Bridge… (ex), Joe McPhee Quartet: July the 13th, Parker – Guy – Lytton: Then Paul Saw the Snake, Gregg Bendian Project: Riff(t)s (“CIMPosium”), John Scofield: Hold That Thought, Oluyemi Thomas & Gino Robair: Tone Soul (ex) / Advance / Checking with A & B, Bob Ostertag: Lavender / Ash, Original Memphis Five: Sob Sister Sadie, Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers: Black Bottom Stomp, King Oliver and His Orchestra: Struggle Buggy, Dizzy Gillespie: Manteca, Shorty Rogers and His Orchestra: Sweetheart of Sigmund Freud, Sonny Rollins: the Bridge, Zoot Sims Sextet: Toots Suite, Gary Burton: Careful, Mulgrew Miller: Waltz for Monk (“Body & Soul: 80 Years of RCA Victor Jazz”)

#170 11.11.96

The Big Mix

Tetsu Inoue: Slow and Low II, Time Merchant: Eveskaline, Terre Thaemlitz: Silent Passability, Human Mesh Dance: Rotating Mirror (“Distributed Shared Memory”), Aphex Twin: Peek / Goongumpas / Logan Rock Witch,Fingerpaint: Enormous Expansion / Imaginary Landscape #1, Elodie Lauten: Retreat / Encounter / Return, Randy Crafton: “Duologue”, Russell Mills: Blood is Climbing / How Safe is Deep? / Her 200 Bones, Gas: Vapournaut,Beatsystem: The Harmonic Sewer, Bad Data: Notation Problem, “Emit 2296”, O Yuki Conjugate: Odomankoma / Flute Cloud / Suspicion, Gregory Whitehead: “Dead Letters”, Normally Invisible: Keep Calling / Clockwork / Colt 45, Dogon: Feathers / Pangaea, Robert Normandeau: Tangram, Stephane Roy: Crystal Music, Francis Dhomont: Il Ritorno, Ellen Fullman: Change of Direction, Alan Lamb: Primal Image, Darren Copeland: Maritime Vision,Maryanne Amacher: KARYON, Elliott Sharp: Klystron (“Storm of Drones”), Rhythm & Noise: Cellar M / Filamant in Strata / Spyral I, Paul Haslinger: Urban Source Code / Le Sens du Sens, Bill Laswell: Digitaria / Extinguisher, Cold Warrior: walk East, Robots + Humanoids: Moment of Truth (“Alphaphone Vol. 1”), Robert Scott Thompson: Erin Outback / Chanter / Nightvision, Scala: Happy in her Skin / Heart of Glass, Red Snapper: The Lat One (DJ Food mix) / Crusoe Takes a Trip (John McEntire mix), FSOL: My Kingdom, Spacetime Continuum: Kairo / Movement #2, Lustmord: Strange Attractor / Black Star

Frank Zappa: “Lather” Redux

Frank Zappa: Regyptian Strut / Lather Goods / Revenge of the Knick Knack People / Time Is Money / The Black Page #1 / Duck Duck Goose / The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution / Duke of Orchestral Prunes / Revised Music for Guitar and Low Budget Orchestra

#171 11.18.96

Radioactivity: WfS Pledge Break Potpourri –

Jazz & Improvisation, Unearthed Treasures, Classical & Beyond…

Kevin Ayers: There Is Loving Among Us There Is Loving / Song from the Bottom of a Well / Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes, Edgar Broughton Band: There’s No Vibrations But Wait! / Momma’s Reward / Psychopath, Comus: Diana / The Bite / The Prisoner, Benghazi Saxophone Quartet: Caravan, Gateway: Cincuen / Soft, Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin: Midsummer Night / Letter From India, Gustav Ciamaga: Possible Spaces No. 2, Bruno Degazio: Chaotic Etude No. 2 (“Roads to Chaos”), Stephan Wolpe: Quartet for Trumpet, Tenot Saxophone, Percussion and Piano, Steve Reich: Nagoya Marimbas / City Life – Heavy Smoke, Glenn Branca: Symphony No. 5, Chet Baker: Four / Seven Steps to Heaven

#172 11.25.96

Classical and Beyond

Valentin Silvestrov: Dedication – Moderato (Gidon Kremer, Munchner Philharmonkier/Kofman), Robert Fuchs: Quintetto op. 102 – Allegretto Grazioso (Quintetto Scarponi), Arthur Lourie: Deux Poemes Op. 8 (“La Musique Russe des Avant-Gardes”), Girolamo Frescobaldi: Canzoni da Sonar (ex), Frederic Rzewski: Piano Piece No. IV / Piano Sonata – Agitato, Joseph Celli & Jin Hi Kim: Triple AAA, Hans Otte: The Book of Sounds – Pt. 2 / Pt. 10,Einojuhani Rautavaara: Dances with the Winds – Allegro, Gyorgy Kurtag: Ligatura – Message to Frances-Marie, Georges I. Gurdjieff & Thomas de Hartmann: Seekers of Truth / Rituals of a Sufi Order / Journey to Inaccessible Places / Movements / Songs and Rhythms from Asia (excerpts) (Cecil Lytle, piano) (“Complete Piano Music”), Arnold Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht Op. 4- Zehr Ruhig (Juilliard String Quartet)

#173 12.2.96

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton and the Fred Simmons Trio: Cherokee / On Green Dolphin Street / Mr. P.C., Michael Jefry Stevens / Dominic Duval Quintet: Air II / Water / Air III, Evan Parker & Friends: Synergetics #3 / #7 / #8 / #17,Catalogue: The End (ex), Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, Mose Allison, Ben Sidran: You Can Count On Me / If You Live, Kenny Burrell: I Mean You, Kenny Wheeler & Paul Bley:Ouvre / Double Standard, Ornette Coleman: Voice Poetry, Eugene Chadbourne: Raking a Chance on Love / In Between Comme C and Come Saw, Matthew Shipp Trio: Prism I

#174 12.9.96

The Big Mix / Pardon My Dub

Dreamlogic: Mistral, Pilgrims of the Mind: Loosejaw, Landship: Mad Cobalt, Mere Mortals: Shift (“Welcome to Lotus Land”), Alex Reece: Jazz Master / Pulp Friction, Barry Adamson: Dead Heat, Strange Cargo: Middle Town, (“Pop Fiction”), Tipsy: Nude on the Moon / Space Golf, Tactile: vs Coil / vs Scorn, Gerry Miles: II / IV, G.T. Moore: Ganja Flower Dub, Jah Works Players: Foundation Dub, The Outsider: Jerusalem (“Jah Works International”),Totemplow: Raga / Conjouring Repitition / Terminate, Aube: Suppression / Calx / Metal Du Mentalite, Hands To: Nazha, Sly & Robbie: Return to the Bass and Trouble, Sub Dub: Revolution, Mad Professor: Ariwa Dub Club,Wobble, Liebezeit & Murray: Nev 12, DJ Spooky: Anansi Abstrakt (“Axiom Dub”), DJ Spooky: Why Patterns, Byzar: Subtyrana / Ratka, We: You (“Incursions in Illbient”), Jerry Hunt: Cantegral Segment 18.17, Soul-Junk: “1953”, Kenneth Newby: For a Pavillion of Wind & Cloud, alter)ring: Infinitely Gentle Blows, Stella Mara: Ojabuko (“The Event Horizon – Tau”), Nancy Hennings: Skybells ii, Krishna Chakravarty: Raga Pancham-Malkauns,Sylvan Grey: Dreamlight “Sisters”, Jon Gibson: Cycles / Melody III, Emmanuel Top: Industriel / Replay / Conclusion, “Festival of Light”, Neil Wiernik: Bioskop, Max Nagl: Pantera, Green Room: Hieroglyph / Biomorph, Rojo: Radio, Crescent: Super Constellation, Caspar Brotzmann & Page Hamilton: Hit Single, Swans: I Was a Prisoner in Your Skull / Beautiful Days, Gongzilla: Suffer / Island / Les Vosges

#175 12.16.96

Classical and Beyond

Sofia Gubaidulina: Duo-Sonata for Two Baritone Saxophones (Vassilieva, Delangle), Leif Segerstam: Seven Questions to Infinity, Erwin Schulhoff: Sonate pour Violin et Piano No. 1, Op. 7 – Finale (Krysa, Tchekina), John Cage: Five (Ensemble Avantgarde), Sine Nomine: “A Golden Treasury of Medieval Music” (ex), Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 11 – The Tocsin, John Adams: El Dorado – A Dream of Gold, Bela Bartok: String Quartet No. 3 (Juilliard String Quartet), Heitor Villa-Lobos: Bachiana Brasileira No. 5 (Bidu Sayao), Mark Armanini: … of Wind and Water, Jerry Hunt: Transform (Stream), William Bolcom: Piano Quartet – Mvt. IV, Claudio Spies: Insieme / Bagatelle

#176/177 12.23.96

(Special 4-hour edition, 8PM – midnight)

Pt. I – Jazz & Improvisation

Myra Melford: Bound Unbound / Drawing in the Dark, Jeff Song & Lowbrow: Rules of Engagement / No Fly Zone! / Safe, David Byrne & Marisa Monte: Waters of March (“Red, Hot & Rio”), Kenny Burrell: Yardbird Suite, Dave Liebman Group: Maiden Voyage, Lee Konitz: Lover Man, Sweet Basil Trio: Woody ‘n You, Bessie Smith: Gimme a Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer / Send Me to the ‘lectric Chair, Bill Mobley Sextet: 49th Street / Three Gifts,Dave Young: Joshua (w/Cedar Walton) / Lament (w/Cyrus Chestnut), Carter, Centazzo, Golia, Goodman: Improvviso IV (ex), Centazzo, Curran, Parker: Real Time One / Real Time Three, Christoph Gallio: Then Steal / Name of Flowers / Go in Green

Pt. II – Classical and Beyond

“Chansons de la Renaissance” (Ensemble Clement Janequin, Dominique Visse), Robert Maggio: Baracole – Calm, Sea, William Albright: Sphaera – for Piano and computer generated sound (Thomas Warburton, piano), Chinary Ung: Grand Spiral, Otto Luening: Three Fantasies for Solo Baroque Flute (John Solum, flute) (“Autumn Rhythms”), Tapiola Choir: By the Riverside / Red Dragonfly, Gyorgy Kurtag: Kafka Fragments – Pt. II (Anu Komasi, Sakari Oramo), Pehr Henrik Nordgren: Cronaca for String Orchestra, Op. 79 – Epilogo, Toru Takemitsu: Piano Distance / Rain Tree Sketch (Noriko Ogawa), Bernard Herrmann: Psycho – A Suite for Strings (ex) (LA Philharmonic, Salonen), Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 15 – Epilogue Adagio (Borodin Quartet), John Cage: String Quartet in Four Parts (Ensemble Avantgarde)

12.30.96 #178-179

(Special 4-hour edition, 8PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Mat Maneri Trio: Savigny Piatz / November 1 / Miranda, Max Nagl: Endless / Prelude for a / I Rub My Eyes, Ensemble Uncontrolled: Reflecting Drips / Slow Life at the Pond / Guided by Two Hundred Insects, Green Room: Flux II / Arabesque, Enzo Lanzo: Beguine / Bucolica / Little Foxtelle, Ivo Perelman w/ Rashied Ali & William Parker: Urgencia / Hoedown / Alagoana / Espiral, Rojo: Buggsier 17 & 24 / Virtual Raindrops / Prrrr…, Charlie Biddle: Blues for Charlie, Leandre, Houle & Grawe: Aizi / DEmonique / Shekinah / Let the Thus Be, Agasul Orchestra: No Turning Back / Melodious Thonk / Back in the Corner of Your Mind / King Korn, Roots of Communication: Five Elements / Abrakadabra / Bambouloui / Mystic Dance, Don Byron: Oi Tata (“Festival of Light”), Masada String Trio: Bikkurim (“Festival of Light”), Joe Maneri Quartet: Dahabenzappel, World Saxophone Quartet: Wiring, George Haslam: Tango Libre / El Subsuelo / Kool, Surge: Mono Icono – Entry / Views to Fill / Barto Amanda Sedgwick: Round Trip, Ivo Perelman w/Matthew Shipp & William Parker: One Concverse / Spiral / Groundswell Descent