Playlists – 2000

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2000

#349 1.3.00

Once More, From the Beginning…

Tibor Szemzo: Symultan, Nicolas Collins: The Scent of Momosa / Still (After) Lives, Martin Bartlet: Etats (w/Frances Marie Uitti), Tom Johnson: The Chord Catalogue (ex), Greg Powers & Stuart Dempster: Raga for the Rainy Season

#350 1.10.00

Classical and Beyond

John Cage: Winter Music / Seven Haiku / Haiku / Music Walk (Steffen Schleiermacher), Ellen Fullman: TexasTravelTexture Pt. 1-4, John Tavener: In Alium for soprano, tape and Orchestra (Eileen Hulse, Ulster Orchestra & Takuo Yuasa), Dan Senn: Hands Off Coursing (9) / Toons After Noon

#351 1.17.00

(i) Folk / Roots / World

June Tabor: The Gardener / I Will Put My Ship in Order, Celso Machado: Ode Oxossi / Frevo ate na China / Axe Gnawa, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: Martin Rochford’s… , Fred Morrison: The Sound of the Sun / Didi’s Tune,The Bowhouse Quintet: The Silver Slipper / Thornton’s, Old Blind Dogs: The Salmon Leap / Bedlam Boys / The Buzzard

(ii) Music of Messiaen

Olivier Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time (Nash Ensemble)

#352 1.24.00

Jazz and Improvisation

Wintsch, Hemingway & Oester: Driving Home, Carlo Actis Dato & Kazutoki Umezu: Malicious Ladybirds / Nice Turtles, Howard Riley & Elton Dean: Comprehension / Shared Confidences / Duopoly, John Bickerton Trio: Shadow Boxes / Meeting After Dark, Ivo Perelman Quartet: Rush Hour / Assimptotica, Hal Rammel & Steve Nelson-Ramey: Scrutinizing / Carving, Francois Houle & Catriona Strang: How Like a Meal / Note One / Shuffle Two, Papasoff Trio: You Only Love Me Ten Days a Year / Polar, Dejan Terzic Quartet: Big Argument / Four for One

#353 1.31.00

Stepping into the Light

A Produce & M Griffin: Seek Nothing, Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Kathryn / Diversion, Michael Askill: Scholars / Salome’s Entrance / Mangrove Hocket, Broken Record Chamber: Sagittarius Project / Buka’ Flute (4),Jonathan Block: After, Radio Chongching: The Drill / Mask, Vicki Richards: Wellspring / Earthwalker / Temple Dwellers, Loren MazzaCane Connors & Jim O’Rourke: Still Going

#354 2.7.00

Jazz and Improvisation

Misha Mengelberg: Eronel / Chicago Quartet 1, Dan Plonsey: The Superhero of Shirts / The Shadow of the Snake, Geerken, Tchicai & Moye: Mothers / Rosty Metal, Howard Riley & Elton Dean: One to One, George Haslam: Sensations, 49 degrees Nord: Axed / Concocted, ICP Orchestra: Jubilee Varia, Mat Maneri Trio: Power Street / Through In

#355 2.21.00

All Ears Open

Hoven Droven: Brekken / Blind Ulof / Ottje Pelle / Chicago / Dortea / Buster’s Christening Polska, Annbjorg Lien: Iriandia / Baba Yaga / Ritual, Supreme Beings of Leisure: Golddigger / Last Girl on Earth / Strangelove Addiction, Adrian Belew: Inner Man / Predator Feast / I Know What I Know… / No Such Guitar, The Residents: Hello Skinny – Constantinople / Jailhouse Rock / Smelly Tongues / Amber / Red Rider, Broadcast: Where Youth and Laughter Go / Dave’s Dream, Mira Calix: Sparrow / Threes Teas Please / Routine / Simple Friends

#356 2.28.00

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Symphony No. 2 (Stuttgarter Philharmonker, Wolf-Dieter Hauschild) / Fragment from Leonardo’s Notebook (Orchester des Internationalen Jugendfestspieltreffens Bayreuth, Mattias Kuntzsch), Lawrence Casserley: Vista Clara, John Cage: What You Say, Erik M: Frame Pt. 3, Ruth Anderson: I Come Out of Your Sleep, Tibor Szemzo: Gull, Steve Peters: In Memory of the Four Winds

#357 3.6.00

Jazz and Improvisation

Sun Ra Arkestra: Discipline 27 – II / Nuclear War, Parker/Guy/Lytton w/Crispell: Warp / Falcon’s Wing / Weft / Tchefit, Zu & Eugene Chadbourne: Somewhere Over the Chadbourne / Porgy and Chadbourne, Double Jeu Trio: Evaporation / Zeitgeist, Billy Bang: At Play on the Fields of the Lord, Paul Pignon & Raymond Strid: Reeds in the Mud / Wriggle, Ivo Perelman & Jay Rosen: The Hammer / The Fine Points of Living, Frederic Alarie Trio: Juju, Derek Bailey & Steve Lacy: Input #2, Cote/Falaise/St-Onge: Klaxon Gueele

#358 3.13.00

Winding Curves and Sharp Angles

Robert Rich: Demilitarized Zone / Beyond Pt. 2 / Steel Harmonics / Nada / Humidity Towards the Troposphere, David Tollefson: Displacement / Twin Earth, Loren MazzaCane Connors & Jim O’Rourke: You Can Stay If You Want, But I’m Going Home, Adrian Belew: Animal Kingdom, Gary DiBenedetto: A Drop in the Bucket

#359 3.20.00

Folk, Roots, World

Shantalla: The Rocky Road to Cashel / The Blantyre Explosion / Sean Sa Cheo…, Liz Carroll: See It There / The Old Maid of Galway / The Silver Spear…,

June Tabor: Must I Be Bound? / The Water is Wide, Craig Armstrong: Jaz’s Juke Box, Anna Murray: Ruidhleadh / Nighean mo Ghaol / Doctor Finlay’s Chord Book, Vicki Richards: Restless Moon / Naima, Riccardo Lemvo & Makina Loca: Sao Salvador / Dans la Foret, Simone Guiducci Gramelot Ensemble: Danza Mantovana / Il Fiume di Pastasciutta, Michael Askill: Moving Pictures / Omphalo Centric Lecture / Air and Other Invisible Forces

#360 3.27.00

Melting from the Inside

Vidna Obmana: The First Coil / The Profound Isolates / The Fragmented Dome, Rasa: Gopinatha / Arati / Jiv Jago, Martin Archer: The Eclipse Farm Heresies / A Dream of Broken and Floating Doors / Death-runes, death rumours, ruins, rains of death / Chemistry Lock, David Murray Octet: A Love Supreme

#361 4.3.00

Jazz and Improvisation

Torben Waldorff: Hello World / Goldi, Susanna Lindeborg Ove Johansson Duo: Structures / Eleventh Step / News for Two, Matt Turner: House on the Hill / Centipedal Force, Peter Zummo & Tom Hamilton: Cafe Criminal / Neural Sturgeon, Lou Grassi: Carla Blake / Genius Envy / Spit It Out / Lopey Pt. 1-3, David Murray Octet: Naima / India, Raphe Malik: Ray (thine own) / Big G

#362 4.10.00

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Time Frozen, Kovalis Duo: Nabripamo, Olivier Messiaen: Canteyodjaya (Peter Serkin), Toru Takemitsu: Rain Tree Sketch (Peter Serkin), Charles Wuorinen: Bagatelle (Peter Serkin), John Tavener: Fall and Resurrection Pt. III (City of London Sinfonia, Hickox), Arvo Part: I Am the True Vine

#363 4.17.00

Beyond the Abstract Horizon

Steve Roach: Ancestors Circle / Midnight Loom, Marc Tremblay: Vroum / “… Ceci est UN Massage Enregistre…”, Randall Smith: Insideout / Liquid Fragments, Eric Leonardson: Chase / The March, Gordon Mumma: Retrospect, Otani Yasuhiro & Aoki Tatsu: Intermingling

#364 4.24.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Eugene Chadbourne & Zu: Acuenseur Pour le Chadbourne / Inna Gadda de Chadbourne / Spirits, Ivo Perelman & Jay Rosen: Two Week’s That Changed One’s Life / Plant Life, Horace Tapscott: The Dark Tree, Zusaan Kali Fasteau & Donald Rafael Garrett: Zenith, UMO Orchestra: Big T, Ellery Esekelin: The Dance of Maya / India, George Haslam & Laszlo Gardony: Landscape with Baritone Sax

#365 5.1.00

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Hardin & York: Mountains of Sand / Candlelight / Little Miss Blue / Extension 345, Five Day Week Straw People: Five Day Week Straw People / Car Wash, Atomic Rooster: Tomorrow Night / Gershatzer / Devil’s Answer, Bernie Torme: Getting There / Too Young / No Easy Way, Glenn Hughes: I Got It Covered / Soulution / Getting Near to You, Jon Lord: Tender Babes / Bach Onto This / For a Friend, John Fiddler: Time for Love / Walkin’ Blues

#366 5.8.00

Classical and Beyond

Gloria Coates: Homage to Van Gogh (Musica-viva-ensemble Dresden, Jurgen Wirrmann), Jon Lord: Window (Munich Chamber Opera Orchestra w/rock soloists), Ethan Haimo: Symphony for Strings (Slovak RSO, Robert Stankovsky), Steven D. Block: Shadows (Slovak RSO, Robert Stankovsky), Kovalis Duo: Die Insel Schwimmt, Ian Krouse: Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra (NZSO, James Sedares), Richard Wilson: Gnomics (Bowman, Ahlbeck, Flax)

#367 5.15.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Peter Brotzmann: Nipples, Joelle Leandre & Danielle P. Roger: Come On On On / Les Grands Echeveaux, Misha Mengelberg: Chicago Quartet 2 / Chicago Quartet 4, Steam: Situation Travesty / Chump Change, Sun Ra Arkestra: Fate in a Pleasant Mood / Discipline 27, Horace Tapscott: Lino’s Pad, Ganelin Trio: First Encore

#368 5.22.00 (8:30 – 10PM)

Deep Purple – Yesterday and Today

Deep Purple: Hush / Mandrake Root / Hey Joe / Shadows (album out-take) [from “Shades of Deep Purple” 1968]

Wring That Neck / Kentucky Woman / It’s All Over (BBC Top Gear Session) / Hey Bop a Re Bop (BBC Top Gear Session) [from “The Book of Taliesyn” 1968]

Lalena / Why Didn’t Rosemary / Emmaretta (BBC Top Gear Session) / The Painter (BBC Radio Session) [from “Deep Purple” 1969]

Take It Off the Top / Wring That Neck / Pictures of Home / Ted the Mechanic / Smoke on the Water [from “In Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra” 1999]

#369 5.22.00 (10PM – midnight)

Motion in the Distance

Marc Tremblay: L’argent… Toujours L’argent, Randall Smith: Elastic Rebound / The Unmoved Centre, Steve Roach: Broken Town / Later Phase / Moon and Star, Eric Leonardson: Soundplay for Sabine, Gordon Mumma: Pontpoint / Epifont, Pierre Tanguay: Ma Poule, Ma Fleur / La Chanson du Sable, Jeff Pearce: Rain as a Metaphor

#370 5.29.00

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 20

Morton Feldman: Crippled Symmetry (California EAR Unit) / Coptic Light (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Michael Morgan)

#371 6.5.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Gregg Bendian’s Interzone: Intrepid / Pattern Master, Horace Tapscott: One for Lately, Joelle Leandre & Danielle P. Roger: Coupes Blanches / Knit One, Purl Three / Derniere Minute, Carolyn Hume & Paul May: Pet Moth / Black Clouds, Achim Kaufmann Quartet: Dream Logic / Double Exposure, Furio Di Castri: Luce e Ombra / Lichtung, Susanna Lindeborg Ove Johansson Duo: Third Street / Theme with Out Theme, Ellery Esekelin: Song for Che, Sawai, Doneda, Saitoh: Three Day Moon #1

#372 6.12.00

The Other Side of This Life… and More

Robin Williamson & Mike Heron (Incredible String Band): Everything’s Fine Right Now / Scotland Yet / Red Hair / October Song – Maya, Michael Chapman: Party Pieces / Among the Trees / In the Valley, Peter Green Splinter Group: You’ll Be Sorry Some Day / Tribal Dance / Burgular, Fred Neil: The Other Side of This Life / Roll On Rosie / The Dolphins / That’s the Bag I’m In / Sweet Cocaine / Everybody’s Talkin’ (live – from “The Other Side of This Life”), Tim Buckley: Buzzin’ Fly / Gypsy Woman, Richard & Mimi Farina: Pack Up Your Sorrows / Michael, Andrew and James / V. / One Way Ticket / Celebration for a Grey Day

#373 6.19.00

Classical and Beyond

Henri Dutilleux: Trois Strphes sur le nom de Sacher (Emmanuelle Bertrand), Gyorgi Ligeti: Sonate (Emmanuelle Bertrand), Kiln: One – #2, Henryk Goreki: Choros I (for 56 Strings) (Krakow State Philharmonic, Roland Bader),Allan Pettersson: Lamento (Lennart Wallin) / Two Elegies (Martin Gelland, Lennart Wallin), Cornelius Cardew: Treatise

#374 6.26.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Francoise Houle: Cryogenic Nightmare / Watt, Achim Kaufmann Quartet: Pea Head / Sphericals, Steam: Tellefero / Tableau Shot, Gregg Bendian’s Interzone: Drive, Eugene Chadbourne & Paul Lovens: The First Cous-Cous Royale / Waltz for Debby / One for My Baby, John Butcher, Gino Robair & Matthew Sperry: Nervio / Bizaro / Codo, Dolmen Orchestra: Sequenza, Peter Brotzmann: Tell a Green Man

#375 7.10.00

The Big Mix

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes: Clearing Place / Sorcerer’s Temple, Jeff Pearce: Doubt on Dark Waters / Reunions, Pierre Tanguay: Les Jours se Suivent… / Les Champs / Le Sang Circule, Francois Houle: Au Ceour du Litige (Pt. 1-6) / Brace, Saul Stokes: Greys / Cloud Shaping, Steve Roach & Elmar Schulte: Black Cloud / Turning World, Jeff Kaiser & Ernesto Diaz-Infante: My Machines Came from Too Far Away, Patrick Ascione: Lune Noire,Maurizio Martusciello: Unsettled Line, Jean-Francois Laporte: Mantra

#376 7.17.00

Classical and Beyond

Jan Jarvelepp: Pierrot Solaire / Robot Dance / Overture, Ian Krouse: Thamar y Amnon (Debussy Trio), Richard Wilson: Symphony No. 1 (NZSO, James Sedares), Arnold Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire (London Phil., Craft)

#377 7.24.00

Jazz & Improvisation

John Butcher, Gino Robair & Matthew Sperry: Mano / Pelo / Pie, Didier Petit: One Per m3 / Matter – Antimatter, Carolyn Hume & Paul May: Grey Gulls Wheeling, Misha Mengelberg: ‘Round Midnight / Body and Soul, Lee Konitz, Don Friedman & Attila Zoller: Thingin, Joe McPhee: Knox, Hans Kennel & John Wolf Brennan: Numinous / Heptao / Locrian Locution, Queen Mab: Quartet / Tikes, Sun Ra Arkestra: Cocktails for Two / Theme of the Stargazers, Matthew Shipp & Mat Maneri: Knots / Landscape Harmony

#378 7.31.00

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

Nirvana: Wings of Love / In the Courtyard of the Stars / You’re Just the One / Pentecost Hotel / Rainbow Chaser / Tiny Giddess / The Touchables / Melanie Blue / Orange and Blue/ Please Believe Me / Lord Up Above,Renaissance: Carpet of the Sun / Day of the Dreamer / Can You Understand, Roxy Music: Do the Strand / In Every Dream Home a Heartache / Remake-Remodel, Jade Warrior: Calling the Wind / Timeless Journey / Night of the Shamen / Breathing the Storm / Over Ice and Water / Gift of Wings, Nick Drake: Pink Moon

#379 8.7.00 (8:30 – 10PM)

Jazz & Improvisation

Vandermark, Drake & McBride: Trash a Go Go / Bassism, Matthew Shipp & Mat Maneri: Gravitiational Systems, Joe McPhee: Good-Bye Tom B. / Sweet Dragon, Simon Nabatov Trio: For Steve / The Lake, Queen Mab: Victory / Nameless, Francoise Houle: Blink 1 / Air Froid / Blink II / Snowbirds, Gebhard Ullmann: Ta Lam / Tapping the Foot

#380 8.7.00 (10PM – mid)

Dreams and Drones

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes: The Holy Dirt / Healing Temple, Steve Roach & Elmar Schulte: Rapt in Darkness / Solid Ground, Patrick Ascione: Sur Champ d’Azure, Pauline Oliveros: Lift,Cale/Conrad/MacLise/Young/Zazeela: Day of Niagara

#381 8.14.00

Tales of Past, Present and Future

Caravan: Nine Feet Underground / The Love in Your Eye, Camel: Slow Yourself Down / Never Let Go, Nick Drake: Pink Moon / Place to Be / Time Has Told Me / River Man, Quintessence: Giants / Notting Hill Gate / St. Pancras,Tudor Lodge: I Still Can Dream / Never Be Sure / Angel, Renaissance: Can You Hear Me Call Your Name / A Song for All Seasons

#382 8.21.00

Classical and Beyond

Francis Poulenc: Sonata for Violin and Piano (Graf Mourja, Alexandre Tharaud), Eric Satie: Trois Gymnopedies / Six Gnossiennes (Klara Kormendi), Peter Ablinger: Grisailles (Hildegard Kleeb), Clarence Barlow: 1981 / Fantasia Quasi una Sonata (con “Mantra” di Stockhausen), Ensemble Organum: Musique Sacree Francaise (highlights), Pauline Oliveros: Primordial

#383 8.28.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Vandermark, Drake & McBride: El is a Sound of Joy / You and Your Folks… / We Travel the Spaceways, Francoise Houle: Skronk II / Fleu de Peau, Ugetsu: Between Road and Home, Sarah Jane Moon: A Pond Beneath the Moon, Simon Nabatov Trio: Let’s Go Baby, Richard Grossman Trio: This End of America / Green of the East / Where the Sky Ended, Theo Jorgensmann Quartet: Kospi / Klaipeda / Weissengrund, Parker/Guy/Lytton w/Crispell: Fond Farewell

#384 9.4.00 (8:30 – 10PM)

Music of AMM

AMM: Combine + Laminates / Treatuse ’84 / Sedimentary

#385 9.4.00 (10PM – mid)

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 21

Morton Feldman & Samuel Beckett: For Samuel Beckett (Klangforum Wien, Sylvain Cambreling) / Words and Music (Ensemble Recherche w/Omar Ebrahim & Stephen Lind) / Cello and Orchestra (New World Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas)

#386 9.11.00

Miles of Miles

Miles Davis: Ah-Leu-Cha / Straight, No Chaser / Fran-Dance / Two Bass Hit / Bye-Bye Blackbird / The Theme (Newport Jazz Festival, July 3, 1958) / Guinnevere / Circle in the Round / He Loved Him Madly

#387 9.18.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Lee Konitz, Don Friedman & Attila Zoller: Joy for Joy, Duval/McPhee/Heward: Undersound 1-4, Vandermark 5: Distance / The Cooler / Roulette, Horace Tapscott: Bavarian Mist, Anthony Braxton: I Remember Clifford / Blue Bossa / Tadd’s Delight, Aardvark Jazz Orchestra: The Seeker

#388 9.25.00

Music for One: Solo Performances

Steve Lacy: Trickles / Duck / Coastline, Irene Schweizer: Improvvisasioni per Pianoforte, Claudia Ulla Binder: Tur und Tor / Nachtigall / Inclination, Misha Mengelberg: Chicago Solo, Joe McPhee: Tenor, Peter Ablinger: Grisailles (Hildegard Kleeb)

#389 10.2.00

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Dan Lander: Talking to a Loudspeaker, Hildegard Westercamp: A Walk Through the City / Cricket Voice, James Johnson: Entering Twilight

#390 10.9.00 (8:30 – 10PM)

Music of AMM

AMM: Contextual (Context Studios, New York 1994) / The Great Hall (ex) (Goldsmiths’ College, London 1982)

#391 10.9.00 (10PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

Border Meetings: Territories of Sound / Daydreams and Nightmares / The Wall, Herve Provini & Jacques Demierre: Entropie / Exitation Moleculaire / Champ Gravitationel / Nucleosynthese / Transition de Phase, Federico Ughi: Ballance / Slight, Anthony Braxton: Brilliant Corners / Milestones, Fonda-Stevens Group: For Us / Borrowed Time / Circle, Eugenio Colombo: Tunc, Ganelin Trio: Poco 1-3, Ensemble Oggimusika w/Irene Schweizer: Soft Acqua, Ellery Eskelin: Penalty Phase / Resident Alien / Title Piece

#392 10.16.00

John Cage: 25-Year Retrospective Concert

John Cage: Six Short Inventions for Seven Instruments / First Construction in Metal / Imaginary Landscape No. 1 / The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs / She is Asleep / Sonatas and Interludes / Music for Carillon No. 1 / Williams Mix / Concert for Piano and Orchestra

#393 10.23.00

Sun Ra: Red Hot & Rare Pt. 1

Sun Ra: Lanquidity / Where the Pathways Meet / That’s How I Feel / Twin Stars of Thence / There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) [from “Lanquidity”] / Pathways to Unknown Worlds / Untitled / Extension Out / Cosmo-Media / Friendly Love I – IV [from “Pathways to Unknown Worlds” + “Friendly Love”]

#394 10.30.00

Sun Ra: Red Hot & Rare Pt. 2

Sun Ra: The World of the Invisible / Thoughts Under a Dark Blue Light / The Order of the Pharaonic Jesters / The Mystery of Two / Land of the Day Star / Crystal Spears / The Eternal Sphynx / The Embassy of the Living God / Sunrise in the Western Sky [from “The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums: Cymbals & Crystal Spears”] / Celestial Fantasy / The Idea of It All / Ecstasy of Being / When Angels Speak of Love / Next Stop Mars [from “When Angels Speak of Love”]

#395 11.6.00

Journeys and Diversions

David Parsons: Parikrama / Dawa Compa / Tarpoche, Georg Philipp Telemann: Concerto in E minor for Recorder, Flute and Strings (Collegium Musicum 90, Simon Standage), Peter Eotvos: Shadows (Klangforum Wien, Peter Eotvos), Steve Roach & Thupen Pema Lama: Prayer to the Projector / Yonden Jungne Taultrim Gyatso Dje

#396 11.20.00

Folk / Roots / World

Tannahill Weavers: The Fair of Oban Set / The Gallant Shearers, Kornog: Child Noryce / Gwrixind Difennet / Dans Plinn, Susan McKeown: The Hare’s Lament / Young Nancy Oberlin, Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill: Spansih Lady / The Banks of Claudy, Riccardo Tesi: Il Battagliero, Calic: Attinde, KlezRoym: Fel Shara, Klezmer Conservatory Band: Meron Nigh, Hugh Masekela: Chileshe, Lucky Dube: My Game, Incredible String Band: Painting Box / First Girl I Loved / Way Back in the 1960s / A Very Cellular Song / Creation / White Bird

#397 12.4.00

Jazz & Improvisation

Mob Job: Abacus / Happy House, Afro Garage: Stompin’ at the Stone Age / Scholastic Drastic, John Wolf Brennan: Simple Harmonic Motion / Forece on a Moving Charge, Ramon Lopez Quartet: El Paso del Ebro, Eugene Chadbourne: My Dobro Had Been Modified to Spurt Holy Water, Hans Tammen & Dominic Duval: Herculean / Mala Fide, Not Missing Drums Project: Back to Back / Wonders, Wounds / After the Battle, Joe Fonda & Xu Fengxia: A Journey into the Desert, Misha Feigen, Craig Hultgren & LaDonna Smith: We Don’t Need to Remember / No More Dostoevsky

#398 12.11.00 (9-10PM)

Tribute to Steve Allen

Steve Allen: Interview with Al Jolson (originally broadcast live Oct. 1949 on KNX Radio, California)

#399 (10PM-midnight)

VDGG: “The Box”

Van der Graaf Generator: Refugees (BBC 1971) / White Hammer / Killer / A Plague of the Lighthouse Keepers / Man-Erg (Rimini, Italy 1975) / My Room / Sleepwalkers / Scorched Earth (Rimini, Italy 1975) / The Wave / Cat’s Eye – Yellow Fever (BBC 1977) / Door (previously unreleased) / Sci-Finance / The Sphinx in the Face (BBC 1977)

#400 12.18.00

Classical and Beyond

Takashi Yoshimatsu: Kamui-Chikap Symphony (BBC Philharmonic, Sachio Fujioka), Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen (Royal Scottish Narional Orchestra, Neeme Jarvi), Maurice Ravel: La Valse / Trio in A minor (Ulster Orchestra, Yan Pascal Tortelier)