Playlists – 1995

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 1995

#67 1.16.95

Ambient, Electroacoustic & Exotica

Synaesthesia: Flotation, Spiral Realms: 1000 Years…, Virtualizer: Stardazed, Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp: Morphing Cloud, Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook: From Earth to the Ceiling, Daniel Pemberton: Lost Caves, Bill Laswell: Chakra, Robert Musso (Transonic): Wheel of Heaven, UVOII: Bodhi Tree, Pete Namlook: Gate to Milky Way / Ancient History, John Oswald/Grateful Dead: Novature / Pouring Velvet / Clouds Cast, Paul Lansky: Night Traffic, Jai Uttal: Beggars and Saints, 23 Degrees: Dissolving Essence of Dub, Heavenly Music Corporation: Cloud Chamber / Energy Portal, XJacks: Bonefactory

#68 1.23.95

New Electroacoustic Music

Kristine Burns: Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown, C.P. First: Tantrum, Tod Dokstader: Luna Park, Paul Dresher: Underground, Daniel McCarthy: Concerto for Marimba, Percussion & Synthesizers, Kenneth Jacobs: Transfiguration, Larry Austin: SoundPoemSet, Chris Meloche: Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth, Michael Matthews: The First Sea

#69 1.30.95

New Jazz

Michel Wintsch: Access / Arabian Song / Helvetrange, Pharoh Sanders Quartet: Naima / After the Rain, Richard Davis & Friends: Dealin’, Alva Nelson: African Suite intro, Jean Derome: En Culottes Courtes, NRG Ensemble: Punch & Judy / Chasin’ My Tail, Fredy Studer & Christy Doran: Solotude / Blind Willie, Nadelohr: Fruhling, Christoph Gallio: Mono (excerpts), Vyshniauskas / Baumann / Siron: Stairs / Philosphy, Ruedi Hausermann: Landliches Konzert

#70 2.6.95

Music and Words of Christian Wolff

Christian Wolff: Live “in-studio” interview with the composer plus the works Ruth / Edges / For Prepared Piano / For Morty* / Exercise 1* (* = North American broadcast premiere) plus Morton Feldman: For Christian Wolff (excerpt)

#71 2.13.95

New Music from U.S.A

Harvey J. Stokes: String Quartet No. 1, Jerome Kitzke: Paha Sapa Give Back, Jon Appleton: Pacific Rimbombo, Regina Keane: Allegro Sensuoso, Brian Fennelly: String Quartet, William Goldberg: Sonatina No. 3, Larry Austin: Accidents, Dave Hatt: Desert Dreams, Mark Winges: Ontological Hotfoot, Burton Beerman & F. Gerard Errante: Masks

#72 2.20.95

(i) Music of Mauricio Kagel

Mauricio Kagel: String Quartet I (Arditti String Quartet) / Variete [Guisto, Largo] / Finale / Exotica [excerpt] (Ensemble Modern) / Rrrrrrr… [Rage, Repercussa] (Zacher)

(ii) Music of Luigi Nono

Luigi Nono: Fragmente – Stille, An Diotima (Arditti String Quartet) / La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura [Leggio I, II] (Arditti, Richard)

#73 2.27.95

The Big Mix: Electronic, Electroacoustic, Ambient

Paul Lansky: Just More Than Idle Chatter, Tod Machover: Valis (excerpts), Udo Kasemets: Messiermusics, Robin Julian Heifetz: Beyond Words in Hunger Dark, Brian Heller: Art Music Gets the Chicks, Ari Frankel: R/S – Resettlement, Carey Nutman: T.G.V., Kevin Keller: Pale Unkempt Hours… Pt. IV, Cluster: One Hour (excerpts), Solar Quest: Belle of Atlantis / Flying Spirals, Orange: La Couleur, Rising Sun: Ocean View, David Cunningham: Stars, Terre Thaemlitz: Hovering Glows, Bobvan: An Eyebrow and Curved Hair, Benjamin Lew: Les Versants d’un Coteau, Sol/Heyduck/Atom Heart: Eternal, Tetsu Inoue: Chill In Chill Out, David Reeves: In Suspension, Pete Namlook & Charles Uzzell-Edwards: Environmental Frankfurt, Michel Redour: Immersion Totale, Entropica: Entropica, Dr. Atmo: 88 kph, Makyo: Mahakala

#74 3.6.95

(i) Music of Karlheinz Stockhausen Pt.1

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kalvierstucke I, II, III, IX, XIV (Wambach) / Zyklus / Refrain (Wambach, Ardeleanu, Rensch)

(ii) Music of (and for) John Cage Pt. 4

John Cage: A Room / Tossed as it is Untroubled / Root of an Unfocus / Primitive / Two Pieces for Piano / In a Landscape (de Mare), Christian Wolff: Six Melodies, Ken Nordine: A Cage Went in Search of a Bird, Earle Brown: Three Studies for Trumpet, John Cale: Call Waiting, Kronos Quartet: 30 Pieces

#75 3.13.95

(i) Music of Henry Cowell

Henry Cowell: Persian Set / American Melting Pot / Air & Scherzo (Manhattan Chamber Orchesta)

(ii) Music of Elliott Carter

Elliott Carter: Gra (Neidich) / Duo (Schulte, Goldray) / Changes (Starobin) / Con Leggerezza Pensosa (Neidich, Schulte, Sherry) / Emblems (John Oliver Chorale) / Changes (Starobin)

#76 3.20.95

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 9

Morton Feldman: Triadic Memories (Takahashi)

(ii) Canterbury Scene: Hugh Hopper

Hugh Hopper: Miniluv / Mais Non / Hi Fi Spanish Dreams / No Long Solos / Moon in a Bottle / 2 PM

#77 3.27.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Anderson, Bennink, Doran: Heights / ABD, Leimgruber, Roidinger, Hauser: Forgotten / Up, Clusone 3: For the Folks Back Home, Michel Ratte: Matieres et materiaux VI, Marilyn Crispell: Suite for Trio, Peter Brotzmann: Man in the Vacuum / Die Like a Dog No. 1, Cecil Taylor: Stone (1-4) / Old Canal / PUUC, X-Communication : More of Many

#78 4.3.95

New Orchestral Music

Ken Steen: Metastasis, Alfred Schnittke: Out of the World / Stille Musik, Andrei Eshpai: Symphony No. 5, Adriana Holszky: Space, Gerhard Stabler: Traum, Thomas Bruttger: Monolith

#79 4.10.95

The Big Mix: Ambient, Electronic, Electroacoustic & Exotica

Ellen Fullman: Body Music, Terre Thaemlitz: Trucker, Facil: 89-16, Mysteries of Science: Chaos Pleasures, SETI: Arecibo / Phoenix, Human Mesh Dance: Hyaline, Cyber Hum: The Well, Erick Montgomery: Pablo Colorado Rain Forest / Spaces, Roger Eno: Lost in Translation / The Green Grass, Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses: Anima, Brian Eno: Distant Hill, Partridge & Budd: Bruegel, Kenneth Newby: Persephone, Alexandros Kalogeras: Monogram, Trevor Wishart: Tongues of Fire, Eliane Radigue: Kyema, Loop Guru: 3rd Chamber, Gol: Angelica, Seefeel: Minky Starshine, Young American Primitive: Sunrise, Tetsu Inoue: Big Chill Out II, Ynos: Fever Auf Der Haut, Klange: Harjoitis Nelja, Barry Lewis: Vortex Stretching / Wisps, Pino & Wildjamin: Xangadix, Namlook & Rehberg: Earl of Burlington / Tower to a Wall, Bel Canto: The Suffering / Glassmaker / Kloeberdanz, Zelwer: Querelle Biblique, David Cunningham: The Fourth Sea / A Liquid Hand, David Moufang: Indian Mantra

#80 4.17.95

(i) Music of Olivier Messiaen Pt.2

Olivier Messiaen: Des Canyons aux Etoiles (excerpt) (de Leeuw) / La Ville d’en Haut (Rundfunk SO, Rickenbacher) / Quatre Etudes de Rythme (Cheng)

(ii) Music of Iannis Xenakis

Iannis Xenakis: Kottos / a.r. / Akea / Euryali / st/4 / Ikhoor (Arditti Quartet)

#81 4.24.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Myra Melford Extended Ensemble: Even the Sounds Shine / Evening Might Still, Figure 8: Head Count / LG-[S-DB-J]TV, Bill Evans & Push: Pastiece, Babkas: Ants to the Moon, Pharoh Sanders & NY Unit: Mara, McCoy Tyner Trio: Round Midnight, Asian American Jazz Trio: ESP, David S. Ware: Liberator / Dinosauria, William Hooker: Green

#82 5.1.95

Classical and Beyond

Aitor Goyarrola: Walking Through the Lake / Caracas, Violeta Dinescu: Echoes I / Ostrov II, Jackson Mac Low: Winds/Instruments, Gilles Tremblay: Aubes, Aaron Rabushka: Suite for Violin & Piano, Etude Fantastique for Piano, Glenn Branca: Symphony No. 8

#83 5.8.95

Music of Morton Feldman Pt.

Morton Feldman: For John Cage (Toyoshima, Takahashi) / Principal Sound (Ericsson)

#84 5.15.95

Electro-clips etc…

(i) “DisContact! 2”

Selections from the new double CD release by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. Works of 3 minutes or less.

(ii) “Network: Volume 1”

A cross-section of pieces from this British collection of compositions with a maximum duration of 90 seconds.

#85 5.22.95

Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: Language Improvisations / No. 55 / No. 45 (“Creative Orchestra Koln 1978”), No. 141 (Victoriaville 1988), No. 148 (Victoriaville 1992)

#86 5.29.95

Music of Sweden: Swedish Music Day 1995

Floke Rabe: Den Fule: Tommy Zwedberg: Susanna Lindeborg: Lars Erik Norrstrom: P.A. Nilsson: Biggi Vinkeloe Trio: Gugge Hedrenius’ Big Band: Hoven Droven: Sven-Eric Johanson: Nils Lindberg: etc…


The Big Mix

Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze: Saucerful of Ambiance, David Reeves: OH/IR / Yuma, Vuemorph: Interlock / Time Bend, Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space: Drift, Social Interiors: Distant Embers / Modern Sleep, Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue: Orion Transfer / Time-Cage, Chris Meloche: In the Air, Mauve Sideshow: Prelude / Stranger’s Face, Fast Forward: Simultaneous Music, Charles Argersinger: Cloud Chamber, Bill Nelson: Her Presence in Flowers, Aural Expansion: Surreal Sheep, Masters of Psychedelic Ambiance: “MU”, FSOL: Smokin’ Japanese Babe, Irresistible Force: Waveform / Natural Frequency, 777: Batukan / Coltrane, Sol/Heyduck: 150 G. Space Weight, Modula Green: Evening Cloud, Robert Rich: Simorgh Sleeps…, Steve Roach: In the Catacombs, Biosphere: En Trance, BROthers: Long Walk, David Toop: Living Dust, Circadian Rhythms: Aea, Ben Neill:Torchtower, Carls Stone: Kamiya Bar, Nicolas Collins: Devil’s Music, Rhys Chatham: An Angel Moves…, Lois V. Vierk: Guitars, Michael Gordon: Strange Quiet

#88 6.12.95

(i) “Vienna Modern Masters” Label Pt. 1

Nancy Van de Vate: Distant Worlds / Music for Viola, Percussion and Piano (1st Mvt.), David Loeb: Unkei, Alain Perron: Double Ectat, Alan Heard: Elegy for Our Time

(ii) Jazz & Improvisation

Kieloor Entartet: Red Light Fugue, Carlos Baumann & Schizodie: Fat ‘n Blue / Le Maladress, Kadash: Dekulturation / Magical Cube, Adrian Frey Trio: Mercury / Sweet Zoo, Yves Massey: Sick Rose

#89 6.19.95

More Music of Sweden: Resource & Xource Labels

Bo Hansson: The Sun / Leaving Shire, Den Fule: Fly Med Mig / Koptespakte / Pål Karls Vals, Hoven Droven: Hia Hia svärmor / Hamburger, Hediningara: Joupolle Joutunut / Chicago / Ful-valsen, Lars Hollmer : Endlich ein Zamba / Spanska Trappan, Von Salma: Rainbox / Ten Tango, Samla Mammas Manna: Den återupplivade låten / Syster system, Norrlatar: Dans Kring Kuddens Kudde / Sepän Sälli, Kebnekajse: Horgalåten / Skänklåt Från Rättvik, Arbete & Fritid: Dorisk Drone / Thulcandra / Jag är Inte Som Andra Ramlosa Kvallar: Magnus Laddulåten / Vallåten, Mynta: Indian Summer /Kamala


#90 6.26.95

(i) Music of Alfred Schnittke

Alfred Schnittke: Sting Quartet No. 3 (Mondriaan String Quartet) / Ritual / Passacagalia (Mallmo SO/DePreist) / Pianissimo (Gothenburg SO/Jarvi)

(ii) Music of Sofia Gubaidulina

Sofia Gubaidulina: Silenzio (Geir Draugsvoll) / In Erwartung (Rascher Saxophone Quartet) / Detto II (Lahti Chamber Ensemble)

#91 7.3.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Pat Martino: Noshfuru / This Autumn’s Ours, Gerry Hemingway Quintet: The Checkerboard Laughed… / Having Wandered This Far, Swedish Radio Jazz Group: Things Ain’t What They Used to Be, Susanna Lindeborg: A Taste Of Light, Menico Ferrari: My Sweet Lullaby, Yves Cerf: El Mago Loco, Stephan Grieder & Peter Landis: Nowhere, KIXX: Hair of Shame / Essen im Freibuger Hof, Blasabfuhr: Anugraada, Brotzman/Drake Duo: It’s an Angel on the Door, Koglmann/Konitz: Thoughts About Duke I & II, Hans Kennel/Mytha: Circle III

#92 7.10.95

Canadian Connection: Electroacoustics

Bentley Jarvis: What Are You Talking About?, Gustav Ciamaga: Possible Spaces No. 1, Sergio Villareal: On the Other Shore, Claude Schryer: 3 Radioludes, Sarah Peebles: Nocturnal Premonitions, Chris Meloche: In the Air,Ned Bouhalassa: Move 1, Ian Chuprun: Duet (for Headphones), Darren Copeland: Darkness Colours

#93 7.17.95

Classical and Beyond

John Wall: Alterstill, Brian Jagger: Quanta / 4 Etudes , Henri Duttileaux: Ansi La Nuit, Pascal Dusapin: Quator III, Alexandros Kalogeras: Hieron, Michael Matthews: Between the Wings of the Earth, Violeta Dineascu: Ariadne / Cime Lointaine

#94 7.24.95

The Big Mix

David Tudor: Neural Synthesis, Ragnar Grippe: Situation I, Robin Julian Heifitz: The Vengance, Steve Gibson: Monuments/Ruins/Spectres, Frank Smith: School of Velocity, Little Wolf Band: Oweegon, Land: Shu / Nightnoise, Pablo’s Eye: Opina / A Pagan Use, Victor Sol: Birds Day, Pete Namlook & Robert Stattler: Urban Isolationism, Dreams Without Numbers: The Old Holistic View of Paganism / Divine Energy, Spice Barons: Bioluminous, Omhega Tribe: Panacea, FSOL: Appendage / Amoeba, Mitchell Barnes: Moving Void / Nutrino Contrail Dust, Pete Namlook & David Moufang: Urban Isolationism, Oskar Sala: Demonstration, Pino & Wildjamin: Rubicon, Kuhlmann/Rehberg/Mense: Sunken Road 7, Namlook & Atom Heart: Rotor Cabinet, David Reeves: Luminous Flightpath, PGR: Horizontal / Briny Diseases of Aimless Gas, A.T.O.I.: Thee Fall / Exorcism,Oswald/Dead: 73rd Star Bridge Sonata, Fanger & Seibert: Twinkling Oasis

#95 7.31.95

(i) Music by Kroumata Percussion Ensemble

John Cage: Second Construction, Henry Cowell: Pulse, Rolf Wallin: Stonewave, Per Norgard: Square and Round, Toru Takemitsu: Rain-tree, André Chini: Trälåda

(ii) “Vienna Modern Masters” Label Pt. 2

David Scott: Arras – A Garden of Cinema, Nancy Van de Vate: Second Sonata for Piano, Aaron Rabushka: Canzona e Scherzo for Wind and Percussion op. 4, Toshiya Sukegawa: Komoriuta

#96 8.7.95

(i) Classical and Beyond

Henryk Gorecki: Four Etudes, Arvo Part: Fur Alina / Variationen, Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble: Sound Pictures No. 3 / To Styles Holloway & Bubba Barnes, Sophie-Carmen Echhardt-Gramatté: Piano Caprice No. 1, 2, John Weinzweig: Divertimento

No. II

(ii) Music of Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: Hot House / Bebop / A Night in Tunisia / Scrapple from the Apple (Charlie Parker Project 1993), Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Knitting Factory (Piano/Quartet) 1994)

#97 8.7.95 (9-11PM)

(i) Music of John Cage Pt.

John Cage: Lecture on Nothing (Uitti) (simultaneous to) Fontana Mix (Blum) / 13 Harmonies (mix) (Zahab, Moe)

(ii) Exotica and Odd Ditties

Rick Heizman: Auspicious Dreams, Gary Wright: Kani Fe, Vieux Diop: Kumba, Urban Turban: Voodoo Chile / Wang Dang Doodle, Dream Syndicate: Mr Soul, Garmarna: Antiokia, Bel Canto: Shimmering, Warm & Bright, Kate St. John: Fireflies, Lee Ranaldo: New Groove Loop / Time Stands Still, MX-80 Sound: Train to Loveland / Man on the Move, Elliott Sharp & Carbon: Posting a Flame

#98 8.14.95

Classical and Beyond

Vinko Globokar: Etude pour Folklora, Daniel Asia: Why(?) Jacob, Ellen Taafe Zwilich: Symphony No. 3, Aulis Sallinen: String Quartet No. 3, Lepo Sumera: Symphony No. 2, Maarten Altena: Slow Motion / Tik, Mauricio Kagel: Atem

#99 8.21.95

(i) Music of Morton Feldman

Morton Feldman:Intermission V / Piano Piece / Intermission I / Intermission II / Intermission VI / Last Pieces (I – IV) (Schleiermacher), Two Pianos/ Piano Four Hands (Woodward)

(ii) Music of Iceland

Jon Leifs: Hekla, Aldo Celementi: Impromptu (Caput Ensemble), Riccardo Nova: Sex Nova Organa (Caput Ensemble), Askell Masson: Hrim (Brydis H. Gylfadottir), Haukut Tomasson: Eter (Brydis H. Gylfadottir), Ymis Ensemble: The Zen Garden, Larus H. Grimsson: Kiss of the Spider Woman / Hotel Thingvellir

#100 8.28.95

The Big Mix

Benjamin Lew: Tori / Nebka, Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown: Bamako ou Ailleurs / Une Telle Richesse , Ybu: Alma de Bruja, Daddylonglegs: The Fourth Way, D*Note: Solomon’s Dub, Annette Vande Gorne: Eau / Feu, Pete Namlook: Summer, Carl Stone: Axis, Steve Reich: Phase Patterns, Mo Boma: Day of Creation / Jijimuge Four, Tony Conrad: Pythagoras…, Gastr del Sol: Harp Factory on Lake Street, Ashkaru: Maray Wollelaye, Raviv Gazit: Zee, Arie Shapira: Upon Thy Ruins Ophra, John Stockman: Radiozone, Daniel Emmanuel: Deep State – Trance 1 / Rainforest Music , Paul Schutze: Memory of Water, Lull: Way Through Staring, Trance: Aurora Borealis, Null: Ultimate Material III (Pt. 1), Popol Vuh: Aguirre, Michael Hoenig: Departure from the Northern Wasteland, Steve Roach: Circular Ceremony, David Parsons: Dakpa, A Produce: Tunnels / Heart of the Dunes / The Dreaming Room, Jean-Marc Duchene: Feullets d’Album, Patrick Ascione: Metamorphose…, Ben Neill: Sistrum, Skylab: Exotica / Indigo, The Disciples: Struggle of Life, Bedouin Ascent: Broadway Boogie Woogie, Laika: If you Miss,Bud Alzir: Morocco, Final: Flow

#101 9.4.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Sigudur Flosason: The Bottom Line, Anderson, Harris, Lewis & Valente: Sweeps / Shadowgraph 5, Parker, Guy & Lytton: Consequence / Invariance / Variance, William Hooker: Spirit World / State Secrets, Henri Texier: P.M. / Desparacido, Jerry Bergonzi: Zonian Mode / Idiosyncrasies, Lee Konitz: Lo Ko Mo & Frizz, Carlo Actis Dato: Poulet Fume / Pigiami Firmati, Periferia: Barbaryton / Egnatia Road

#102 9.11.95

Classical and Beyond

Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Quartet No. 3 – “Sostenudo: Like a Folk Song”, Shalumit Ran: Three Fantasy Movments – “Mad!”, Ernst Krenek: String Trio, Hans-Joachim Hespos: Seiltanz b (excerpt), Moses Pergament: Dibbuk,Einojuhani Rautavaara: Myth of Sampo (Pt. 3), Annette Degenhardt: Nicht ganz einfach / Es geht eine dunkle Wolk / Intakt / Weit ins Land, Glenn Branca: The Ascension, Ben Neill: Bal, Mikel Rouse: Prelude / In Cold Blood,Violet Archer: Sonata No. 2 (andante) (Foreman) , Ron Nelson: Homage to Machaut (U Cal Wind Ensemble)

#103 9.18.95

(i) John Coltrane: Remasters (Impulse!)

John Coltrane: “A Love Supreme” / They Say It’s Wonderful / Lush Life / Too Young to Go Steady / What’s New

(ii) Music of Terry Riley

Terry Riley: In C (“Megamix” featuring: original version, Piano Circus, “20th Anniversary Concert” & Shanhai Film Orchestra) / Persian Surgery Dervishes (excerpt) / Cadence of the Wind / Return of the Ancestors (“Harp of the New Albion”)

#104 9.25.95

(i) Music of Steve Roach

Steve Roach: Towards the Dream / Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost / Australian Dawn / Through a Strong Eye / The Ancient Day (“Dreamtime Return”) / The Ritual Continues / Comeback (“Now/Traveller”), Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Ron Sunsinger: Passage Four / North Kiva / East Kiva (“Kiva”)

(ii) Bela Bartok: Solo Piano Music

Bela Bartok: The First Term / Three Rondos on Folk Tunes / Four Dirges / Petite Suite / Seven Sketches / Two Elegies (Gyorgy Sandor)

#105 10.2.95

The Big Mix

Coyle and Sharpe: Musical Animals / Sandor 21, Tetsu Inoue, Atom Heart, Bill Laswell: Green Paste / Artificial Seaside, Tetsu Inoue: Static Soul / Slow and Low, Chris Haskett: Angular Piece / Translation, Crawl Unit: Soul Virus / Shadow of the Object, DAC Crowell: The Overnight Service / Glenwood Canyon, Jean-Francois Cavro: Fision / Manage ta television II, Zoogz Rift: Island of Living Puke / Murdering Hell’s Happy Cretins, Porcupine Tree: Moon Touches Shoulder, U. Srinivas & Michael Brook: Dance / Think, Remy Carre: La Biblioteque, Dimitri Fiumano: Esodo (cs), Milton Babbitt: Reflections, Popol Vuh: Aguirre / Listen He Who Ventures / Mantra of the Touching of the Earth, David Parsons: Gangotri / Devaloka, Peter Michael Hamel: Colours of Time / Bardo, Steve Roach: Growth Sequence, Exene Cervenka: In the Year of the Ant / The Closing Numbers / Clay, Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn: Freedom, Alan Vega/Suicide: Sneaker Gun Fire, Bob Ostertag: Fixed Resistor, Negativland: You Don’t Even Live Here, Time Merchant: Pathos / Conceptions of Reality, Alan Lamb: Primal Image / Beauty, Ryoji Ikeda: Zone 4 / Zone 1, Dumb Type: Water, Skozey Fetisch: Momma – Key, Mantaray: Omniscient / Remore Ritual, Dr. Atmo & Ramin: Isklander, Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin: Brain to Midi, Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze: Phantom Heart Brother, Skylab: Indigo / Six Nine, Paul Sauvanet: Memories, u-ziq: Leonard / Balsa Lightning

#106 10.9.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra: Nannies and Chauffeurs / Chejudo, Joe McPhee/Lisle Ellis/Paul Plimley: Mendacity / Approaching the Smoke That Thunders, Matthew Shipp Quartet: Critical Mass, Derek Bailey & Gregg Bendian: Select the Beam / Here, Say, Ne Zhdali: Whatever Happens #3, Glenn Horiuchi: Terminal Island Sweep, Matthew Shipp Quartet: Critical Mass / Virgin Complex, Recrash W.: Clubline / Silvie & Mayonaise / Minou Brule, Schweizer Schlagzeug Ensemble & Christoph Baumann: Rutenga, Marty Erlich Deep Woods Ensemble: Dance No. 1 / Flight, Terry Adams: Yes, Yes, Yes, Jerome Harris: Iron Man / Emanation, plus Coyle & Sharpe: Dizzy / Brain Piggy Bank

#107 10.16.95

Classical and Beyond

Mark Feldman: Sul G / Stalker / 4 Spiker, Allison Cameron: Runa (Sound Pressure), Joseph Celli: Violin & Video, Schweizer Schlagzeug Ensemble & Christoph Baumann: Nageli und Konsorten / Riffs and Grooves, Carl Orff: Vier Stucke fur Xylophon / Drei Stucke fur Flote und Schlagzeug, David Eagle & Hope Lee: Traces, Janet Maguire: Inno a Dio, Jacques Casterade: Diagrammes (Christiane Mathe), Alan Hovaness: Sonata Fred the Cat(Marvin Rosen), Arakel Siunetsi: Sirt im Sasani (Haissavourk Choir) plus Coyle and Sharpe: Daring But Dead / Human Leech

#108 10.23.95

(i) Music of Sweden

Bo Hansson: Time and Space / Day and Night, Kenny Hakanson: Sprinklek, Ragnarok: Foam of the Days, Samla Mammas Manna: Small Dialictics, Orientexpressen: Dannes Vals / Verbunk from Szatmar, Sodra Bergens Balalaikor Orchestra: U Vorot, Vorot / Zaigraj moja Volynka, Möller, Källman, Ringdahl: Skalhallingar / Lugum Leik, Lars Hollmer: Endlich ein Zamba / Kamelsvang, Johan Zachrisson: Fado da Ilha

(ii) Music of Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad: From the Side of the Machine (“Outside the Dream Syndicate”) / The Heterophony of the Avenging Democrats / May (‘EP’) / Pythagoras (ex) (“Slapping Pythagoras”)

#109 10.30.95

(i) Isaac Stern: “A Life in Music” Editions

Alban Berg: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (London SO, Abbado), Bela Bartok: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 1 – Andante Giocoso (Philadelphia Orc., Ormandy), Paul Hindemith: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra – Lebhaft (NY Philharmonic, Bernstein), Krysztof Penderecki: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra – Piu Mosso (Minnesota Orch, Skrowaczewski)

(ii) The Big Mix

Abstract Speed: God Plods On / Eta Corina, Tim Walters: The Dry Well / Under, Ueli Derendinger: Choshi / San’ya, Simon Fisher Turner: Pixsmiles / No Comfort in the Bloody Shadows, Ben Neill: Ether / Kama Rupa, Dead Voices on Air: Soul Catcher / Gessung, Eno/Wobble: Marine Radio / Unusual Balance / Spinner, Thomas Koner: Nuuk, Steve Roach: At the Edge of In-Between, Robert Rich: Sunspot Cycle, Sufi: Bluesunslide / Lover

#110 11.6.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Dave Douglas’ Tiny Bell Trio: Constellations, Kathleen Battle: The Little Horses / Nighe, Nighe, McCoy Tyner Trio: Changes, Charlie Hunter Trio: Wornell’s Yorkies, Kenny Burrell: Do What You Gotta Do, Joanne Brackeen Quartet: Turnaround, Charnett Moffett: Aura / Parade, Billy Pierce: Epistrophy, Big John Patton: Congo Chant, Nora York: You Go to My Head – Manic Depression, Susanna Lindeborg’s Mwendo Dawa: Enter the Outloop,Oliver Nelson: Stolen Moments, Charles Mingus: II B.S., Sonny Rollins: East Broadway Run Down, Joseph Benzola: Meditations / Pembi Mirui

#111 11.13.95

Classical and Beyond

Igor Stravinsky: La Sacre Du Printemps – First Part (Anthony & Joseph Paratore), Sydney Hodkinson: The Edge of the Olde One, Melissa Hui: San Rocco (Lawrence Cherney), Emil Bohnke: Sonata for Violincello and Piano op. 7 (Schwarz, Klaas), Desire Paque: Sonata No. 5 – Tempo di Scherzo / Finale, Henryk Gorecki: Symphony No. 3 – Lento e Largo (Dawn Upshaw, Anton Webern: String Quartet op. 28 (Neues Leipziger SQ) , Giya Kancheli: Symphony No. 2 (Rundfunk-Sinfoniorchester Berlin)

#112 11.27.95

(i) Music of John Coltrane

John Coltrane: Stellar Regions / Configuration / Tranesonic (“Stellar Regions”) / Sun Ship / Ascent (“Sun Ship”) / Greensleeves (alternate take) / Africa (first version) (“Complete Africa/Brass Sessions”)

(ii) The Big Mix

Loop Guru: Under Influence / The Third Chamber, A Positive Life: Aquasonic, Human Mesh Dance: Sunken Garden (“Two A.D.”), Harald Weiss: The Golden Dream / Wanderjahre, Anna Rubin: Seachange, Mud: Damp / March, Paul Bowles: Baptism of Solitude / The Circular Valley, Robert Fripp: 2000 II, Michel Redolfi: Palm Canyon, Ned Bouhalassa: Move I, Naut Humon: Deliquesce, Jeff Greinke: Below, Peter Michael Hamel: Colours of Time, Danna & Clement: Remember Summer / Silent Lake, Michael Stearns: Kama Meru / Volcano, Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark: Sun Showers

#113 12.4.95

Classical and Beyond

Alan Hovaness: Symphony for Metal Orchestra op. 203 – Adagio (Manhattan Chamber Orch.), Sydney Hodkinson: Threnody, Jon Leifs: Requiem, Sulkhan Tsintsadze: String Quartet No. 6 (Georgian State SQ), Luigi Nono: Omaggio a Gyorgy Kurtag, Michael Jefry Stevens & Mark Feldman: Keen Tyler / In Front of the Myth / Chatham Road, Iannis Xenakis: La Legende d’Eer, Mauricio Kagel: Nah und Fern, Ruth Zechlin: Metamorphosen

#114 12.11.95

Jazz & Improvisation

Susanna Lindeborg’s Mwendo Dawa: Saturday Sounds / En Hard Nod, Reflexion: Mood 28 Pt. I, Mal Waldron & George Haslam: One for Steve / Tangled Lawful Blues, Pharoah Sanders: You’ve Got to Have Freedom / Moon Rays, Benny Golson: Jam the Avenue, Archie Shepp: Hambone / Deja Vu / Ask Me Now, Michael Gassman: Musk, Jean-Francois Bovard: Freres de la Cote, John Scofield: Kool / Carlos, Sonny Fortune: Awakening / It Ain’t What It Was

#115 12.18.95

Classical and Beyond

Christian Wolff: Exercise 12 / Exercise 4 (2), Theo Brandmüler: Und der Mond… – Mysterienfragment / Ich – Auge der Kathedralen (Radio Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken), Leo Orstein: Suicide in an Airplane (Danielle Lombardi),Arthur Vincent Lourie: Formes en l’air (a Pable Picasso) (Danielle Lombardi) , Allan Pettersson: Four Improvisations, Erwin Schulhoff: Third Piano Sonata – Marcia Funebre / Finale Retrospettivo (Ulrich Urban) / Hot Music (ex) / Partita (ex) (Sherri Jones), Anton Webern: Passacaglia (Houston Symphony, Eschenbach), Kamran Ince: Waves of Talya, Joseph Koykkar: Expressed in Units

#116 12.25.95

(i) Early Music

Selections from: Emanuel Adriaenssen:”Love Songs and Dances”, Ockegham, Tallis etc…: “Utopia Triumphans”, Robert Fayrfax: “Missa Tecum Principium” / “Missa O Quam Glorifica”, Johannes Ockeghem: “Missa Prolationum” / “Missa Mi-Mi”, “The Spirits of England and France – 3” (Gothic Voices), “Cantigas from the Court of Dom Dinis” (Theatre of Voices), “Moyen Age – A Medieval Journey”, “The Feast of San Rocco, Venice 1608”(Musica Fiata Köln)

(ii) The Big Mix

Tibor Szemzos: Tracatus, Steve Roach: World’s End / See Things , David Parsons: Varuna Ghat / The Himgiri, Terry Riley: Descending Moonshine Dervshes, m -Ziq: Old Fun #1 / Funky Pipecleaner, Single Cell Orchestra: Drifting in Wire (“Excursions in Ambience”), Node: Swamp (“Excursions…”), Anubian Lights: Anubian Light Destiny / Grid Coordinate, 7: Six, Surface 10: Live Lattitude (“Ambient Time Travellers”), Ragnar Grippe: Chamber Music, Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell: Blue Shift / Hall of the Same, Charles Uzzell-Edwards: Mosh / Strobelight, Pete Stollery: Altered Images, Eric Lyon: De Re Achitectura, Murat Ses: Binfen, Lee, Askill & Atherton: Looking South, Ryoji Ikeda: Channel X / Zone 3, Darrin Verhagen: Soft Ash (“Artifacts”), Christophe Charles: Unidirections/Stationary (“Artifacts”), David Toop: Iron Perm (“Artifacts”)

#117 12.25.95 (9 – 11 PM)

Jazz & Improvisation

Muhal Richard Abrams: 11 Over 4, Borah Bergman & Roscoe Mitchell: Deep Delta, Pharoah Sanders: The Creator Has a Master Plan (ex), Charles Mingus: Group Dancers, Duke Ellington: Amour, Amour / Soul Soothing Beach / Lotus Blossom (“Live at the Whitney”) / Limbo Jazz / Mood Indigo (“Meets Coleman Hawkins”), Anderson, Bennink & Doran: No Return / New H.G., Anthony Braxton & Abraham Adzinyah: Duo #1 (“Duo (Wesleyan) 1994”) (ex), Sun Ra: Someday My Prince Will Come / Forest of No Return, Joe Morris: Balance Point / There’s Probably No Other Way, Donat Fisch Quartet: Intervals and Melodies / Calypso, Rosetta: Gli Occhi Grigi