Playlists – 2015

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2015

#1,069  1.7.15

Classical and Beyond

Peter Kerlin Octet: Snake Eats Electric Blanket / Cenozoan Warp (Innova), Martin Bresnick: Going Home (Starkland), Quatuor Bozzini: Four (Ambiances Magnetique)


#1,070  1.13.15

Jazz & Improvisation

Yagull: Mio / Wishing Well / Burn (MoonJune), Klaxon Gueule: Enfin / Du Creux / Au Soudon / Avec la Mort (Ambiances Magnetique), Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere: The Breaking of Bonds & The Rearrangement of Atoms (Discus)


 #1,071 1.20.15

#1,071  1.20.15

Classical and Beyond

Martin Bresnick: Josephine the Singer / Strange Devotion (Starkland), Funf: (Chaleur / Gelee de Pomme / Aimes-tu na Porte? / The Name’s Name Ambiances Magnetique), Michael Hersch: Images from a Closed War (Innova)


#1,072 1.27.15

Music of Robert Rich

Robert Rich: Filaments (Soundscape Productions)


#1,073 2.3.15

Jazz & Improvisation

Vertical Squirrels: The Fruit Flies’ Demise / Swamp Code / Time of the Sign (Ambiances Magnetique), Yagull: North / Dark / Heiwa (MoonJune), Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere: Potent Lunation (Discus)


#1,074 2.10.15

Classical and Beyond

Martin Bresnick:Prayers Remain Forever (Starkland), Jerome Kitzke: The Paha Sapa Give-Back (Innova), Quatuor Bozzini: Thirty Pieces for String Quartet (Ambiances Magnetique)


#1,075 2.17.15

Jazz & Improvisation

Evidence: Played Twice / Brilliant Corners (Ambiances Magnetique), Joseph Holbrooke Trio: Crookesmoor (Tzadik), Simak Dialog: One Was to Be / Lain Parantina (MoonJune)


#1,076 3.3.15

Classical and Beyond

Funf: (Chaleur / Gelee de Pomme / Aimes-tu na Porte? / The Name’s Name (Ambiances Magnetique), Maya Beiser: Back in Black / Kashmir (Innova), Quatuor Bozzini: String Quartet in Four Parts (Ambiances Magnetique)


#1,077 3.10.15

Jazz & Improvisation

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere: Potent Lunation (Discus), Tesla Manaf: Counting Miles and Smiles / Moving Side / Early Years (MoonJune), Klaxon Gueule: Enfin / Du Creux / Au Soudon / Avec la Mort (Ambiances Magnetique)


#1,078 4.14.15

It Came from Sheffield

Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer: Stalking the Vision (Discus), Martin Archer & Engine Room Favourites: The Hard Blues (Discus), Inclusion Principle: One Door Opens / Temple Mining (Discus)


1,079 4.21.15

The Final Broadcast

On the 25th anniversary of broadcasting at CHRW, I bid a fond farewell to the radio airwaves. Richard Moule joins me in saying goodbye.

The Bonzo Dog Band – The Intro and the Outro (EMI)
Robert Rich – Filaments (Soundscape Productions)
Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer – Stalking the Vision (Discus)
Amon Duul II – Archangels Thunderbird (live) (Mystic)
Can – Paperhouse (Spoon/Mute)
Neu! – Hallogallo (Astralwerks)
The Pentangle – The Market Song (live) (Castle)
John Martyn – Solid Air (Island)
Tim Buckley – Dolphins (live) (Manifesto)
Blind Willie Johnson – John the Revelator (Columbia)
Melvin Van Peebles – Catch That on the Corner (RPM)
The Velvet Underground – What Goes On (live) (Universal)
Hawkwind – Silver Machine (EMI)
Gesumm – Whirl I (Gesumm)
Chris Meloche – Transitions I (Transmorphous Edition)
Caravan – Place of My Own (Universal)
The Fall – Over! Over! (Narnack)

Goodbye and thanks for listening!