Playlists – 2003

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 2003


#498 1.7.03

Classical and Beyond

Luciano Berio: Sequenza XI for Guitar (Eliot Fisk), Witold Lutoslawski: Chain 2 (Anne-Sophie Mutter, BBC SO, Lutoslawski), Tim Brady: Twenty One Quarter Inch Jacks, John Blow: Sappho to the Goddess of Love / Sappho to the Goddess of Beauty (Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rooley), Olivier Messiaen: Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant Jesus I – IV (Steven Osborne), Gen Ken Montgomery: Fusebox – Contemplating Columbus / The Aquarium Fishtank Symphony

#499 1.14.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Mal Waldron, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Steve Lacy: You / Soul Eyes, Frith, Derome, Tanguay, Boisen: Landscape With Fire / Where Your Children Are, Howard Riley, Barry Guy & John Stevens: Just, Evan Ziporyn: Press Release, Georg Hofmann’s Extensions: Sit Back and Relax / Alpenvoodoo / Promenade Tati, No Square: Tucuman / Question, Christine Jensen: Dilemna, Andree Boudreau: Pourquoi, Joani Taylor & Bob Murphy Trio: A Timeless Place / When Sunny Gets Blue

 #500 1.21.03 (9PM – midnight)

500th Episode Celebrations

Pt. I: Classical and Beyond

Steve Reich: The Desert Music (Alarm Will Sound and Ossia), Tim Brady: Music Box Bell Curves

Pt. II: Jazz and Improvisation

The Necks: Unheard, Terje Isungset: Whale Wisdom

Pt. III: Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

Tantalus: Raining on the Parade / Finger Painting, Episode Six: Sunshine Superman / Alone Again Or / A Hazy Shade of Winter / Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart / I Am a Cloud, Dogstar Poets: Karmakaze / Avalon Mists,Francis Monkman: Towards Tomorrow / Sea of Tranquility

#501 1.28.03

Classical and Beyond

Gavin Bryars: One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing (Nexus), John Zorn: Cobra (Capriccio / Prestissimo), Terry Riley: In C (Bang on a Can), Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto RV 577 / Concerto RV 569 (Freiburger Barokorchester, Gottfried von der Goltz)

#502 2.4.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Terje Isungset: Frozen / Green, Charlie Mariano: Dew Drops, Tibor Szemzo: Beuys / Like Kaylash, Simon Nabatov: In Motion / Polymorphous Perverse, Mel Graves / Ear Shot: For Smith / 3 and 7, Plaza Jazz Trio: The Tale of an African Lobster / Soft Awakening, Howard Riley, Barry Guy & John Stevens: Ontology, Maurice Magnoni: Ekai / Tangueros

#503 2.11.03

Classical and Beyond

Gavin Bryars: The North Shore (Gavin Bryars Ensemble), Robert Erickson: Pacific Sirens (Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London), Einojuhani Rautavaara: Lorca Suite (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Paul Hillier), Arvo Part: … which was the son of… (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Paul Hillier), Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet No 13 in B flat minor (St. Petersburg String Quartet), Arvo Part: Tabula Rasa (Gothenburg SO, Neeme Jarvi), Michael Gordon: Decasia Pt. 2 & 3 (Basel Sinfonietta, Kasper de Roo)

#504 2.18.03

Jazz & Improvisation

The Necks: Atheaeum, Tibor Szemzo: The Poppy One / Space, Les Poules: Ou est l’est, Mat Maneri Trio: Goode-Bye / Laura, Howard Riley: Finite Elements

 #505 2.25.03

Classical and Beyond

Charles Ives: Symphony No. 2 (Detroit SO, Neeme Jarvi), Toru Takemitsu: I Hear the water Dreaming / Air (BBC SO, Andrew Davis), Gyorgi Ligeti: Adventures (Ensemble Intercontemporain, Pierre Boulez), Arnold Dreyblatt: Meantime (Orchestra of Excited Strings), Elliott Carter: Clarinet Concerto (Michael Collins, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen), Antonio Vivaldi: L’Olympiade (highlights) (Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini)


 #506 3.4.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: No. 227, The Necks: Homebush, Dominic Duval, John Heward, Joe McPhee: Undersound 14

 #507 3.11.03

Classical and Beyond

Arnold Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht, Op. 4 (Atlanta SO, Yoel Levi), Pierre Boulez: Anthemes 2 (Ensemble Intercontemporain),G.P. Telemann: Trauer-Actus (highlights) (Cantus Coln, Konrad Junghanel), J.S. Bach: Art of the Fugue BWV 1080 (Fretwork), J.P. Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin en Concert – Premiere Concert (Pinnock, Podger, Manson), Olivier Messiaen: St. Francois d’Assise (Halle Orch., Kent Nagano) (highlights)

#508 3.18.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Scott Rosenberg’s Skronktet West: Shrrr / Sdppd + Prruer, Dominic Duval, John Heward, Joe McPhee: Undersound 11, Actis Band: Vulcano Boro / Miso Soup / Polpi d’Otranto, Michel Doneda, Urs Leimgruber, Keith Rowe: The First Part

#509 3.25.03

Classical and Beyond

Philip Glass: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (Gidon Kremer, Wiener PO, Christoph Von Dohnanyi), Eric Chasalow: Left to His Own Devices / Suspicious Motives, Robin Cox Ensemble: Escher / Music for Mallets and Strings, Timeless Pulse (Pauline Oliveros a.o.): CNMAT 2002 Pt. 1, Donkey: Crick

#510 4.1.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Pharoah Sanders: You’ve Got to Have Freedom / Doktor Pitt, Alessandro Bosetti, Michel Doneda, Bhob Rainey: Places dans l’air – Pt. 1, Scott Rosenberg’s Skronktet West: Ellhg + Sttm, 49 degrees Nord: Circuit / Dimanche Matin, Howard Riley & Lol Coxhill: Breaking the Habit / Blankets, lava Ganelin & Esti Kenan Ofri: From a Nest

#511 4.8.03

Classical and Beyond

Toru Takemitsu: Quotation of Dream / Twill by Twilight (London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen), James Tenney: Analog #1 / Ergodos II (for John Cage), Chas Smith: A ’75 Scircura, Michael Byron: Continents of City and Love / Tidal

#512 4.15.03

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Family: Burlesque / Procession-No Mules Fool (live) / Drowned in Wine / Part of the Load / Weaver’s Answer (live) / A Song for Me, Gentle Giant: Free Hand / Funny Ways (live Cleveland 1977), Martin Archer, Geraldine Monk & Julie Tippetts: Espial / Metablethers, Martin Archer: English Commonflowers, The No-Neck Blues Band: Witch / Fuck-No / The Shepherd Takes a Shine to the Abyss

#513 4.22.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Po: Provocative Operations Pt. 2 – 4, Brennan, Lee, van der Schyff: Let It Find You / Western Front / Zero Heroes, ‘Gypt Gore: Flakes / Nacorama Action Painting / Blue Soon, Aki Takase & Rud Mahall: Panna Cotta / Ear In, Ear Out / Purity and Sweetness, Shoup, Flaherty, Moore, Corsano: Tonic One

#514 4.29.03

Classical and Beyond

Alfred Schnittke: Klavierquintett (Keller Quartet w/Alexei Lubimov), R. Murray Schafer: Beauty and the Beast (Quatuor Moninari), Francois Couperin: Sixieme Ordre (Angela Hewitt), Claude Debussy: Trois Poemes de tephane Mallarme (Sandrine Piau, Jos van Immerseel), A. Dontigny & Diane Labrosse: t.s.f. / Antenne Parabolique

#515 5.6.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Burns, Caloia, Heward Trio: Presence 6 & 7, Ullmann, Stevens, Fonda, Bennink: Quiet / Circle, Fortune, Harper, Cowell, Workman & Hart: Is It Not True Simply Because You Cannot Believe It? / Equipoise, Inside Out: Scojam / Stigmatango, Balai Mecanique: Brule-porpoint / Balai mecanique! / Racines


 #516 5.13.03

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Roger Chapman / Streetwalkers: Pills / Moth to a Flame (live) / Who Pulled the Nite Down (live) / Talking About You (live) / Unknown Soldier, Hawkwind: Angels of Death / Void of Golden Light, Roye Albrighton: Pass the Fuzz / The Stranger, The Prime-Time Sublime Community Orchestra: Felini’s Pickup Truck / Invocation and Fanfare of the Tahitian Garbage Fairies, Marc Valee Trio: Hamadryade / Cameleon / Marcheurs d’Epoir, Martin Tetreault: Analogique 5 / Analogique 6 / Analogique 4 / Analogique 7 / Analogique 2

 #517 5.20.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Ullmann, Stevens, Fonda, Bennink: Variations on a Theme by Claude Debussy, Wally Shoup Trio: The Slammer / Laying Low, Kali Fasteau: Grand Kanun / Advice and Dissent, Positive Knowledge: Direct Focus / Beauty is Hidden, Derek Bailey, Anthoine Berthiaume, Fred Frith: Soshin / Morning Froth, Michel Doneda, Urs Leimgruber, Keith Rowe: The Second Part, PSI: The ___ Who Had Begun His Career

#518 6.3.03

Classical and Beyond

R. Murray Schafer: 8e Quatuor (Quatuor Moninari), Julia Wolfe: Dig Deep (Ethel), Nick Didkovsky: Amalia’s Secret (Bang on a Can All-Stars), Dave Heath: Sirocco (English Chamber Orchestra, Heath), Dietrich Buxtehude: Ich habe Lust abzuscheiden (Purcell Quartet, Emma Kirkby a.o.), The Prime-Time Sublime Community Orchestra: Pomp & Vindaloo, Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshide: Duo 2 / Duo 4 / Duo 6 / Duo 8

#519 6.10.03

Jazz & Improvisation

The Necks: Quay, Derek Bailey, Anthoine Berthiaume, Fred Frith: Afternoon Tea / Aquatheque, Bertrand Denzler & Hans Koch: Asymetrie 4 / Asymetrie 4, Cholet Kanzig Papaux Trio: Senechas / Autumn Circle, Shoup, Flaherty, Moore, Corsano: Tonic Two

#520 6.17.03

“I Once Had a Duck” – Classical, Beyond and Other Stories

Tim Brady: Double Helix (Bradyworks), R. Murray Schafer: Theseus (Quatuor Moninari), Tom Hamilton, Mike Silverton & Al Margolis: A Keyhole for the Peeking / Fire and Ice and a Reliable Chronometer / Yanking Anchors, Shoulder Dislocations / He Can’t Take You With Him / A Cozy Place by the Crevasse, Toru Takemitsu: Voyage (Kinshi Tsuruta), Coin Gutter: Southern Yukon – Northern BC, Anton Webern: String Quartet (Munchener Kammerorchester, Poppen)

 #521 6.24.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Derek Bailey, Anthoine Berthiaume, Fred Frith: Indicateur d’Assiette, Frank Gratowski Quartet: Homage, Earl Howard: Strong Force 2 & 3, Anthony Braxton: No. 228

 #522 7.1.03

Oh, Oh… Canada! – A Canada Day Salute

Chris Burns, Nicolas Caldia & John Heward: Presence, Outward Sound Ensemble: Soluble

 #523 7.8.03

Classical and Beyond

Pierre Boulez: Repons (Ensemble Intercontemporain), Elliott Carter: Oboe Quartet / A 6 Letter Letter (Heinz Holliger), Tim Brady: Two Chords Less Than a Blues (Bradyworks) / Sound Off (Kappa), Erik Satie: Parade (Willem Breuker Kollektief), Jozef Van Wissem: The Mirror Stage / Narcissus Drowning, Deep Listening Band & Joe McPhee Quartet: Unquenchable Fire – 4th Movement, New Circle Five: Dreaming Wide Awake, Valentin Silvestrov: Postludium (RSO Wein, Davies)

 #524 7.15.03 (9PM – midnight)

Jazz & Improvisation

The Necks: Raab, Jeff Chan: ‘Round and ‘Round / Bells – Falling / Waiting John Butcher, Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak: Noise Temperature Suite, Fjellstad, Kowald, Reason, Robinson: Dual Resonance 1 – 3, Luigi Archetti & Jan Schlegel: Realgar / Taglit / Goyazil / Thaumasit, Tobias Delius, Wilbert de Joode, Dylan van der Schyff: A Good Idea / Seven Day Itch, Metalwood: Chronic / Pap 3 / Babylon

#525 7.29.03

Classical and Beyond

Tim Brady: Escapement (Bradyworks), Louis Andriessen: Worker’s Union (Bang on a Can), Gaitier de Coincy: Amours (Harp Consort, Andrew Lawrence-King), John Tavener: The Bridegroom (Anonymous 4, Chilingirian Quartet), Frederic Rzewski: De Profundis (Lisa Moore), Antonio Vivaldi: Juditha Triumphans – highlights (Magdalena Kozena, Academia Montis Regalis, Alessandro de Marchi)

 #526 8.5.03

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Deep Purple: Wring That Neck (Montreaux Casino 1969) / Jam Stew / Speed King / Cry Free / Hard Lovin’ Man / Bloodsucker (BBC Sessions), Alternative TV: Still Life / Fellow Sufferers, Anthony Phillips: Treganna Afternoons / Lucy – An Illusion / Chinese Walls, Wayne Kramer: Adult World / The Red Arrow, Peter Green & Splinter Group: Preachin’ Blues / Hell Hound on My Trail / Traveling Riverside Blues, Roger Chapman: Bring It On Home / Strange Brew / Slow Down


#527 8.12.03 (9PM – midnight)

Summer Night Sounds

Nino Rota: La Strada (Orch. Metropolitain du Grand Montreal, Nezet-Seguin), Georg Philipp Telemann: Du Aber, Daniel, Gehe Hin (Theatre of early Music, Taylor), Delius, Joode, van der Schyff: The Flying Deer, Tim Brady: Double Helix (Bradyworks), Butcher, Hansen, Krakowiak: Standing wave Suite, Outward Sound Ensemble w/Martin Archer: Cloudburst

 #528 8.19.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Ehinger, Lindemann, Pittleoud: Red / Dance 1, John Butcher: What Remains / Streamers / A Controversial Fix for…, Hans Fjellestad: Don Garlica / El Cavernario / Cabrito, Dalaba, Frith, Glick, Rieman, Kihlstedt: The Distance That Separates Dreams / Worm Anvils, Bobby Bradford, Francis Wong, William Roper: Baleen & Porpoises / Bugle Boys, Hartmann/Mader: Die Abwesenheit des Igels

 #529 8.26.03

Classical and Beyond

Sean Ferguson: Apocryphal Graffiti (Ensemble Intercontemporain de Montreal, Lacroix), Georges Gurdjieff & Thomas De Hartmann: Prayer for Mercy (Alain Kremski), Sir Lennox Berkley: Diversions Op. 63 (Nash Ensemble),Antonio Vivaldi: Mottetti RV 629 (Anke Hermann, Laura Polverelli, Academia Montis Regalis, De Marchi), Isang Yun: Quartet for Oboe and String Trio (Heinz Holliger), Moro: Picadores / Petronimous / Soul of Dorotea, Michael J. Schumacher: Piece in 3 Parts

 #530 9.2.03

More Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz

Vyacheslav Ganelin: Con Amore, Ganelin / Trasov: Simile, Vladimir Chekasin Quartet: Anti Show Sketches of Everyday Life

 #531 9.9.03

Classical and Beyond

Steve Reich: Three Tales, Andre Ristic: Catalogue de Bombes Occidentales (Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal, Lacroix), Harry Partch: U.S. Highball (Kronos Quartet), Louis Andriessen: Hout (Bang on a Can All Stars),Evidence: Aurora Viaduct

#532 9.16.03

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Sun Dial: Believe in the Spaceman / Tumbling Down / Acid Test, Hypnosis: Stargazer / Boat Keep Sailing / Apple 13, Deep Purple: Paint It Black / Mandrake Root (Live at Montreaux, 1969), JOMF:In Between, No-Neck Blues Band: Fuck-No, Paul Chain: Cosmic Wind Pt. 1

 #533 9.23.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: No. 99L / No. 8h / Out of Nowhere, Frith, Leandre, Segel: From Ice to Steam / Portrait of a Boy / Sideshow / Glass of Absinthe, Shoko Hikage & Jonathan Segel: Gen 1 – 4, John Butcher: … Shrilling Reed Freakout / Sprinkler / Atelier, Outside Out: Now I, Ganelin Trio: 15-Year Reunion

 #534 9.30.03

ONCE Upon a Time: Music from the ONCE Festival

Gordon Mumma: Sinfonia for 12 Instruments and Magnetic Tape, Robert Ashley: The Fourth of July, Roger Reynolds: Wedge, Donald Scavarda: Sounds for Eleven, Roger Reynolds: A Portrait of Vanzetti, George Cacloppo: Piano Pieces, Philip Krumm: Muisc for Clocks, Robert Sheff: Diotima

#535 10.7.03

WfS Tenth Anniversary Edition (1993 – 2003)

John Oswald: Aparanthesi A, Paul Dolden: Below the Walls of Jericho, Sun Ra: Free Improvisation / Honeysuckle Rose / Friendly Galaxy, Simon Nabatov & Han Bennink: Sorrow / Synch / The Lost One, Outside Out: Now II,JOMF: The Pidgeon / Pray

 #536 10.14.03

Classical and Beyond

Alban Berg: Lyric Suite (Kronos Quartet), Phillipp Friedrich Boddecker: Sonata in D minor / Sonata Sopra “La Monica” (The Rare Fruits Council), Pierre Boulez: Figures-Doubles-Prismes (Orchestre National de Lyon, Robertson), Moro: Sky Tracings / Farruca / Malaguena, Evidence: Submarine Fluorescence, Roxanne Turcotte: Libellune

#537 10.21.03

Classical and Beyond

Alexander Raskatov: “The Seasons” Digest (Gidon Kremer, Kemerata Baltica), Jean-Philippe Rameau: Castor & Pollux (highlights) (Les Arts Florissants, Christie), Yannick Plamondon: Post (Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal, Lacroix), John Oswald: Aparanthesi B Michael J. Schumacher: Still #1 (feat. Charles Curtis) / Still #2

#538 11.4.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Evan Parker & September Winds: Poclabacla / Sessicht / Sagstrio, Collective 4tet: Convergence / Going Ahead, Pago Libre: Karelian Kink / Archaeopteryx / Turcana, Frith, Leandre, Segel: Goodbye Pop / Tempted to Smile / Housecleaning at the Beginning of a New Year, Shoko Hikage & Jonathan Segel: Gen 5 – 8, Outside Out: Now III

#539 11.11.03

Classical and Beyond

Peteris Vasks: String Quartet No. 4 (Kronos Quartet), Georges Gurdjieff & Thomas De Hartmann: Return from a Journey (Alain Kremski), Scott Rosenberg: Tehr / Wash , Jean-Francois Guay: Cinq Etudes Pour Saxophone / Que le Terre S’Ouvre, Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 – First Mvt (Dallas SO, Litton)

 #540 11.18.03

Jazz & Improvisation

L’Ensemble Pierre Labbe: Outrages / Combat de Coqs / Le Blanc des Yeux / Bloops, Uler & Thoma: Orangered / Violet, Pago Libre: Suonatina / Tikkettiakkitakk, Dickie’s Nodan Levesky: Ego Sans-tripes, Pascal Desjardins & Frederic Leonard: Lavabo, Malarafe: Descente, Cleo Palacio-Quintin & Pascal Boudreault: Avec le Debut et la Fin, L’Hexacorde: Quator Bizarre, Bobok: Tapis, Collective 4tet: Jig, O’Keefe/Stanyek/Walton/Whitehead: Threshold / Trace

#541 11.25.03

Classical and Beyond

“Blue” Gene Tyranny: Song No. 1 / Meditation, Paul Dolden: Garvity’s Stillness – Resonance #6, Alvin Lucier: Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Familiar Hyperbolas – Voice & Xylophone, Ralph Vaughan Williams: String Quartet in C minor (Nash Ensemble), Alan Licht: 14, Second, Fifth


 #542 12.2.03

The Long Ones

“Masayo Asahara”: Saint Agnes Fountain, The Necks: Photosynthetic

#543 12.16.03

Jazz & Improvisation

Denman Maroney: Fluxations 2 & 3, NOMA: Ouvert Tour / Art + Arthur / Half Padt Piano / Conversation, Charlie Collins & John Jasnoch: Justice – Equal and Exact / The Social Matrix of Technology, Evan Parker & September Winds: Z’blau wunder us Jenins / Nepente di oliena, Outside Out: Continuous II

 #544 12.23.03

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Soft Machine: Facelift – Mousetrap – Noisette – Backwards – Mousetrap Reprise (BBC 1969) / Slightly All of the Time – Out Bloody Rageous – Eamonn Andrews (BBC 1970), Solaris: Alphamall / Rays of the Sun, Sun Dial: Lorne Blues / Slow Motion, Gryphon: Midnight Mushrumps Pt. 1 – 3, Man: Spunk Rock / C’Mon

 #545 12.30.03 (9PM – midnight)

Classical and Beyond

Joan La Barbara: Vocal Extensions / Twelvesong, Brian Current: For the Time Being (Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillancourt), Juliana Hodkinson: Some Reasons for Hesitating (Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillancourt), Arvo Part: Salve Regina (Polyphony, Stephen Layton) , Colin McPhee: Tabuh-Tabuhan (BBC SO, Leonard Slatkin), Luigi Nono: Fragmente (Arditti String Quartet), J.S. Bach: English Suite No. 1 (Angela Hewitt),Antonio Vivaldi: Vespri per l’Assunzione di Maria Vergine (highlights) (Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini)