Playlists – 1997

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 1997

#180 1.6.97

Tales from the Big Mix

The Modern Art (pre – Sun Dial): One Way Ticket / Pictures Rewind / White Sports Car (“All Aboard the Mind Trip”), Sun Dial: Magic Potion / Fireball / Slow Motion (“Return Journey”), Exploding in Your Mind / Magic Flight / Lorne Blues / Other Side (“Other Way Out”), Legend: Cunning Man / All Hallows Eve , Cathy Lane: Nesting Stones, Pony: (#2) / Lean, Stratotanker: Meet Me on Saturday / No Slack in My Chain, Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain: Should I Stay or Should I Go (“Misfits”), Nonplace Urban Field: Whimpish Wave / Chilled No. 6 / Nike Air, Tamsin: Innocence (“Breakbeat”), The Acid Didj: Number 5 (“Shamanic Trance”), The Fab 4: FABAFBABFAFB (Steve Roden) / fabulous (Brenda Cooper) / revolution 10 (Chondros & Katsiani) / the fab 4’33” (Morgan Soames), Sylvia Hallett: Flaming Tongue (“Unknown Public”), Ragnar Grippe: Shifting Spirits, Unitone Hi Fi: Natural Progression / Boomshot, Klaus Schulze, Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell: Psychedelic Brunch Pt II & VII, Hermann Buhler, Lisa Moskow, Geoffrey Gordon: Indonesia / Mahdu Journey (“Sojourn”), “Tembang Sunda”,

#181 1.13.97

Classical and Beyond

Howard Skempton: Of Late (John Tilbury), Mark-Anthony Turnage: Sweet and Decay (Ensemble Modern) (“Unknown Public” #8), Hilding Rosenberg: Symphony No. 6 – Inno, Allegro Moderato (Stockholm Symphony Orch, Stig Westerberg), Arthur Jarvinen: The Vulture’s Garden / Edible Black Ink / Clean Your Gun / Eye in the Wall of Meat, Barry Guy: Un Coup de Des (Hilliard Ensemble w/Barry Guy), Robert Fayrfax: Albanus Domini Laudans / Ave Lumen Gratie, Diana Burrell: Landscape (Northern Sinfonia of England, John Lubbock), Robert Simpson: Symphony No. 8 – Finale – Presto (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley), Bernard Hermann: Suite from Psycho – Prelude (National Philharmonic Orchestra, Hermann), Erkki-Sven Tuur: Crystallisatio (Tallin Chamber Orchestra), John Dowland: “Complete Lute Works, Vol. 4” (ex) (Paul Odette), Ragnar Grippe: Requiem Aeterna I / Lux Aeterna, Luciano Berio: Petite Suite (David Arden, piano), Claudio Monteverdi: “Madrigali e Motetti (highlights)

#182 1.20.97

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 14

Morton Feldman: Five Pianos (Schleiermacher, Mundry, Persson, Scholz, Vigeland) / Piano for Three Hands (Woodward) / Piano (Woodward) / Palais de Mari (Alan Feinberg), Give My Regards to Eighth Street (“New York School 3”)

#183 1.27.97

(i) Unearthed Treasures

Matching Mole: O Caroline / Instant Pussy / Part of the Dance / Dedicated to Hugh, But You Weren’t Listening / Flora Fidgit / Smoke Signal / Marchides, Barclay James Harvest: Taking Some Time On / Mother Dear / She Said / Mocking Bird

(ii) Big Mix

Autechre: Goz Quarter / Latent Quarter, Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts: Kyema Mimin / Ngani Troma Pt. 2 / Shengshik Pema Jungney, John Fahey: Let Go / Sunset on Prince George’s County / Layla, Frank Zappa: “Kill Ugly Radio Some More”, Robert Rich & Lisa Moskow: Suspension / Kali / The Mirror, Jimi Tenor: Outta Space, Sergio Dias & Friends: “Song of the Leopard”, Takadja: “Diye”

#184 2.3.97

(i) Jazz & Improvisation

Myra Melford Trio: The Death of Danny Love, Rashied Ali, Borah Bergaman, Joe McPhee & Wilber Morris: For Bill Dixon II (ex 10), Kirk Lightsey Trio: A New Blue / Medley – Freedom Jazz Dance / Pinocchio / Temptation / Giant Steps, Joe McPhee & Survival Unit II: Black Magic Man / Nation Time

(ii) Classical and Beyond

Otto Luening: String Quartet No. 2 (Sinnhoffer Quartet), Lou Harrison: Symphony on G – Finale (Royal PO, Gerhard Samuel), Benjamin Britten: An American Overture (BBC Philharmonic, Richard Hickox), Bela Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra – Finale (Czeck PO, Jiri Belohlavek), John Fahey: Dvorak

#185 2.10.97

(i) Unearthed Treasures, Odd Ditties, Cheese and Sleaze

“Girl on a Motorcycle” (original soundtrack – highlights), Mark Wirtz Orchestra and Chorus: “The Go-Go Music of…” (highlights), “The Thriller Memorandum” (including Edwin Astley, Ken Woodman, John Schroeder, Sounds Orchestral), Timi Yuro: Interlude (Time) / When Something is Wrong With My Baby / Hey Boy / Put Them Aside / Thirteenth Hour / I Waited Too Long, Joe Meek presents… “Joe Meek’s Girls! Let’s Go!” (featuring Sharades, Valerie Masters, Diane & the Javelins, Gunilla Thorn)

(ii) Tales from the Big Mix

Sarah Peebles: Blue Moon Spirit / Aqua Babble, L0SD: Monophonic / Buitenaards Ondergrands, SIAN: Synapse / Atmos, Strophe Area 1: The Sky at Night / Giving Push a Shove (Staaplaat vinyl), Ismael Lo: Without Blame (w/Marianne Faithful) / Jammu Africa, Soma: Arcane / Baal / Risen from Agartha, Mo Boma: Water Baka / Sannin Bayashi / Three Beaches, Michael Hedges: Ignition / Dirge, Michael Askill: Free Radicals, “Music of Armenia – Vol. 5” (highlights)

#186 2.17.97

Classical and Beyond

Edgar Varese: Densite 21.5 (Philippe Pierlot, flute) / Ionisation (Orch. National de France, Nagano), James Tenney: Bridge – Part 1 – Section 1 (Bachli, Schneider, Radermacher, Werder), Cornelius Schwehr: wer ihnen ihres nicht… / Quintus I (Ensemble Recherche), Claude Le Jeune: Tristitia Obsedit Me (Ensemble Clement Janequin, Visse), Igor Stravinsky: Deux Suites pour Petit Orchestra (Orch. de Cambra Teatre Lliure, Pons), Lepo Sumera: Music for Chamber Orchestra (Malmo Symphony Orch., Jarvi), Vagn Holmboe: Concerto No. 12, Op. 52 for Trombone and Orchestra (Christian Lindberg, trombone w/Aalborg Symphony Orch, Hughes), Wilhelm Stenhammar: Piano Sonata in A flat major, Op. 12 – Molto Vivace (Lucia Negro), Olivier Messiaen: Harawi – Dans le Noir (Manning, Miller), Sasha Matson: The Fifth Lake (Just Strings Ensemble), Saraband & Osnabrucker Jugend Chor: The Red Book, Jon Leifs: Trois Peintures Abstraits Op. 44 (Icelandic SO, Vanska)

#187 2.24.97

Piano Music of Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: No. 1 / No. 139 / No. 33 / No. 16 (“Piano Music [Notated] 1968-1988”) (Hildegard Kleeb, piano)

Celtic Flavours

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning: cuChulainn’s Last Battle / Way of the Warrior, The Harp Consort: Jigg to the Above / Carolan’s Receipt / Mr. Hugh O’Donnel, Nightnoise: Silky Flanks / Moondance / At the Races, Clannad: Second Nature / The Fairy Queen, Michael & Jeff Danna: “A Celtic Tale”

#188 3.3.97

Tales from the Big Mix

Tipsy: Mr. Excitement / Tuatara, Autechre: Rettic AC / Tewe / Hub, Bionaut: Odinsrune / Narcolepsy / Born to Goa, Boxhead Ensemble: Introduction / The Ravens / In Closing (“Dutch Harbor”), Azita: “Music for Scattered Brains”, RLW (Ralf Wehowsky): Beziehung / Atmosphare / Reise, Coyote Oldman: Tear of the Moon / Thunder Chord / The Shape of Time, Dominique Petitgand: 10 Petites Compositions Familiales, John Stockton: The Realm (cs), K.K. Null & James Plotkin: Neuro (remix) / Drowning in Air, Tactile: Intervention 1 (vs Coil) / Intervention 3 (vs Zoviet France) / Incubation / Caged Light, Lull: Stream Endless / Beating Within / Downwards, Final: 2 / 5,Chris & Cosey: Stargate, Atom Heart: Stage #4, S.E.T.I.: N=N, Bruce Gilbert: National Grid (“Antiphony”), Mark Van Hoen: 1967 / Night Sky Alternatives / Xenophobe, DJ Glove: Tuning, Tony Conrad: Four Violins (1964), in be tween noise: Dry Mouthed Insects on the Gates of Heaven / We Moved in a Varicolored Universe of Stories / Communicating Vessels, Dan Lander: The Talking Loudspeaker / Failed Suicide, Jimi Tenor: Wiping Out / Never Say It Aloud

#189 3.10.97

Jazz and Improvisation

Moscow Art Trio: Introduction & Kalina / South Etude, Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra: Giant Steps, Howard McGhee: Mop Mop / Be Bop / Thermodynamics, Johnny Dodds’ Black Bottom Stompers: Wild Man Blues / Come on and Stomp, Stomp, Stomp / When Erastus Plays on his Old Kazoo, Howard Riley – Art Theman Quartet: Body and Soul / Round Midnight, Marco Cortesi Quintetto: Mbbe / My Love / Triblu, General Music Project: Sing A Song of Song / Tip-Toeing / Sahara’s Short Story, Roy Haines: Big Foot / Played Twice, Vincent Herring: Elation / Almost

#190 3.17.97

(i) Surround Sound Dreams

Francis Dhomont: Foret Profonde, Jon Appleton: In Media Res / Homage to Orpheus / Spuyten Duyvil, Jonty Harrison: Pair – Impair / Unsound Objects, Bengt Hambraeus: Constellations II, Anders Blomqvist & Ake Parmerud: Tangent

(ii) Max Mix

Burning Spear: African Dub / Remember / Friendly Dub, NRBQ: Crazy Girl / RC Cola and a Moon Pie / Me and the Boys, Valarie Morris: OutZone / Space Song, Yontz Sucre: Casbah / The War, Chrome Cranks: Cool as Ice,God Is My Co-Pilot: Caught Looking / Hutzulka / Totally Wired, Loren Mazzacane Connors: Long Nights, Garmarna: Herr Holger, Urban Turban: Overtime, Vera Lynn: We’ll Meet Again

#191 3.24.97

Folked Again

Stuart Martz Band: Folked in the Head / The Diddley Jigs / The Butterfly, Rory Block: Bye Bye Blues / Tain’t Long Fo Day / Railroadin’ Some / Take My Heart Again, Chris Proctor: Adrenaline / Slickrock Lament / Hotspot, The Boys of Lough: Down the Broom / Far From Home / Kitchen Girl, Pete Morton: Courage, Love & Grace / The Lion and the Lamb, John McCutcheon: Reuben / Road to Bangor / Oh Death, Annette Degenhardt: Dagegen / Fur Mich / Kommt wer Noch / Farewell to Shangurraun, Slaid Cleaves: Jennie’s All Right / Wrecking Ball / Skunk Juice, Garmarna: Friends and Kins / My Husband / Today as Before, Hedningarna: Hoglorfen / Dolkaren / Kina

#192 3.31.97

Jazz and Improvisation

Schaller, Siron, Pendretti, Morgenthaler: Le Canari Encanaille / Le Piston Jaune / L’Amour, Manhattan Projects: This Here / Dat Dere, Ralph Peterson Fo’tet: Jackie-ing / Well You Needn’t, Jimmy Smith: Blues and the Abstract Truth / TNT, Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny: Our Spanish Love Song / The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Scott Rosenberg: Shawmin Begs / The Stockton Tunnel, Anthony Braxton & Brett Larner: Composition 72H / 74A / 72A (take 2), Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra: Untitled I / Queer Notions / Stardust from Tomorrow / We Travel the Spaceways, Jemeel Moondoc Trio: Triplet / Campbell’s Soup

#193 4.7.97

Unearthed Treasures

Guitar Orchestra: Lost Weekend / Ghost Town / Live Wire, McCoy: Oh Well / Fear of the Morning / Because You Lied, The Pirates: I Can Tell / Don’t Munchen It / Talkin’ Bout You / Sweet Love on My Mind / Honey Hush / Peter Gunn / Gibson Martin Fender, Ian Gillan: Restless 1 / Fiji / Are You Sure? / Money Lender / This is the Way / Goodhand Liza / Secret of the Dance / Dead of Night / Message in a Bottle / Roller / Monster in Paradise / Trying to Get to You / Driving Me Wild, Route 66: I’m Moving Out / I Can Tell / I Like What I Am

#194 4.14.97

Classical and Beyond

David Grubbs: Banana Cabbage, Christian Gilardi: Media Multitudinis / Apparatus Imaginibus…, Arvo Part: Summa (Tapiola Sinfonietta, Kantrow), Michael Tippett: String Quartet No. 3 – Allegro Commodo (Kreutzer Quartet),Benjamin Britten: A Hymn to the Virgin (Finzi Singers, Spicer), Edward Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance (Guitar Orchestra), Philip Glass: “The Secret Agent”, Chen Yi: Weaving Maid and Cowherd (Women’s Philharmonic, Falletta), Claudio Ambrosini: Trobar Clus (Ex Novo Ensemble, Ambosini), Roberto Micconi: Dittico (Giacobbe Stevanto, violin), Aulis Sallinen: Palatsi – The Palace – Overture (Savonlinna Opera Choir & Orchestra, Kamu),Janet Maguire: Inno a Dio (A Cappella Ensemble Lubeck, Bethke) (“Musica d’oggia Venezia”), Ugo Amendola: Concerto per Oboe e Fagotto (Orch. del Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, Bufalini)

#195 4.21.97

Tales from the Big Mix

Mick Harris & Eraldo Bernocchi: Demo Car / The Hand, Slim: Water / Triple Threads, Squarepusher: Beats Street / Last Ram Dispute / Vic Acid, Brainticket: Egyptian Kings / Rainbow / The Space Between, System 7: Coltrane (Red Moon Mix) / Big Sky City (Jacob’s Optical Stairway Mix), Holger Czukay: Longing For Daydreams, Null: Zero Wave / Voice of Eternity, His Master’s Voice: Singing the Boundaries, Zeta: Lifted / End, Dirk Mont Campbell: “Music from a Round Tower”, Gate: The Monolake, David Grubbs: Potato Lettuce, Mere Mortals: Et Cetera, Drift: Frog, Pilgrims of the Mind: Sandcastle (“Northern Circuits”), Modzilla: Panic in the Year Zero, DJ Trace: Beacon, B. Low: Where Are You Coming From, Slab: Rabbit’s Moon (“Trance Europe Express 5”), Herve Castellani: Deux Silences, Oblivious Scientist: “Sounds for Nestra”, “Music of Bali Vol. 2 & 3”, “The Music of Armenia Vol. 6″

#196 4.28.97

Jazz & Improvisation

Bill Evans: Nardis / Walkin’ Up, Parker, Guy, Lytton & Marilyn Crispell: Friends from Above / and the tints / Day of Small Truths, Grand Central: Hanksville, Gregg Bendian’s Interzone: Titled / Debacle, Ellery Eskelin with Andrea Parkins: Flamingo / Yummy Love / Sleight of Hand / Behind the Curtain, Leonard Feathers Esquire All-Americans: Snafu, Benny Carter: Rebop Boogie, Charlie Parker Septet: Ornithology (“The Jazz Year – 1946”),‘Stuff’ Smith: Onyx Club Spree / Twilight in Turkey, Ron Brown Duo with Matthew Shipp: Blink of an Eye No. 1 / No. 3 , Nat Adderly Quintet: Hummin’, Lauren Newton & Joelle Leandre: Cicciolina Pink / Alerzerin Madder Purple / Oregon Fog Grey, John Coltrane: My Favorite Things

#197 5.5.97

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Edgar Broughton Band: Hurricane Man / Roccococooler / Things on My Mind, Barclay James Harvest: Medicine Man / Harry’s Song / Crazy for You / Thank You, Gandalf: Hang on to a Dream / Can You Travel in the Dark Alone / I Watch the Moon, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound: Kites / Get Off My Bach / There’s a Little Picture Playhouse / Day Time Night Time / She Gave Me the Sun, Blonde on Blonde: Ride With Captain Max / I Need My Friend / Mother Earth / Conversationally Making the Grade, Elmer Gantry & the Velvet Opera: Intro / Mother Writes / Long Nights of Summer / Flames / Talk of the Devil To Be With You, Julian’s Treatment: The Coming of the Mule / Altarra – Princess of the Blue Women / Twin Suns of Centauri / Alkon – Planet of Centauri / The Terran, Pete Ham: No Matter What / It Doesn’t Really Matter / Would You Deny / Matted Spam

#198 5.12.97

Jazz & Improvisation… and some Blues

Sonny Rollins: Blue Room / Three Little Words / Street Runner with Child / Alfie’s Theme Differently, Alice Coltrane: Journey in Satchidanada / Stopover Bombay, John Coltrane: Chim Chim Cheree / Nature Boy (live version),Roy Patterson Quartet: Conrad, Reg Schwager Trio: Ornithology, Phil Woods Quintet: Peer Pressure, Ken Vandermark 5: Careen / Billboard, Elton Dean Quartet w/Roswell Rudd: The Incident , Ann Rabson: One Meatball / Gonna Stop You From Giving Me the Blues , Big Joe Turner: Roll ‘Em Pete, Walter Brown & Jay McShann Trio: Confessin’ the Blues, Rosetta Tharpe: I Want a Tall Skinny Papa, T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Boogie, Dinah Washington: Postman Blues (“The Road to R&B and RnR”), Assif Tsahar Trio: Impressions of a Messenger

#199 5.19.97

(i) 15th Annual Swedish Music Day

A programme of music presented in collaboration with the Swedish Music Information Center in Stockholm. Rock, jazz, folk and classical music with featured artists: Hedningarna, Hoven Droven, Folk & Rackare, Garmarna,Bengt Emil Johnson, Anders Blomqvist, Peter Bengtson, Lennart Aberg 4, Hakan Brostrom, Ingvar Karkoff.

(ii) Big Mix

Hildegard Westercamp: Cricket Voice / Kitts Beach Soundwalk, Francis Dhomont: Sous le Regard d’un Soleil Noir, Randall Smith: Ruptures / The Face of the Waters, Magical Power Mako: “Music from Heaven”, Mere Mortals: Hare Hare RAM / Global Driftnet Moratorium, Hatohan: Eldorado, Aube: Crackstrtum, Toru Yamanaka: Weathering 2 (“Chiky(u)u”), Robert Rich: The Other Side of Twilight / Numen / The Walled Garden / Nesting Ground, Robert Rich & Alio Die: A Canopy of Shivers / Sirena / Tree of the Wind, TUU: Migration / Stone to Sand, Minimum Vital: Esprit d’Amour, Pierre Farve: Emprientes / Solar Wheel / Blue on Blue, Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Nauseef: Interludes XI – XV

#200 5.26.97

Folk, Roots and World Music

Annbjorg Lien: Villvinter / Fonix / Vidvandre, Dennis Brennan: Mighty Long Time / Lies / The Worried Man / Wages of Fear, Artie Traum: Monte & Heather, Leo Kottke: Arms of Mary(“Acoustic Heart”), Woody Mann: So Glad / And 3 Not 4 / For B.D.,Mahotella Queens: Amabhongo, Kine Lam: Souma Sagnone, Ami Koita: Gomba(“Holding Up Half the Sky”), Abida Parveen: Yung Saja Chand, Alison Kraus & Union Station: It Doesn’t Matter / Looking in the Eyes of Love / Happiness, Glyn Styler: You Killed My Love, Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani: Assarouf: Amin Amin / Taddeghal Tara, Ali Akbar Khan: Indi Blue (“World Music That Speaks to the Spirit”), Kenneth Newby: Saraswati / Howe Sound, “Dancing to the Flute”, Gino D’Auri: Cadiz y Badajoz

#201 6.2.97

Classical and Beyond

Ingram Marshall: Entrada (Maia Quartet) / In My Beginning is My End (Dunsmuir Quartet), Arvo Part: De Profundis, John Sheppard: The Western Wynde Mass / Cantate Mass, The King’s Nouse: “The Queen’s Delight”, “Comedies Madrigalesques” (Ensemble Clement Janequin), Sofia Gubaidulina: Chaconne (Beatrice Rauchs, piano), Violeta Dinescu: Ichthys, Charles Norman Mason: Some Find Me, Luciano Berio: Black is the Colour / La Donna Ideale (Dagmar Peckova), Arnold Schoenberg: Septet Suite – Theme and Variations (20th Century Classics Ensemble, Craft), Rajmil Fischman: Alma Latina / If Stones Could Have a Brief Word, Lou Harrison: Air for a Poet, Louis Andriessen: Zilver

#202 6.9.97

Jazz & Improvisation

Charles Mingus: I Can’t Get Started / Roland Kirk’s Message / Meditations for Moses, McCoy Tyner: Inception / Speak Low / ‘Round Midnight / Blue Monk, Uwe Oberg, Georg Wolf & Jorg Fischer: Lotion / Lontano, Collective 4tet: Mira / Albatross, Bobby Watson & Curtis Lundy: To See Her Face, Louis Armstrong: I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues / Basin Street Blues / St. Louis Blues / Back O’ Town Blues, The Bebop Boys (w/Bud Powell): Serenade to a Square / Seven Up, Kenny Clarke and his 52nd Street Boys (w/Bud Powell): Epistrophy, Antonio Hart: True Friends, Aldo Romano: Silenzio, David Murray: Evidence (w/Amiri Baraka), Stan Getz: A Handful of Stars, Abbey Lincoln: The River

#203 6.16.97

(i) Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Kevin Coyne: Monkey With Your Funky / Fatty Boy / Teenage Queen / English Rose / Peachtree Avenue / Schoolboy / Why? / Drunk Again / The Devil Calling / Deep the Darkness / Little Miss Dynamite / Burning Head II / Slow Burner / No Lullabies / The Creeper

(ii) Big Mix

Speedy J: Tuning In / Melanor / Hayfever, We: Magnesium Flares / Violinstoid / Shape Wipe, HIM: Plastic Experience, Dylan Group: All That’s Left / The Wine, Rehberg & Bauer: Metro Zwei / Supa / Aux, Trance Groove: Stone Soup / In a Field, Crawling With Tarts: End Loop Haiku / Field Variation Nr. 1 / Text Kernel Nr. 3 & 4, Plastikman: Sickness / Pannikattack, Hearing Trumpet: Heart of a Leaf, John Palmer: Phonai / Spirits, Kooky Scientist: Orgon Donor / Inter:Mission, Jimi Tenor: Take Me Baby / Salo, Richard Bone: Vox 2.5, Woob: Giant Stroke, Miasma: Dead Eye (Emit 1197)

#204 6.23.97

Jazz & Improvisation

Marc Edwards: Positive Charge – Negative Release / Red Sprites & Blue Jets / Dark Space, Bern Nix: Just Friends, High Wire Nonet: Post Prandials Pt. II, D.D. Jackson: Rhythm and Things (w/James Carter) / Chick-isms (w/Santi Debriano), Vienna Art Orchestra: Hat and Beard / Somewhere Over the Rainbow (w/Monika Trotz) / Short Developments, Joe McPhee & David Prentice: The Garden, Ivo Perelman Trio: Slave of Job , Paul Smoker – Vinny Golia Quartet: Sometimes It’s Easy, Matthew Shipp “String” Trio: Signal / By the Law of Music / Fair Play / Whole Movement, Orquestra Was: Excuse Me, Colonel / You’ve Been Having a Rough Night, Huh, Charnett Moffett Trio: Still Life / Full Circle

#205 6.30.97

(i) The Alan Lomax Collection

Alan Lomax (producer): Music from the “Southern Journey” series of recordings – V1 “Voices from the American South”, V2 “Ballads and Breakdowns”, V3 “61 Highway Mississippi”, V4 “Brethren, We Meet Again”, V5 “Bad Man Ballads”, V6 “Sheep, Sheep Dont’cha Know the Road”

(ii) Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Spontaneous Combustion: 200 Lives / Brainstorm / Pan, Jon Lord & Ian Paice: interview w/Mick Wright, John Gustafson: Precious Heart / Goose Grease, Bobby Harrison: The Hunter, The Dream Syndicate: Cinnamon Girl / Shake Your Hips / The Lonely Bull, Laurel & Hardy: Themselves, Gracie Fields: What Can You Give a Nudist on His Birthday?, Spike Jones: Cocktails for Two

#206 7.7.97

Classical and Beyond

Philip Glass: Attack and Fall (“Akhnaten”) / Facades / Floe (“Glassworks”) / Building – Train / Knee Play 3 / Knee Play 5 (“Einstein on the Beach”), Gyorgy Ligeti: Ballad and Dance for Two Violins / Allegretto for String Quartet(Arditti String Quartet) / White on White (Pierre-Laurent Aimard) / Two Dreams and a Little Bat (King’s Singers) / Nouvelles Adventures – Agitato Molto, Aaron Rabushka: Concerto for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra, Michael Torke: Vanada (Icebreaker), David Lang: Cheating, Lying, Stealing (Icebreaker), Allen Shawn: Sextet for Piano and Winds – Flowing, Tranquil & Allegro

#207 7.14.97

Big Mix / Max Mix

Saul Stokes: Deep in Grass / Zona / Clearing, Viridian Sun: Voxuua Soexis / Nervous Eclipse, Bill Laswell: Nothing / Kashi, Farmers Manual:”fsck”, Scanner: Fuse, Oval vs Main: SDII Audio Template, John Hudak: Sketch of a Field, Jim O’Rourke: There As, Christian Marclay: Smoker / One Thousand Cycles / Second Coming / His Master’s Voice, Elliott Sharp: Nad-Tuk / Indigo / Minimalectro, Pinetop Seven: 40 Watt Bulb / Tearing It Down at Dawn / Think About You at Odd Times, Bobby Conn: Who’s Paul #16, Yoko Ono: Why / Touch Me / Something More Abstract John & Yoko: Don’t Worry Kyoko / John & Yoko, Sanjay Mishra (w/Jerry Garcia): My Meditiation / Allegro, Vasen: “Spirit”, Lee “Scratch” Perry: UFO Attack (ambient) / UFO Attack (inst.), Stephen Fellows: Waves / Backwards / Voices I / Shimmer, Chrome: Here Come the Warm Jets, Controlled Bleeding: Sombre Reptiles, Brand X: Sky Saw, De Benedictus & Maroulis: Warszawa(“A Tribute to Brian Eno”), Loksa: Green Adaptor, Squarepusher: Journey to Reedham / Full Rinse / Jaques Mal Chance, John Doan: Eire – Land of the Saints

#208 7.21.97

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 172 / No. 161 [Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993), Peter Brotzmann Octet: Responsible, Hans Reichel: Good Days, King Ubu Orchestra: Translation (“FMP Story”), Steve Lacy & Evan Parker: Twittering / Nocturnal Chirps 2, Wolfgang Fuchs & Georg Katzer: Vicious / Link, Natsuki Tamura & Satoko: Self Portrait / Kaleidoscope / Correlation, Carlos Bechegas: Midi – E. Parker / Modo p – Lacy, Paul Dunmall Octet: Desire and Liberation Pt. 1 / Pt. 6, Enzo Favata: El Sueno de Luis / The Legend / Ferula

#209 7.28.97

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

National Health: Paracelsus / Borogroves (Pt. 1) / Black Hat , Eddie Hardin’s Wizard’s Convention 2: Hot Head of Steam / Sultana, Mellow Candle: Heaven Heath / Dan the Wing / Sheep Season / Silver Song, Fire: Tell You a Story / Flies Like a Bird / I Can See the Sky, Octopus: Summer / Restless Night / I Say / Rainchild, Warhorse: Burning / Solitude (7) / Woman of the Devil [live] / Red Sea / Back in Time / Ritual [live, Beat Club], Traffic: Here We Go Round the Muberry Bush / Utterly Simple / Spencer Davis Group: Taking Out Time, Andy Ellison: It’s Been a Long Time (“Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”)

#210 8.4.97 (8-10PM)

Jazz & Improvisation

Christopher Cauley: As Ballad / Agua Viva, Raphe Malik: Ray (thine own) / Hightail, Shim: Threnody (for Miles Davis) / In Gated memory of Gentle Giant / Nag / Pudding, Vic Dickenson: Joy-Mentin’ (w/James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen) / Jammin’ With Lester (w/Lester Young), Roscoe Mitchell: They All Had New Clothes / A Messenger in Traffic / The Garden / The Night / The Other Side, Paul Bley: Hands On (7) / If (5), Ted Curson: Watermelon Man, Defunkt: Dogon A.D., Michael Marcus & Jaki Byard: Earth Beings, Aardvark Jazz Orchestra: Don Cherry’s Song of Beauty, Anders Jormin: Natt / Tveten

#211 8.4.97 (10PM-mid)

Classical and Beyond

Darius Milhaud: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Sari Biro), Erik Friedlander’s Chimera: The Watchman / Najime / Silver Like Dust, Ensemble Bash: Dash Me Something, Howard Skempton: Shiftwork (Ensemble Bash), Igor Stravinsky: Norwegian Moods / Ebony Concerto (Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York, Stravinsky), Sofia Gubaidulina: Alleluia – Da Ispolnjatsa Maja (Danish National Radio Symphony Orch), Cappella Nova: First Vespers for the Feast of St. Kentigern, Iannis Xenakis: Kraanberg (ex), Germaine Tailleferre: Intermezzo / Image (Clinto-Narboni Duo), Nino Rota: Piccola Offerta Musicale / Ippolito gioca per Pianofarte / Cantilena, Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat – Main Title / Little Umbrellas / G-Spot Tormadox(“Strictly Genteel”), Phil Durrant: Libero (“Sowari”), John Rutter: God Be In My Head / A Gaelic Blessing

#212 8.11.97

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson: Bog Chimney / Drifting Through the Days / Lotteryland, Vinicius Cantuaria: Sem Pisar No Chao / Samba Da Estrela, Mary O’Hara: Wexford Mummer’s Song / The Leprechaun / She Didn’t Dance, Michael Rose: Straight to Landlord’s Head / Goodbye / Mind This Yah Dub, Abida Parveen: Ghame Zindagi Se Guzar, Majek Fashek: Africa Unity, Adioa: Toubab Bile, The Comforters: Immortal Words (“Fly African Eagle”), Karan Casey: She is Like the Swallow, Cathie Ryan: The 12th of July, Cathy Jordan with Dervish: Little Pet (“Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of Celtic Women”), Leo Kottke: World Turning / Vaseline Machine Gun / Cripple Creek, Cinnamon Sphere (Sarah Peebles & Nilan Perera): Interludes 1 & 4, Rob Skane: Talk Without Lying / Nowheresville, Regis Gizavo: Taligne / Mahavaste, “Yogyakarta: Gamlean of the Kraton”, Min Xiao-Fen: “Spring, River, Flower, Moon, Night”

#213 8.18.97

(i) Music of Sergey Kuryokhin

Sergey Kuryokhin: Extracts from the 4 CD box set “Divine Madness” documenting the work of the late Russian composer including Pop Mechanics, Subway Culture, solo piano and more…

(ii) Jazz & Improvisation (and a bit of the Blues)

Larry Coryell: The Dragon Gate / Spaces Revisted, Terje Rypdal: Skywards / The Pleasure is Mine, I’m Sure / Shining, Ralph Towner: Veldt / Between the Clouds / Child on the Porch / Carib Crib, Steve Swallow: I Think My Wife is a Hat / Lost in Boston, Charles Mingus: Dizzy Moods / Tijuana Gift Shop, Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan: Out of Nowhere, Nina Simone: Nobody’s Fault But Mine / Aint Got No – I Got Life / Do I Move You, John Mayall: Dead City / Trenches, Chris Kelsey Trio: The Saxophonist of the Sorrowful Countenance / The Revenge of the Herd, Joe Louis Walker: Fix Our Love

#214 8.25.97

The Big Mix

Eugene Martynec: CITI / E-Scape / Spring Awaits, Pilgrims of the Mind: Smell Zee Flower / L’amour? Encore! / Loosejaw, Mikael Bondee: Phaedra, Supersonic: Logos Pt. 1 (“Tangerine Ambience Pt. 2”), Controlled Bleeding: Uncertain Sorrow / Fire Inside, Dilate: Solis / Tale / Para / Nemo’s Chord, Phil Durrant: Sowari / Chew 2 / Lurker, Lux Nova: My Time / A Lake, Circular Firing Squad: Floating Threshold / Inertialess Drive, Steve Roden: Splint, Bernhard Gunter: Impossible Grey, Ted Just: Dance on a String / Baroquen Dreams, Vangelis: Heaven and Hell Pt. II / Beaubourg Pt. I, John Cale: Kiss Mvt. 1 & 5, Arto Lindsay: Mundo Civilizado Inversion Mix / Omulu, Plaid: Undoneson / Headspin, Autechre: Yeesland / Charachi, Chris Savourey: Under the Sun (“Vae Victis”), Sarah Peebles: The Curse of Border Vacuums / Nocturnal Premonitions, Sub Dub: Dancehall Malfunction / Killr Instinkt / DJ Soup, Byzar: Tryphyn / Phylyx / Waxyz, O’Rang: All Change / Anaon – The Oasis, Chris Mann: I Don’t Hate America, Unitone Hi Fi: Listen or Ya Dead, Dave Hudson: Didge Odyssey, Witchman: Bone Music,Magical Power Mako: Blue Dot / Gothicthic, Crescent: Abstrat Forms / Oca Ola / Heat Haze, 8 Eyed Spy: Diddy Wah Diddy / Swamp / Run Through the Jungle / I Want Candy, The Tigerlilies: Realize / Hand Me Downs / Honey

#215 9.1.97 (8-10PM)

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Ray Fenwick: Crawdaddy Simone [Syndicats] / So I Came Back to You [Tee Set] / Long Ago [After Tea] / Have Merry Women [Hardin & York] / Get Out of My Life [Bo Diddly] / Living in a Back Street [Spencer Davis Group], Stateside Pt. 1 – 3, Mick Grabham: Scraunchy / There’s Been a Few Since Then, Musicians Union Band: Sugar Lipped Sal / Beggar Man, Janie Jones: Witch in White / Go Go Away from Me / Psycho / House of the Ju Ju Queen, Dave Sampson: Sweet Dreams / Why the Chicken? / Easy to Dream

Folk & Roots

Prince Albert Hunt: Blues in a Bottle, Richard “Rabbit” Brown: Sinking of the Titanic / James Alley Blues, Happy Hayseeds: The Tail of Haley’s Comet, Memphis Jug Band: On the Road Again, Allen Shaw: Moanin’ the Blues,Bobby Leecan & His Need More Band: Washboard Cut Out (“Times Ain’t What They Used to Be” Vol. 1 & 2), Eric Bibb & Needed Time: Saucer ‘n Cup / Blacksmith Island

#216 9.1.97 (10PM-mid)

Jazz & Improvisation

Gino Robair: Fricatives in Bovine Portraiture / St. Andrew’s mark / Motor (goat) Brool / Thumbfarben, The Club Foot Orchestra: L’Illusionists / La Dolce Vita Via Veneto / Via Veneto Mobili / La Dolce Vita, Water Shed 5tet: Hedora / Homage to Jack Hill / Homage to Dario Argento / Matress in the Basement, Graham Connah: Faustina, Keith Jarrett: La Scala, Ornette Coleman & Joachim Kuhn: Faxing / Cyber Cyber , Cedar Walton Sextet: Caravan, Billy Higgins Quintet: Seeker / Step Right Up to the Bottom, Tommy Flanagan: Sea Changes / Relaxin’ at Camarillo, Andrew Cyrille Quintet: Mr. P.C / Dakar Darkness, Ingrid Jensen: Shiva’s Dance / You Do Something to Me, Lou Grassi Collective: PoGressions Pt. III

#217 9.8.97

Classical and Beyond

Luciano Berio: Sequenza XI (Franz Halasz, guitar) (“Canzoni”), Gothic Voices: “Spirits of England and France – 5”, Roberto Gerhard: “La Duena” (English Northern Philharmonia, Marba) (highlights), Astor Piazzolla: Revirado / Decarissmo (Emanuel Ax, Pablo Ziegler), Ivano Torre: Il Terzo D’ora / Oltre il Masso / La Pietra de Norodal, Gyorgy Ligeti: Continuum (Jurgen Hocker) / Capriccio No. 2 (Pierre Charial) / Volumina (Zsigmond Szathmary), Arie Shapira: “The Kastner Trial” (highlights) / Missa Viva / Jingle / Clip, Alban Berg: Lulu (highlights) (Danish National Radio Symphony Orch, Ulf Schirmer)

#218 9.15.97

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 15

Morton Feldman: Patterns in a Chromatic Field (Rohan de Saram, Marianne Schroeder) / Triadic Memories (Roger Woodward)

#219 9.22.97

Jazz & Improvisation

Water Shed 5tet: We Smell Sausage, Ulf Wakenius: Night Dreamer, Gush: All Other Warranties, Lars Danielsson, David Liebman, Jon Christensen, Bobo Stenson: Jung, Anthony Wonsey Trio: Blue Pearl / Herbie’s Hands,Lou Grassi Saxtet: Freezing Lightning (take 1) / Thumb Under / There’s No Business Like Jazz Business, Bill Easley Sextet: Alex the Great / Runnin’, Curtis Lundy: Jabbo’s Revenge, Evan Parker & Ned Rothenberg: For Araucaria / For Bynthorne / For Custos, Hamiet Buiett & Concept: Oleo, Sakis Papadimitriou & Lefteris Agouridakis: The Voyage / Pedalling On / Festive Blue, Assif Tsahar Trio: Saxifrage

#220 9.29.97

Jazz & Improvisation

Chet Baker: Blues in the Closet, Randy Weston: Earth Birth / Where, Albert Ammons: Nagasaki / Boogie Woogie Stomp / Blues in the Groove, Gregg Bendian’s Interzone: Blood – Sassoon zi Tavit, Steve Turre: Coastin’ With Bobby, Ivo Perelman & Joe Morris: Nair’s Walk / Solenoid / Gist / n. 2, Ivo Perelman & Borah Bergman: Linear Passion / Cavaquinho / Equal Angles, Giancarlo Nicolai Trio and John Tchicai: Mushi Miyake / Nu Shai du Komme / Puppetboy, Ganelin Trio: Abcora Da Capo Pt. 2

#221 10.6.97

The Big Mix / Pardon My Dub

Martin Archer: 88 Enemies (nine), Tim Risher: The Only Reality is in Your Head, Michael Szpakowski: Three Paintings of Edward Hopper, Transient v Resident (Martin Archer & Chris Bywater): Electrical Shroud, Culture: Lazybones / Mark of the Beast, Mad Professor: I Am a Madman / Heads of Government, Lee Scratch Perry: Dub Science / Holokoko Dub / Anti-Racist Broadcast, Aphex Twin: Come to Daddy, Brian Eno: Belgian Drop / Swanky / Blissed / Boomcubist / Iced World, John Fahey: Sharks / Eels, Prototype 909: Squirt / Out, The Duke of Harringay (AKA Squarepusher): Sarcacid Part 1, Boards of Canada: Turquoise Hexagon Sun (“Bento/Box”),Coldcut: Return to Margin / Rubyaiyat, United Future Organization: His Name Is… / Spy’s Spice, Stephen Kent: Yekke / Jungnawangra / Zozobra, Sect: Evanscence / Equator, Phoma: Black, Stellamara: Kereshme / Zephyrus / Leda, Squarepusher: Burningn ‘n Tree 1 & 8, Plaid: Abla Eedia / Kortisin / Rakimou, Beatsystem: Invade Areas Where Nothing’s Definite / No More / No Jumping Up and Down

#222 10.13.97

Classical & Beyond

Gloria Coates: Symphony No. 1 “Music on Open Strings” (Howarth, Bayerischer Rundfunks S.O.), William Byrd: Crowned with Flow’rs and Lilies / The Tennethe Pavane / Rowland, Hildegard von Bingen: 11,000 Virgins (Anonymous 4), Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring – Sacrificial Dance (Andrei Vieru, Dan Grigore), Les Boreades: “Private Musick”, Robert Simpson: String Quartet No. 2 (Delme String Quartet), Nancy Hadden: “A Handefull of Pleasant Delites”, Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Consort: “Musique of Violenze”, John Cage: Four5 (Ulrich Kreiger), Joseph Celli: Video Sax (Ulrich Kreiger)

#223 10.13.97 (8:30 – 10PM)

Music of Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 185 (“Sextet (Istanbul) 1996”) / No. 193 (“Tentet (New York) 1996”) (ex) / No. 102 (for Orchestra & Puppet Theatre)

#224 10.20.97

Folk, Roots, World & Reggae

“Prison Songs Vol. 1 – Murderous Home”, “Prison Songs Vol. 2 – Don’tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling?”, “Railroad Songs and Ballads”, Declan Masterson: Spanish Point, Anuna: Blackthorn, Kate Power: Wild Wind (“Celtic Planet”), Yaru Maliri: Suite of Damali Pieces (“Mystic Fiddle of the Proto-Gypsies”), Perfect Thyroid: Hawaii 5-0, Hurtin’ Buckaroos: Howdy Doody(“SKAndalous”), Jimi Mbaye: Youssou Madiguene / Soone Na, Forward Kwenda: Chipembere Nhimutimu / Mandrarendare, David Hudson: Dreamroads / Free Radicals, Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts: Dhama Suna

#225 10.27.97

Jazz & Improvisation

William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra: Sunrise in the Tone World / Sunship for Dexter / The Painter and the Poet, David S. Ware Quartet: Antidromic / Sunbows Rainsets Blue, Chris Chalfant: Knitting Front / Steppin’ / Rain , Ornette Coleman: Peace Warriors / Africa is the Mirror of All Colors / Music News / Biosphere, Kol Simcha: Hakotel / Anastasia, Richie Beirach Trio: Naima / Peace Piece, Philip Catherine: Rene Thomas / Freddie Freeloader, Bruce Gertz Quintet: It Should / The Other You

#226 11.3.97

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Episode Six: A Hazy Shade of Winter / Morning Dew / That’s the Way Life Goes / Mozart vs the Rest, Quintessence: Body / Notting Hill Gate / St. Pancras, Caravan: Place of My Own / In the Land of Grey and Pink / Disassociation (Nine Feet Underground) / For Richard, Organisation: Tone Float / Milk Rock, Steve Hyams: Do It Again / Wavy Line , Bernie Torme: Howling at the Moon / Walk Don’t Run, Deep Purple: When a Blind Man Cries / Maybe I’m a Leo (quad mix) / Lazy (quad mix), Dick Pimple: Music from Turtle Island, Gert Wilden & Orchestra: Schoolgirl Report – Follow Me / Girl Faces / Soul Guitar / Getting Blue

#227 11.17.97

Folk & Roots

John Hartford: Turn Your Radio On / Boogie / Steam Powered Aereo Plane, Vasen: Kapten Kapsyl / En Timme, Mick West Band: Young Munro / The Highland Munster Roll, The Iron Horse: The Steampacket / The Traveller,Meic Stevens: Ware’n Noeth / Sandoz Yn Loudon Square, June Tabor: I Wonder What’s Keeping My True Love Tonight / Bentley and Craig, Eileen Ivers: Sean Coughlan’s / Flowing Tide, Rory McLeod: Big Eyes / Night Watchman / Tea Martoonies, Aberjaber: Taith Madoc / The Rambling Pitchfork / O Mama, Trio Patrekatt: Prefektens Favoriter / Goethe, Eileen Ivers: Humours of Ballyloughlin / On Horseback, Pete Morton, Roger Wilson & Simon Edwards: Hey Joe / Old Joe Clark / Shadow of an Absent Friend, Utah Philips: Dog Canyon / Pig Hollow / Stupid’s Song

#228 11.24.97

Big Mix

Paul Lansky: Things She Noticed / Things She Remembered / Things She Knew, Harmonia 76: Vamos Companeros / By the Riverside / Almost, Ben Azarm: P boone / p;r 362 / Untitled 2, Iridium: Psychos Living in Berlin,Phaedra: The Shape of Things (“Themes from a Common Dream”), Shawn Pinchbeck: Temporal Reality / Transformation No. 1, David Mahler: Cup of Coffee / Rising Ground, Terre Thaemlitz: Silent Possability / Fragmentation / Facilitator, Everything Must Go: Ion, Martin Archer: 88 Enemies, Ted Just: Baroquen Dreams, Tony Conrad: Early Minimalism – June 1965 / May 1965, Francis Dhomont: Frankenstein Symphony, Nonplace Urban Field: Jelst Dommt Wax (“Process”), Liquid Z: Apnoea / Amphibia, Nitramelo: Tree Mind / Going Deep / Stairs, Bill Laswell: Sacred System – Thunupa / Akapana, Badawi: Den of Dreams / Cooper’s Corner, Robert Scott Thompson: Frontier, Danna & Clement: Ontario, Steve Roach: Slow Rapture (“Ambient Eclipse”), Tim Brady: Collapsing Possibility Wave / Pandemonium Architecture, Gong: A Sprinkling of Clouds (w/System 7) / Isle of Everywhere (w/Global) / You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (w/Doof), “The Event Horizon – Theta”, Tales (Jean-Luc Herve Berthelot): Stonehenge for Eternity / Pictures of Asia, Franziska Baumann: Micro Tone / Gossamer, Richard Youngs: Advent, Pilgrimmage: Land of Ecstasy, Wimme: Milky Way / Rough Legged Buzzard, Kristoff K. Roll: Des Travailleurs…

#229 12.1.97

Music of Sun Ra

Sun Ra: But Not for Me / Day By Day / Body and Soul (“Holiday for Soul Dance”) / Enlightenment / Saturn / Ancient Aiethopia (“Jazz in Silhouette”) / Space Towers / Skylight / Monorails and Satellites (“Monorails and Satellites”)

Jazz & Improvisation

Bruce Eisenbeil Trio: King of Comedy / Rising Lake, Tim Berne / Bloodcount: Talk Dirty to Me / Screwgun, Satoko Fujii Orchestra: Jet Lag / This is About You – Fall / Freeze – Winter, Russian-German Composers Quartet: Orpheus in the Underwear / Sequences and Shortcuts

#230 12.8.97

Folk & Roots

Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor & Danny Thompson: The Baker / Singing the Storm, Dave Swarbrick & Martin Carthy: Oh Dear Oh / The Begging Song, Muzsikas & Marta Sebestyen: Round Dance of Gyimes / If I Were a Rose, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: The Cat in the Corner / The Old Bush, Sian James: Y Gog Lwydkas, Gwerinos: Cefn Du, Ogam: Jig Pultague, John Rodge: Cariad Fach Tirderi, Pigyn Clust: Mon a Manai (“Best of New Welsh Folk Music”), Oysterband: Only When You Call / Not Like Jordan, Brooks Williams: Rich Tonight / Seven Sisters, David Grier: Impulsive / The Skeleton / Apples and Oranges, Cannach: Twa Corbies / Pink Bog / Black Bog Jig, Fred McDowell: “The First Recordings”, “Southern Journey Vol. 7: Ozark Frontier”, “Southern Journey Vol. 8: Velvet Voices”

#231 12.15.97

Classical and Beyond

Harry Partch: Ulysses at the Edge / And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell on Petaluma / The Bewitched – Scene 9 & 10, Federico Mompou: Cancion y Danza 9 / Prelude 6, Toru Takemitsu: Twill by Twilight (Yomiuri Nippon S.O., Otaka), Frederic Rzewski: To the Earth / The Road – Pt. 1, Eric Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1 (Peter Togni Trio)

#232 12.22.97

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Yardbirds: I Ain’t Got You / For Your Love / I Wish You Would / Evil Hearted You / Train Kept a Rollin’ / Over Under Sideways Down (BBC Sessions) / Most Likely You’ll Go You Way / Little Games, John’s Children: Hippy Gumbo / Jagged Time Lapse / Mustang Ford / Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith / Desdamona / Midsummer Night’s Scene / Jagged Time Lapse, Marc Bolan / T Rex: Get It On / Honey Don’t / Woodland Rock / Jeepster (“Electric Warrior Sessions”) / Mystic Lady / Baby Strange / Planet Queen / Hot Love / Elemental Child, Ronnie Lane: How Come / The Poacher / Roll on Babe / Anymore for Anymore / Kuschty Rye, Glenda Collins: This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ / Head Over Heals in Love / I Feel So Good / If You Gotta Pick a Baby / Thou Shalt Not Steal, Hardin & York: Where Are You Now? / If There’s Not You

#233 12.29.97 (8:30 – 10PM)

Bill Evans on Verve

Bill Evans: How About You? / Blue Monk / Funfallero / Nardis / Round Midnight / Stella by Starlight / In Memory of His Father / Turn Out the Stars / Wrap You Troubles in Dreams / Straight, No Chaser / Lover Man / So What(Highlights from the 18 CD set “The Complete Bill Evans on Verve”)

#234 12.29.97 (10PM – mid)

Jazz & Improvisation

Moscow Composers Orchestra: Let Peremsky Dream, Steve Khan: R.P.D.D. / Sham Time, Tim Berne / Bloodcount: Byram’s World, Myra Melford & Han Bennink: Three Ghosts / And Now Some Blues / And Now, Matthew Shipp & Joe Morris: Thesis / Simple Relations / Action and Reation, Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins & Jim Black: One Great Day / T64K37B, Urban Voices: Not Missing Drums Project (ex), Tom Bruno & Sabir Mateen: Getting Away with Murder (ex), Jemeel Moondoc Trio: Fire in the Valley (ex)