Playlists – 1999

Wired for Sound: Playlist Archive – 1999

#296 1.4.99

Accidental Enigmas

Wendy Carlos: Timesteps, Gyorgy Ligeti: Allegro / Fruhe Stuke (Fredrik Ullen), Andrew Czink: Surfaces & Depths, Abed Azrie: “Suerte Live”, Illusion: Madonna Blue / Wings Across the Sea, Tudor Lodge: Willow Tree / Madeline, Vidna Obmana: The Space In-between, Il Volo: Sonna / Sinfonia Delle Scarpe Da Tennis, Remote Viewers: Astro Black / One Thousand Unnamed Flowers, Ensemble Convivencia: “Manuscrit de Bayeaux”, Kip Hanrahan: A Thousand Nights and a Night

#297 1.11.99

Musique de Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg: Le Poinconneur des Lilas / Intoxicated Man / Le Talkie-Walkie / Du Jazz dans le Ravin / Black Trombone / Requiem Pour Un Twisteur / Mambo Miam Miam / L’antracite / Laissez-Moi Tranquille / Cha Cha Cha du Loup / Couleur Cafe / Requiem Pour Un Con / Bonnie and Clyde (w/Brigitte Bardot) / 69 Annee Erotique / Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus (w/Jane Birkin) / Cannabis / La Chanson de Prevert / En Relisant Ta Lettre / La Javanaise / Comic Strip / Aux Armes et Caetera (live) / Harley Davidson (live) / Harley David Son of a Bitch (live) / Ballade de Melody Nelson / Cargo Culte / Love on the Beat (live)

#298 1.18.99

Monochrome and Materialism

Sabir Mateen Trio: Divine Mad Love, George Haslam: Bi-bop (w/Vladimir Solyanik) / Adros Nonina (w/Ruben Ferrero), Oliver Jones: Well You Needn’t, Gracious: Introduction / Hell, Atomic Rooster: Death Walks Behind You / Another Night, Hildegard Westercamp: Gently Penetrating (“Harangue II”), John Oliver: Scintilla, Steve Roach: Dreaming Now / The Passing Time, Bill Alves: Bending Space / The Terrain of Possibilities, Ernstalbrecht Stiebler: … Im Klang I…

#299 1.25.99

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Wendy Carlos: Spring / Summer, Trapeze: Midnight Flyer / Black Cloud (7), PFM: Impressions Di Settembre / E’Festa / Dove Quando, Daevid Allen: Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do? / Crocodile Nonsense Poem / Only Make Love If You Want To, Quatermass II: Prayer for the Dying / River, Tudor Lodge: It’s Cold Outside/ Let’s Talk / Tell Me, Heron: Lord and Master / Minstrel and a King, Stone Angel: Stone Angel / Galliard, Frank Zappa: Mysteries from the “Mystery Disc”

#300 2.1.99

(i) The Pretty Things Rise Again

The Pretty Things: “S.F. Sorrow” (worldwidetribe) [The complete recording of the PT’s 1998 worldwide Internet broadcast of “S.F. Sorrow” live from Abbey Road Studios. This was the first ever live performance of the 1968 work and includes contributions by David Gilmour and Arthur Brown.]

(ii) Jazz and Improvisation

Italian Instabile Orchestra: Scarlattina / Ballata, Leonard Bernstein: Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra, Sabir Mateen Trio: Running into the Truth, Fred Van Hove: Ruwe Ruimte



#301 2.8.99

Folk, Roots, World

Tudor Lodge: Don’t Write Me Mama / (I Know) It’ll Be Here Tomorrow, Tannas: Mairead Nan Cuiread, Cythara: Brittany, JSD Band: Shake Loose the Border, Moher: Garret Barry’s / Repeal of the Union / Lark in the Strand, Ceol na gCapall (Barbara Gray & Wilbert Garvin): Thoughts of Home / To America, Tabache (Aidan O’Rourke & Claire Mann): Waves of Rush / Newry Highwayman / Bay of Biscay, The Iron Horse: Raindance, Capercaillie: Ailein Duinn, Altan: Si Do Mhaimeo I, Sileas: Buain a’Choirce / May Colvin / The Castlebay Scrap, Annette Degenhardt: Bestimmt nicht oder doch? / Von weit her / Am Sommer verbei, Sharon Shannon: Bonnie Mulligan / Cavan Potholes / Mouth of the Tobique, Tomoko Sunazaki: Haru No Umi, Honoka: Mountain Stream(“Japan – The Spirit of Water””)

#302 2.15.99

< insert your own episode title here… then show your friends! >

Christopher DeLaurenti: Three Camels for Orchestra, Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Given / Entr’acte [the garden awaits us], Frith Guitar Quartet: Motormouth / Spitty Boy / Squinty Pea / Say Slinky, Hal Rammel & Lou Mallozzi: Our Home Canary / Whole or by the Slice, Serge Arcuri: La Porte des Sables, Ryoji Ikeda: Zero Degrees, Kim Cascone: Vortex Shredding, Komet: Reihen, S-nemek: Hep (“Microscopic Sound”), Michael C. Viens: Les Insectes Dansants, Daevid Allen: Deya Goddess, Gilli Smyth: Back to the Womb / Mother / Shakti Yoni / O.K. Man, This is Your World, Stefano Maltese Open Sound Ensemble: Les Jours et les Reves

#303 2.22.99

Classical and Beyond

Darren Copeland: Night Camera – Vanishing at Sea, Malcolm Lindsay: Summer of 1970 / Train Travelling Like the Warm Wind, Andrew Czink: Paranoid Toetap, John Oliver: Off the Edge, Jacques Tremblay: L’intrus au Chapeau de Spleen / Jeu D’ondes, Dennis Busch: Piano Concerto, John Tavener: The Protecting Veil (Yo-Yo Ma, Baltimore SO/Zinman), Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: African Suite, Bill Alves: Time Ausculations / Spectral Motion, Nino Rota: Piano Concerto in C major – Allegro (Massimo Palumbo, I Virtuosi Italiani/Boni), Ned Bouhalassa: Constammnet (Autoportrait)

#304 3.1.99


Duo Caron Lacroix: Cueca / Canto Antogo / Por un Beso, James Tenney: Septet (Seth Josel, guitar), Lou Mallozzi: Drifters, Stephen Mosko: Renderings, Christopher DeLaurenti: Dimming Hope, Rising Ambition, Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Entr’acte [the carnival barker] / Russia, Jimi Tenor: My Mind, Suzukiski: Tunnels, Computer Soup: Untitled / Beijing 251(“Out of Perspective”), Tresbass: Presto Presto / abc, Eugene Chadbourne: Song for My Ant Lion / Wucheria Bancrofti, Corte Dei Miracoli: Verso Il Sole, Formula 3: Dies Irae, Yves Daoust: Water Music

#305 3.15.99

Constrictive Expanse

Robert Starer: Light and Shadow (Rascher Saxophone Quartet), Samuel Adler: Line Drawings after Mark Tobey (Rascher Saxophone Quartet), Hal Rammel & Lou Mallozzi: Slice and Anti-slice, Horn, Kendig & Dickey: Containment Apron / Sushi Lounge, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet: Toute de Suite / No Bones, Squarepusher: Iambic / Splask, Yves Daoust: Impromptu / Mi Bemol, Italian Instabile Orchestra: To Be Continued, Faust: Livin’ Tokyo / T-electronique, Phill Niblock: Guitar too, for four (Seth Josel, guitar)

#306 3.22.99

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Pretty Things: Passion of Love / Vivian Prince / Eve of Destruction / Pure Stone Cold / Play with Fire, PFM: Appena Un Po / Generale / Geranio, Malicorne: A Paris la Grande Ville, Synopsis: Ville Oracle / Melodie Saoule,Freedom: To Be Free / Seeing is Believing / Enchanted Wood, Caravan: Hello Hello / If I Could Do It All Over Again… / In the Land of Grey and Pink / Memory Lain Hugh, Tales of Justine: Monday Morning, The Hollies: Maker,Simon Dupree and the Big Sound: Kites, Fruupp: The Perfect Wish / Prince of Heaven

#307 3.29.99

Jazz & Improv

Tresbass: Papa / Riga Raga, Nadelohr: Aruru / Bash, Tommy Ladnier: Ja Da / Really the Blues / When You and I Were Young, Maggie / Weary Blues, Hugh Ragin: An Afternoon in Harlem, Joachim Gies: Shortly Before the End / Auf Immer, Ivo Perelman: Desafinado / Summer Samba, Dominic Duval’s Equinox Trio: Paratum – The Whisper / On Thin Ice, Michel Doneda: Bloc d’air, Michel Ratte: Derive II, Brasserie Trio: A Craxi in Tunisia, New Trolls: 13/16 trediciottavi

#308 4.5.99

Classical and Beyond

Hal Rammel & Lou Mallozzi: Stand Up, Jacques Tremblay: L’intrus au Chapeau de Spleen / Jeu D’ondes, Nancy Van de Vate: A Night in the Royal Ontario Museum, First Avenue: To Slur with Love / Tequila Mockingbird / Break and Enter / Untilted, Karlheinz Stockhausen: Chore fur Doris (Danish National Radio Choir), Seth Josel: Solitude Sessions, Eric Satie: Gnossienne I / Gymnopedie No. 2 (Duo Caron Lacroix) , Christopher DeLaurenti: Mirror of Venus, James Tenney: Ergodos II, Charles Wuorinen: Saxophone Quartet (Rascher Saxophone Quartet), Artur Schnabel: Dance Suite Pt. IV & V (Geoffrey Toxer), Serge Arcuri: Resurgence

#309 4.12.99

Folk, Roots, World

Patrick Street: McKenna’s Jigs / Three Slides, Miguel Gil: Desperado, Luis Delgado: Bebiendo al Alba, Anemos: Miazis me Fotia (“Athens to Andalucia”), Margaret Barry: Breakdown / She Moved Through the Fair / I sang Through the Fairs, Jeannie Robertson: The Reel of Tullochgorum / Wi’ Me Rovin’ Eye / Noever Wed an Old Man, Mike Silver: Too Many Lies / Angel in Deep Shadow, Helmut Lipsky: Moontide, Jackie McAuley: It’s Alright / Bangerine, Bill Morrissey: If You Don’t Want Me / Joe Turner Blues / Funky Butt, The Keltz: The Lads of Mull / The Dam Busters’ Jig / Tull’s Jig / Lexy McAskill, The Hudson Swan Band: The Fledgling / The Oakey Strike Eviction, Loudest Whisper: Lir’s Lament / Wedding Song, “Anthology of World Music – Iran”

#310 4.19.99

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

Faust: Ein Neuer Tag / Wir Brauchen Duch #6, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet: Greco Rettile Mialgico / Blind Date / Uruk’s Tablets, Black Tape for a Blue Girl: The Green Box, Tipsy: Tuatara / Bunny Kick, Aphex Twin: Windowlicker / Nannou, Ekko: Centripetal / Mossman / Walkabout, PFM: Celebration / Photos of Ghosts), Gravy Train: The New One / Coast Road, Jon Lord: Sarabande, Curtiss Maldoon: Man from Afghanistan / Serephyn, Twilight Circus Sound System: Binshaker Dub / Rock Salt, The Greatest Show on Earth: Borderline / Love Magnet

#311 4.26.99

Jazz & Improvisation

World Saxophone Quartet: Snanapo, Bertrand Denzler Cluster: Trash, Dominic Duval’s Equinox Trio: Stretching the Wire, Not Missing Drums Project: The Last Oil Painting / Whole, Broken, Glued / Open Promises / Secret Steps, Anthony Braxton: No. 23E / No. 8C, Daunik Lazro & Carlos Zingaro: Gravir la Montagne, Pete Johnson: Kaycee on My Mind / Death Ray Boogie / Atomic Boogie, Brasserie Trio: A Craxi in Tunisia / Il de Goree, Michel Ratte: Derive IV

#312 5.3.99

Classical and Beyond

Christopher DeLaurenti: The Old Frontier / Iszkarrchse, Stephen Mosko: Psychotropes, John Cage: Five (Seth Josel, guitar), First Avenue: Maxilmalist , Paul O’Dette: “Alla Venetiana”, Jon Lord: Gigue / Pavane, Roberto Gerhard: Concerto for Orchestra (BBC SO/Matthias Bamert), Rainer Burck: STRINGendo, Lou Mallozzi: Building from Scratch

#313 5.10.99

Folk, Roots, World

Tabache: Waves of Rush, Patrick Street: Jack the Bridge etc… / Music for a Found Harmonium, Mike Silver: Not That Easy / NASA / Circle of Stones, Loudest Whisper: Farewell Song / Silent O’Moyle, Midwinter: Maids and Gentlemen / The Waters of Sweet Sorrow / Winter Song, Bill Morrissey: Coffee Blues / Monday Morning Blues, Brett Larner, Shoko Hikage & Phil Gelb: Indistanceing / Channel, David Parsons: Urartu to Ubud / Tjampuhan, “Anthology of World Music – Rwanda”, “Anthology of World Music – Islam and Sufism of Morocco”

#314 7.17.99

Unearthed Treasures and Odd Ditties

Faust: Four Plus Seven Means Eleven / Apokalypse, Pretty Things: Defecting Grey / Talkin’ About the Good Times / She Says Good Morning / Balloon Burning / I See You / Old Man Going, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet: Trummings, Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Denoument – denouncement, Curtiss Maldoon: Amber Man / You Were a Friend / Sit and Talk About It, Twilight Circus Sound System: Kik / Oats / Bord, Peter Hammill: Candle / Solitude, Tea & Symphony: Sometime / Maybe My Mind / Travelling Shoes, The Enid: Fand

#315 5.13.99

10PM to Midnight

“Nightflight” Big Mix – Decidedly Wired

David Parsons: Jalan Jalan, Serge Arcuri: Errances, Darren Copeland: Reaching for Tomorrow, Paul Lansky: For the Moment, Christopher DeLaurenti: Three Camels for Orchestra, Wendy Carlos: Midnight Sun, Phill Niblock: Guitar too, for four (Seth Josel, guitar)

#316 5.24.99

Special time: 8:30 – 10 PM

17th Swedish Music Day

A programme of music presented in collaboration with the Swedish Music Information Center in Stockholm. Rock, jazz, folk and classical music with featured artists: Daniel Bortz, Mats Persson & Kristine Scholz, Hilding Rosenberg, Johan Hammerth, Jonas Hellberg, Per “Texas” Johansson, Jan Sandstrom, Soren Hermansson, plus selections from the “Folk Acts Sweden” 7 CD box set.

#317 5.24.99

10PM – midnight

Classical and Beyond

Stephen Mosko: Het Wapen van Amsterdam, John McCabe: String Quartet No. 5 (Vanbrugh Quartet), Iannis Xenakis: Serment (Danish National Radio Choir), James Tenney: Deux Ex Machina, William Cahn: Fauna (Nexus),Eric Funk: Symphony No. 3, Marga Richter: Spectral Chimes

#318 5.31.99

Jazz & Improvisation

Anthony Braxton: Four Winds, Bertrand Denzler Cluster: Weird, Stefano Maltese Open Sound Ensemble: Frogs in June, Jim Dvorak & Eric Mingus: Blue and White Lights / Baba O’Riley / Yuppie Status Symbol, Morgan Guberman: Eggbound / Crystal Geyser, Bluiett, Jackson & Thiam: Ayse, Pete Johnson: Holler Stomp / Kansas City Farewel / Blues on the Down Beat, David Garland: Under This Blanket / Happy Ending, Oscura Luminosa: A Power Taste / Thank Toy, The Clarinet Trio: Heaven No. 2.7 / Gospel / Blues / Walzer, Vincenzo Mazzone: Ping Pong

#319 6.7.99

(i) It’s a Very Strange World: Electronic Voice Phenomena

“The Ghost Orchid – An Introduction to EVP”

(ii) Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 17

Morton Feldman: Neither (Radio-Sinfonie Orchester Frankfurt, Zoltan Pesko)

#320 6.14.99

Folk, Roots, World

Jonas Hellborg: Aram of Damascus, Niamh Parsons: Blackbirds and Thrushes… / The Water is Wide / Alexander, Kevin Burke: Bonnie Kate… / Kitty O’Shea, Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick: Polodo Hora / Goa Way, Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt: Opinions / John Griffin’s, Mor Thiam: Doudou N’Diaye Rose, Trance Mission: Headlight Pt. 2 / Chasing the Moon Rabbit, Kila: Gwerzy / On Taobh Tuathail Amach / Oh to Kiss Katie, Wolfstone: Psycho Woman / Black Dog / Maggie’s, The Wailers: Want More , The Renaissance Players: “Separdic Experience Vol. 3 & 4” (highlights)

#321 6.21.99

Jazz & Improvisation

Vandermark 5: Vent / Fact and Fiction, Eric Boeren 4tet: A Fuzzphony / Joy of a Toy, Clusone 3: The Buzzard Song / El Condor Pasa, Markus Eichenberger & Fredi Luscher: Fangflug / Eulenliebe, Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson & Floris Nico Bunink: Stella By Starlight, Matthew F. Morris: Independent Ones / Space?, David Murray w/Fontella Bass: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen, Morgan Guberman: Sea Cucumber / Story, Brasserie Trio: Habanera, Guillermo Gregorio: 1-2-3-4 Jump, Claudio Pontiggia: Latin Sketch / Swiss Time, Nels Cline & Gregg Bendian: Mars

#322 6.28.99

Classical and Beyond

Henneman Strijkkwartet: Proloog / Slow and Cautious / Canzon / Absolute. Paul Joslin: Hiroshima Idyll, Mona Lyn Reese: Prince, Lawrence Rapchak: Orloj, Ruth Lomon: Terra Incognita, David Kowalski: Double Helix,Donald Reid Womak: Pentacle, Elizabeth Panzer: Invocation / Syncophony, Gustavo Matamoros: Re: Elizabeth (Elizabeth Panzer, harp), Hilding Rosenberg: Prelude to Last Judgement

#323 7.5.99

Jazz & Improvisation

Vandermark 5: Full Deck I Anywhere Else, Statements Quintet: Ladybug’s Aftack I Short Stories / Late at the Jazz Club, Markus Elchenberger & Ivano Tore: La Scuria Girolda / Zurcher Geschmetzel / Chant du Ninn, Matthew F. Morris: Fuditude / Nasty Toad #2, David Garland: Maine Title Theme, Papa Boa: K 0, Eric Boeren 4tet: Peace / Jayne, Ivo Perelman The Boat, Guillermo Gregorio: Cottontop / Chu’s Spectre, PandaIis Karayorgls Trio: I Heard Things, The Remote Viewers: Unapproached I Low Shapes in Dark Heat, CIusone 3: When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin’ Along /

Skylark / Tico Tico, No Fuba, Claudio Pontiggia: Porlezza, Nels Cline & Gregg Bendian: Venus

#324 7.12.99

Elsewhere / Everywhere / Nowhere

Evelyn Ficarra: Frantic Mid-Atlantic / Search / Those Roads, Paul Schutze: The Head, The Soles of the Feet, An Arm / The Palms of Both Hands, Steve Roach: See Things / A Few More Moments / Quiet Canon, Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshide: Situations 2, 3, 6 & 16, Gary DiBenedetto: Construction / Communication, Jonathan Harvey: Tombeau de Messiaen / Mortos Palngo, Vivos Voco

#325 7.19.99

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 18

Morton Feldman: Only / Piece for Four Pianos / Two Pianos / Piano Four Hands / Piano Piece / Voice and Instruments II / Instruments I / Voice, Violin and Piano / Instruments III / Bass Clarinet and Percussion (The Barton Workshop)

#326 7.26.99

Sanctuary of Summer

Carl Stone: Unconciousness / Violence / Bomb, Aldo Clementi: Scherzo / Duetto / Madrigale / Veni, Creator, Stella Dickinson: The Oak and the Ash / Blow the Wind Southerly / Folk Song from Suffolk, John Zorn: Carny (Steffen Schleiermacher, piano), Tom Johnson: Tango (Steffen Schleiermacher, piano), Steffen Schleiermacher: Klavier & Klavier, Jeff Kaiser: Moral Geometry II, Steve Roach: Quiet Canon

#327 – 328 8.2.99

(Special double programme 8:30PM to midnight)

Music of Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton: Trillium R – Shala Fears for the Poor (Composition No. 162 – Opera in Four Acts)

The international broadcast premiere of American cpmposer Anthony Braxton’s first full-length opera. This work will be presented in its entirety (approximately 3 hours).

#329 8.9.99

Inside Out / Outside In

Laurie Johnson: The Avengers, Glen Hall: Cut-Up / Splintered Carnival, Misha Feigen: Moondance / BBQ-Powered Mission to Outer Space, Loop Guru: Drumming for Creation / Danger Has No Favorites, Trey Gunn: Hard Winds / Puttin’ On the White Shirt, Jeff Greinke: Ride / Wotan / Voices of the Sky, Fingerpaint: Becoming Visible / Enormous Expansion / In the Loop, Bill Rieflin: Outro, Sergio Barroso: Cronicas de Ultrasueno

#330 8.16.99

Let’s Panic Later

Plaid: Ralome / Recurring / Dead Sea, Plone: On My Bus / Plock, Durutti Column: It’s Your Life Babe, Trey Gunn: Heavenly Groove / Megrez, Max Roach & Mal Waldron: Homecoming / Interaction, Alva Nelson: For My Dad,James Fei: Solo Works 4 & 8, Jean-Bernard le Flic: Jungle / Afroblue / Hannibal Crossing the Alps, HV West: Frei 3 / Big Bang / Piccolino, Glen Hall: Photo Falling / A Few Questions, Misha Feigen: A Meter Violation

#331 8.23.99

Jazz & Improvisation

Guest host: Dan Given

James Fei: for bass saxophone (7.98), Intermission/Derek Bailey: Rain, snow & hail, David Budbill/Wm Parker: What Brings You the Most, Gilbert/Moore/Glerum/Levin: Balloon, Francois Houle/Catriona Strang: Prelude / Rev / Welter / Ditch / Tender Lippy / Shuffle One / Plenitude’s Lyric / Dance, Theorcolus: Seitan Takes a Solo, Charles Wharf/Simon H. Fell: Section Three, Derek Bailey: Sasha, Vertrek Ensemble: Baka Baki, United Noise Toys: yolk, Gino Robair: Small Plate & Large Cup Duo, John Butcher: Bells and Clappers, Chris Burn’s Ensemble : Sowari for Ensemble, Chameleo Vulgaris: formit some fornus / La clef /

Virgule / tout doit disparaitre

#332 8.30.99

Music of Morton Feldman Pt. 19

Morton Feldman: Projection 1 – 5 / Intersection 2 – 4 / Durations 1 – 5 / Vertical Thoughts 1 – 5 (The Barton Workshop)

#333 9.6.99

Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

Comsat Angels: At Sea / Be Brave / Real Story / Eye Dance / Gone, Sandie Shaw: Dragon King’s Daughter / East Meets West, Gravy Train: Think of Life, PFM: Old Rain / Mr. 9 til 5, Small Faces: (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me / Happy Boys Happy / Call It Something / Get Yourself Together / Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire, Bernie Torme: All I Want / Shoot the DJ / Purple Haze, Mott: Born Late ’58 / All the Young Dudes, Ian Gillan: Dead of Night / Message in a Bottle / Sleeping on the Job, The Greatest Show on Earth: Tell the Story, Peter Hammill: Re-Awakening / Viking, Fresh Maggots: Balloon Song / Elizabeth R, Illusion: The Revolutionary

#334 9.13.99

Close Calls and Distant Vibrations

Daniel Leduc: Troposphere / Reponse Inpressioniste Donnee Par Josef K…. / Traverser les Grandes Eaux, Robert Normandeau: Ellipse / Figures de Rhetorique, Daimon Beail: Inner-City Krakow, Ned Bouhalassa: Attraction,Yves Daoust: Water Music, Darren Copeland: Reaching for Tomorrow, Michele Bokanowski: Cirque – Finale, Philippe Le Goff: Meta Incognita

#335 9.20.99

Jazz, Improvisation and Word-play

Shim: Erg / Muon, Curtis Lundy: Player’s Anthem / A Long Journey, New York Art Quartet: Sweet – Black Dada Nihilismus, Glen Hall: The Ant Hill, HV West: Frett & Frei / Zunder, Jean-Bernard le Flic: Usinaur, Michael Marcus Trio: San Francisco Calling, Chamaeleo Vulgaris: Stella Herma / Miniature II / Orly Bros, Polly Moller: Don Dorche’s Revel, Milton Cardona: Cambucha / Prayer to Esho, Raymond Federman w/Erik Belgum: Charlie Parker, or how to get it out of your system, Eugene Chadbourne: Nymphialiadae / Hesperidae / Papilonidae

#336 9.27.99

Classical and Beyond

Deep Purple and the Orchestra of the Light Music Society: Gemini Suite, Hildegard von Bingen: Hail, Noble One / A Branch and a Crown / O Energy of Wisdom / O Sweetest Lover, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati: Streichtrio No. 1 / Fur Kandinsky / Streichtrio No.2

#337 10.4.99

(i) Unearthed Treasures & Odd Ditties

British Lions: Fork Talkin’ Man / Medley: So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n Roll Star – It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll – Pretty Vacant, Morgan: Fire in the Head / The Right , Verden Allen: The Weather Report / Sierra Highway, Comsat Angels: Psychedelic Dungeon / The Glamour / Web of Sound, Small Faces: Eddie’s Dreaming / Tin Soldier

(ii) Warp Records: Now We Are 10

Nightmares on Wax: Dextrous /Aftermath, LFO: Probe, Sweet Exorcist: Testfour, Tuff Little Unit: Join the Future, Coco Steel & Lovebomb: Feel It, LFO/Aphex Twin (remixed: Pram): Simon From Sydney / Untitled, Boards of Canada (remixed: Stereolab): Kid for Today, Seefeel (remixed: Isan): When Face Was Face, Autechre (remixed: Plaid): Vletrmx, Broadcast (remixed: Underdog): Hammer Without a Master, The Sabres of Paradise (remixed: Red Snapper): Wilmot, Squarepusher (remixed: Oval): Big Loada, Broadcast (remixed: Andy Votel): Booklovers, LFO (remixed: Spiritualized): Tied Up

#338 10.11.99 (8:30-10PM)

Folk, Roots, World

Tannas: Andy’s Saltire / Catharsis / Caitlin, Kinnell: Gooseberry / The Duck (4) / Countdown, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: Carraroe… / Mary McMahon of Ballinahinch / Dowd’s No. 9…, Ana Firmino with Tito Paris: Chico Malandro, Dulce Matias: Nha Cumpadre Faustine, Equation: Myself / My World, Lunasa: Goodbye Miss Goodavish / The Butlers of Glen Avenue… / Dr. Gilbert, Old Blind Dogs: The Branle / Battle of Waterloo / Forfar Sodger

#339 10.11.99 (10PM-mid)

Jazz & Improvisation

Sun Ra Arkestra and Salah Ragab: Ramadan / A Farewell Theme, Geerken, Tchicai & Moye: Sawasawa / Mohawk, Henry Kaiser & Paul Plimley: Stowaways / Clues in Verse, The Peggy Lee Band: Message to Little Shoe / Monkey Puzzle, Day & Taxi: To Walk on Eggshells / Yumi, Bruce Eisenbeil’s Crosscurrent Trio: Wildflowers / Blue Poles, Michael Vlatkovich: Red Leather Yellow Leather / Why Don’t You See Me?, Christian Wolfarth & Donat Fisch: Circles Delight / Alpinada 3 / Calypso, Shim: PF Flyers / No Earthly Idea, Broken Record Chamber: French Reggae Strangulation

#340 10.18.99

(i) Brian Eno: Sonora Portrait

Brian Eno: Distant Hill / Asian River / Radiothesia III / Swanky / Theme from “Creation” / White Mustang (w/Daniel Lanois) / Left Where It Fell (w/Jah Wobble) / Spinning Away (w/John Cale) / Stravinsky / Saint Tom / Theme for “Opera” / Neroli / Brian Eno Speaks…

(ii) Classical and Beyond

Elliott Carter: Con Leggerezza Pensosa (Standing Wave), Bruce Mather: Standing Wave (Standing Wave), Pierre Boulez: Derive (Standing Wave), Claude Vivier: Paramirabo (Standing Wave) , Sergio Barroso: Tablao, Daniel Biro: Elegant Enigmas

#341 10.25.99

Jazz and Improvisation

Sun Ra Arkestra and Salah Ragab: Egypt Strut / Dawn, Henry Kaiser & Paul Plimley: The Secret of the Wooden Leg / More Trouble / The Unexpected Reunion, Day & Taxi: Monster / 135 Oder Schneller, Bruce Eisenbeil’s Crosscurrent Trio: In Memory of A.D., Los Angeles Jazz Quartet: Blues for Old Friends / Time Remembered, Alain Trudel: Well You Needn’t / Jericho’s Legacy, Michael Vlatkovich: Chobraty / Merle and Neil, Jacques Israelievitch, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Jesse Stewart & Gayle Young: Test Ubes

#342 11.1.99

Hums, Drones & Other Stories After Dark

Tibor Szemzo: Snapshot from the Island, Paul Panhuysen: Partita For Long Strings No. 3, John Cage: Sonatas for Prepared Piano I – IV, Sveinn Ludvik Bjornsson: Ripples / From a Pink Buoy, Phil Durrant: Sowari,Einojuhani Rautavaara: Icons Op. 6, Eliane Radigue: Kyema / Kalisha / Koume (excerpts)

#343 11.15.99

Light in Dark Places

Steve Roach: Trip the Light / The Reflected Chamber, Land: Deep / Motility, Martin Bartlet: Burning Water, Tibor Szemzo: Let’s Go Out and Dance, Broken Record Chamber: Modern Beat, Joelle Leandre & Sebi Tramontana: E’verno No. 3, John Wolf Brennan, Gene Coleman & Christian Wolfarth: Robots Don’t Cough / Nadir, Annea Lockwood: World Rhythms

#344 11.22.99

The Shaman’s Landscape

David Parsons: Shaman / They Come, James Ashely Franklin & Antony Wheeler: Spring – Scattered Light / Dialogie of the Nomads, Tales: The Gates of Gobi / Cambaluc, Urban Ambience: The Bergamot Harvest / Time Is…,Jonathan Block: A Science of Forget, Land: Quake / Stream, Steve Roach: The Luminous Return, Lights in a Fat City: Memory Ground

#345 11.29.99

Jazz and Improvisation

John Bickerton Trio: Answrs Not Asked / Cortege, Ken Vandermark: Tonal / Abstract, Jefferson Grant Quintet: The Adirondack, Tuyo: Earth Died Screaming / Rambour, John Corbett & Heavy Friends: Speed Hump / Ready Kilowatt, The Peggy Lee Band: Long Beach / Big Top, Le Mem(e) Trio: Dromadaire I & II, Wintsch, Hemingway & Oester: Choucas / Holy Mess, Tricolor: Mirth / Thrive / Feckless, Bruce Eisenbeil’s Crosscurrent Trio: Woman with a Handful of Rain

#346 12.13.99

Classical and Beyond

Jon Leifs: Iceland Overture / Elegy, Martin Bartlet: Etats (w/George Lewis), Nicolas Collins: Still Lives / Strange Heaven, Havergal Brian: Symphony No. 3 (BBC SO, Lionel Friend)

#347 12.20.99

… from a distance

A Produce & M Griffin: Altara / Diffusion, Makyo: Skin As Soft As Moonlight, David Parsons: Trance – Formation, James Ashely Franklin & Antony Wheeler: Spring – Scattered Light / Dialogie of the Nomads, Lights in a Fat City: Gone / Night Journey, Tales: Kublai Khan’s Caravan, Urban Ambience: Re-Flyed, Land: Frame, Jeff Greinke & Anisa Romero: Above the Head / Voodoo Lily, Broken Record Chamber: Swamp Meat, Neil Sparkes and the Last Tribe: Voodoo Island / Carib Island, Jonathan Block: Engine Room

#348 12.27.99

Jazz and Improvisation

Wintsch, Hemingway & Oester: Looking for Rest / For John Coltrane, Ken Vandermark: Formation, Dunmall, Adams & Sanders: Totally Fried Up / Captured a Rapture, George Haslam: Questions Questions, Christian Wolfarth & Donat Fisch: Almost According to Regulations / Square Blues, Francois Houle & Catriona Strang: Prelude One / Dance, The Peggy Lee Band: Walk Home, John Wolf Brennan, Gene Coleman & Christian Wolfarth: With a Knot-Knowing Smile, Anthony Braxton: No. 94 (First set)