Chris Meloche is an electroacoustic composer, radio host and music writer based in London, Ontario Canada.

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Playing the Sound

August 4, 2012 7:30PM

Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas St. E., London


Scenes from "The Electric Folklore Machine"

Five text-based works featuring Penn Kemp (text, voice)

with soundscapes by Chris Meloche & Richard Moule

and video by Chris Meloche

Hear a sample here:

Postlude: Past Future Now


Transmorphous Sound Ensemble: Live Archive

Listen to full concert recordings from Museum London, Supermarket, Electric Eclectics festival and LOLA Festival.


Recent Things

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble - Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave. (south of College), Toronto July 20, 2010

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble - Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford, Ontario, Aug. 1, 2010

Chris Meloche w/Penn Kemp & Richard Moule - LOLA Festival, Wolf Performance Hall, London, Sept. 9, 2010

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble - LOLA Festival, Transmedia Stage (on bill w/Tony Conrad , Rhys Chatham) Sept. 17, 2010


Other Recent Things

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble info

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble on youtube

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble open for The Necks at Museum London, Jan. 22, 2010 (info)

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble at Museum London - Listen to the performance here


Communication Breakdown Aug. 1, 2 & 4, 2008 at The London Fringe Festival


Click here to get a poster for the event (PDF format)


 Outward Sound Ensemble: Audio Files